Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kasey Kids Baseball Guys Kit Review

I wanted to show you the sturdy, clear box that each set of play figures comes in so that you know they do all fit back in the box and it's super easy to clean them all up and put away. There are 30 pieces in the Baseball Guys from Kasey Kids. I chose Baseball because that is what my grandson loves the best. He does do other sports but even at his young age, still 5, gonna be 6 in August, he has already decided that it is baseball that he loves the most. Since his birthday is in August, I got this for him and several other things that are unique and different. I want to try and make this one of his best birdthdays ever.
As for the Kasey Kids Baseball set, I was in awe of it when it came because I thought it would be some small little plastic container. And it's not! It even has a green carpet like blanket to use as the field! They have tried to re-create the experience as much as possible. Oh, my reader's will be offered a 20% off discount if you use the code "Smile" at checkout. If your child would love a set of these, now would be the best time to get it for either their birthday or Christmas, if their birthday has already passed.

I know you have seen a few of my other child related reviews and they do not include J.W. and I have good reason for that. At the time that I signed up for all of these reviews or giveaways on some, his mother was fine. Well, now she is not, having just had surgery on May 10th for breast cancer. They were aggressive since it runs in her family and so I did not want to send these items to them to take pictures of him playing and have to get them back to me. They live in a different state so it's not like I can just jump in the car. I hope everyone understands and I hope you will keep her in your prayers but most importantly, please forgive me for doing these reviews without the input of a child. We don't have any other children that age around us anymore. So, you will see me using the site's pictures on several of my child related projects.

See what I mean? I guess from the toys we used to play with so long ago, they have gotten alot more creative and it really shows in Kasey Kid's toy products. Besides the Baseball Guys, they have Football, College Football, Hockey Guys, NHL Guys, Soccer Guys and Girls along with what they call mini bags. The mini bags only hold 10 guys in each bag without all the extra's that come in the box. They even have Bop Bags for the kids to knock around like they are boxing:

And they even have something for girls, so don't feel left out! They are called Sports Dolls and are dressed in all kinds of sports clothes befitting what they are doing, whether it is tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, dancer, runner, softball, swimmer or gymnastics! Oh, and while you are at it, check out all of their Awards and News Media that they have gotten.

I hope that you will go and look around and see all the things that you could get for your children to use their imaginations instead of having it told to them by T.V. or by a computer or hand held gaming device. Kids really need to play and I think if we could just do that once or twice a week, they will be more healthier and more creative because they had all these scenario's that they played out. Kasey Kid's is truly a unique store that gives back that imagination to your child. Go read this article on why it is so important to get their minds working and creating and you will be amazed! I will give you a few hints:
■ allowing kids to use their creativity and develop their imagination, dexterity, and    other strengths
■ encouraging kids to interact with the world around them
■ helping kids conquer their fears and build their confidence
■ teaching kids to work in groups, so they learn to share and resolve conflicts
■ helping kids practice decision making skills
■ having fun
Here is what I found under the About Us section:
The concept for Kaskey Kids came together in 2002. Christy Kaskey blended her desire to find the perfect toy for her sports loving kids, with the memory she had of her brothers entertaining themselves for hours on end with the classic action figures of their childhood; Army Men, Super Heroes and Cowboys and Indians. Christy wanted to retain the value behind these classic toys and the benefits they gave of open-ended, child-driven, fun and imaginary play, but wanted the action figures for her children to focus on the sports they loved.
Connect with Kasey Kids several ways:

Mailing Address:
300 Exchange Drive
Suite C
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone:Toll free (U.S. only): 866-KAS-KIDS (866-527-5437
International: (847) 441-3092
Fax: (847) 441-3190

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The top photo was mine and the rest I got off of Kasey Kid's site to show you what all they had.


Priscilla Benavides said...

Those Baseball guys are so neat they are similar to the popular plastic soldiers, any child that loves baseball would absolutely love those!