Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Instant Chalkboard Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was really excited about getting this product because I thought it would be awesome to put on the fridge so that if anyone needed to leave a message for someone the most logical place to me is the fridge because we normally gravitate to that place for some odd reason. Maybe not the minute you walk in the house, but at some point you do and it would be right there glaring at you! So, no more lost papers or papers that got wrote on after you left message, etc. I got the one that is in sheets not a roll for that specific purpose because a long roll would be useless to me. I really liked this idea of the coffee cup for my fridge. You know, because of Mary's Cup of Tea!

We don't have small children although I do have a grandson who will be 6 in August but he lives in another state but I do plan on splitting up my sheets and sending them to them to have also. The only problem that I encountered was no chalk came with the sheets and I did get the instructions on paper but no video, which I don't watch those anyways, so that did not phase me one bit. However, not having any chalk did.

And we are going on vacation in less than a few days. I was afraid we would not make it back in time and I did not want to wait until I could get some chalk either from Instant Chalkboard or go buy my own (which I can't because Mike takes the car to work everyday). And trying to tell him where to go is like talking to a brick wall. So, please forgive me that I won't have any pictures of me using the Instant Chalkboard sheets. I had this all planned out in my mind but then when it came and I had no chalk, and I was short on time, I figured it would be better to get it up instead of not.

I also am gonna have to admit that I thought by ordering the sheets that for some reason in my mind I thought they would be like a magnet type thing that would stick to the fridge. That was why I stayed away from the rolls also because of the peeling thing. So, it is my mistake for not fully reading but since it says it comes off really easy with no problems, I was gonna give it a shot anyway until I searched for the chalk that was suppose to come with it, then my plans sorta took a nosedive.

I still love the idea and when we get back from vacation I will stop somewhere and get some chalk and put up another (just a review) post with me using the sheets and writing on them. For now, since I knew they wanted this up kinda in a timely manner, and I did not think we would be back in time, will be doing this taking my grandson's words and the pictures from Instant Chalkboard to explain about their products.

I did not ask them to take pictures and send theirs to me because his mom just had surgery for breast cancer and I was not gonna impose on them to do my work under those circumstances. So, this all happened so fast and really backfired on me big time. I was able to get J.W. to tell me how he liked the chalkboard and what he used it for and he was really excited about it. I told him it was one of his birthday presents but early since his isn't until August.

He says he draws pictures of dragons (his favorite thing) on them and he leaves hugs and kisses for Mom there also. He knows she does not feel good, just not how bad things are. So, he says he mostly draws things to make her feel good and he said Dad had put a sheet on a cardboard so he could make her a different "get well card" everyday. I just about cried but held it in. This is how he described it and I found a picture on Instant Chalkboard that I think would look similar:

I think this is one of the best idea's I have seen for everyone, just not children. I love the idea of being able to jot down a random note or thought or list of things I need real quick on the spot w/o having to search for pen and paper. So, I can tell you how much I loved the idea and how I hope it will cut down on paper around here. We use alot of it! Of course, I will still need my notebooks for my blogging but the other things that I write down or leave notes for my hubby will start going on the instant chalkboard I will set up on the fridge. Like I said earlier, I got sheets instead of a roll.

I love that you can get them in shapes also! I know that these aren't what will be offered in the giveaway due to pricing but I think they are awesome and wanted to show you at least how cool they are and that I am amazed at the idea's that some creative mind had to think to make shapes with the chalkboard. They have animal shapes, maps, food & drink, calendars and kid's room shapes. They even had one showing several shapes of dinosaurs. I may have to remember that and order those for J.W. He would really get a kick out of that!

Oh, I finally, found the video on the website on how to apply. Looks like it mainly deals with the shapes but I think it would also apply to the others as well. If you have a credit card or even your drivers license card, you can get this to work anywhere and then I watched them peel it right back off, so it really does look like it won't cause any damage to whatever surface you are using.
If you need assistance please contact:

Appliance Art, Inc.
675 Metropolitan Pkwy.
Suite 4094
Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone (404) 228-6329
Fax (404) 549-7375

Instant Chalkboard has been generous enough to offer one winner $25 to spend on their online store. Open to the U.S. only. Thanks!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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I like the chalkboard tables.

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the instant chalkboard cat
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I love the Instant Chalkboard Vinyl Iconic Picture Frame

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i like the Chalkboard Dinosaur Wall Decal Set

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i like the calender..i always print out our monthly menu so this would save on paper!!

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I like the Vinyl Victorian Picture Frame. Thanks for the chance to win!
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I like the Instant Chalkboard Vinyl Bear

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I like the Chalkbaord Accent Coffee Cup Large.

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I love the Chalkboard Calendar 1, with the Mark Twain quote!

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Chalkbaord Accent Coffee Cup Large

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I like the Instant Chalkboard Vinyl Iconic Picture Frame

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I like the Instant Chalkboard ™ Vinyl Calendar (3)


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