Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slippers Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was very fortunate recently to get a pair of these Memory Foam Slippers from Nature's Sleep. I actually almost got the blue but I love pink and summer was coming and I always associate summer with pink. I know, it's a crazy idea but what can I say? They also had Lavender and you know how I feel about Lavender, love it to death but I really don't have a robe that matches that color and plus, I was trying to get something that was not Lavender because it is all I ever talk about!

Nature's Sleep also has the same slipper in an open toe slipper as well. I believe right now they only have three colors available in the open toe, which is lavender, pale blue and mocha. But they are the same Memory Foam Slippers as mine, they are just open toe. I do not believe I have ever owned a pair of open toed slippers and not sure why, I guess it just never has occurred to me. I love slippers because they are comfortable, easy to wash and can keep your feet warm in the winter and in the summer, especially if you live with someone who likes it really cool in the house! Do you know my hubby has had the air running since March? I kid you not!

The reason that these slippers can be worn in the house and outside is the way that they were made: perfect balance of softness and support in because of the visco-elastic memory foam inner sole, which cradles and contours to your feet while absorbing pressure and impact. And with both knees replaced, I need all the help I can get to keep myself in balance. That is my worst fear since having them done is that I would fall and that the steel would come poking out of my knee! I know, it probably is a little over the top, but, sometimes, you just can't help but think of those things.
The slippers come in sizes:
•S, M, L, XL

and are made of the following material:
•Upper/inner sole 80% cotton/20% polyester; lining 100% polyester; thermoplastic rubber bottom

All I can tell you is that they wear like a dream. I have had Memory Foam Pillows in the past and really wasn't quite too keen on them because they actually made my neck feel worse so I have generally stayed away from Memory Foam anything. But, these slippers are nothing like the pillows. They aren't thick and don't feel bulky the way I thought the pillows I tried had felt. Oh, and they were not from this company. Which might explain why they are so darn comfortable! I guess I should give this brand a try on pillow's because both my husband and myself have bad disc's in our neck's and Mike has actually had to have surgery last November to fix it.

Of course, we weren't expecting what she said when she got in there. Instead of a simple repair she said the actual disc had broke in two and from all the scar tissue it had happened a long time ago! It was a wonder those jagged edges hadn't cut his spinal cord. He still has bad days and good days but he really needs to find the right pillow. We have exhausted all the ones in the stores. We have tried I think just about every brand that our local stores carry.

This is one of the pillows we were looking at but it's so hard to really know online what they really look like or feel so we are still researching but this one is called the Faux Down Pillow that Nature's Sleep makes. They consider this their "Teddy Bear" of pillows because it is so soft and crunchable that you can shape it in any way and it fits perfectly around your neck and head. The reason we thought of this one is because they say it is a good pillow to use if you sleep on your side, which is what we both do. I used to could sleep on my back but that was over 6 or 7 years ago. Now, when I try, I wake up with the awfullest backache. I can only sleep on my side or in my recliner with it just slightly up. Boy, we sound like a pair, don't we?

Below is a list of reasons why a Nature's Sleep Mattress are different than any other brand:
Focused on Health and Well-Being:
Nature’s Sleep products are designed with the highest concerns for your health, well-being, hygiene and lifestyle. The majority of our products are washable, anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and allergen resistant. Examples include:

» EcoTex™ pillows — 100% natural and organic latex
» Azlon/Soybean pillows — made from soybean and corn
» Eco-Shield™ germ barriers — patented product made from corn that is 100% biodegradable and compostable
» Eco-Linens™ — patented disposable bed + bath linens made from wood pulp and corn

These products are especially ideal for the 60 million Americans who suffer from allergies, plus everyone else interested in a healthier lifestyle.

Environmentally Mindful — Strong Advocate for Our Planet
Nature’s Sleep is an environmentally mindful company, proactively doing our part and what’s right for the protection and conservation of global resources. We are committed to a sustainable-responsible-unselfish environmental philosophy.

Total Focused Comfort Solution
At Nature’s Sleep, we only develop and sell specialty sleep products. We believe in creating the ultimate, total comfort solution by combining the perfect mattress and pillow combination for all sleeper types — providing proper support from head-to-toe for a better night's sleep.
But that’s not all they carry. I bet you have heard of Nature’s Sleep before. They carry memory foam mattresses, pillows, memory foam bed toppers, and even pet beds! Mmm, wonder how Charlie, my Yorkie, would like that? Probably wouldn't sleep in it because he either sleeps with Mike in the bed or with me on the couch. So, he won't hardly sleep anywhere else at all!

They are also running a giveaway: Click here to register with Nature’s Sleep and enter in a drawing to win any product from their store! You can also use this code: BEARS50 to get 50% off of any product!

Several ways you can connect with Nature's Sleep:

Main Office:
11870 W. State Road 84
Building C4
Davie, FL 33325
Phone: 877-557-5337
Fax: 888-323-4624

Nature's Sleep has been kind enough to offer one reader her very own Memory Foam Slippers! Thanks so much Nature's Sleep. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!


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