Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kindergarten Book Review

I was sent this book Kindergarten by the author, Susan Case to review and to get it out in time for teachers and parents alike around about now so that everyone has the summer off to sit back and read it and hopefully will be able to use some of the thoughts that Susan has on young children entering school for the first time.

On the back cover of the book is this excerpt:
Remember the innocent but goofy things you did as a kindergartner? Reminisce about your early years as you learn how to help your precious child become ready for school and have a successful kindergarten year.

Are you a Kindergarten teacher who needs proven ideas and solutions for your classroom? This book is for parents and teachers of preschoolers and kindergartners. It will make you laugh and you hundreds of ideas to help with behavior, reading, special education, science experiments, holiday celebrations, and recipes for Fun Fridays and for success.
My Thoughts:

I thought one of the most laughable stories that she told was in Chapter One of her book: How to Handle Show & Tell Days. From the sound of it, I would have stopped it right there but she had more courage than I would have had. One boy thought it would be cool to bring his mother's parakeet (costs $60) to school in his backpack. It is a wonder it made the trip alive. He gets to school and just releases it, causing all the kids to scream and run around! I had to really laugh at that one. Everyone is running around and finally one of the parent's of another child caught the bird and they called the boy's mother to come pick it up.

Gosh, I am awfully glad that there are courageous souls out there willing to put up with all of the crazy stuff and mounds of paperwork, because I think I would be nuts within a few hours of trying to get thru to these kids. I really don't have any patience. I used to but now that I am older and yes, the illnesses probably don't help, but I believe I would be the first one running out of that school! Gotta love a teacher that keeps her cool.

She also had a Science project that needed to be done with her students and her husband suggested worms! After some back and forth talking it was agreed upon and her husband bought the worms at the bait shop. All they had to do was get three kinds of dirt and see which dirt the worms were able to survive better. She said the children had on lab coats, goggles and plastic gloves and they all looked quite cute. The project was a success and they even won in the science project and got all kinds of special treats and hubby got the worms back and went fishing.

She tells all sorts of tales about what goes on in school and how the children react and what works and what doesn't, so if I was a preschool teacher or parent, I would definitely read this great book. I wasn't sure at first what I would encounter when I agreed to review the book and so I was very surprised. I was afraid it would be clinical and boring. Which it is not! The book is like alot of stories of things that happened and how she handled each one. The stories are all pretty funny and you will laugh your socks off on some of them.

It is true what they say about the innocent children. They ask or do some of the craziest things that leave us shaking our heads and wondering how did they do that? Where did they hear this or that? Once you read this book (and it is very short and to the point, actually a little less than 150 pages), you will see what I mean. I think first time teachers would really get a kick out of this one, especially if they have no set plan on how to get thru their first year teaching!

I hope you guys will take the time to read this really funny book looking out from a teacher's eyes at what goes on in the classes. Susan Case, the author would like to give the winner of my Spring into Summer Giveaway Blog Hop package a book of their own to read. Starts on May 13th and ends on the 31st! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Photo used in this review were taken my Mary Bearden and the sometimes cranky camera.


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My son is getting ready for starting kindergarten this fall and this book would be the perfect book to read.

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