Friday, May 18, 2012

Holiday LEDS Pink Lights Review

I got these really cute LED Pink Lights from Holiday LEDS which is a Christmas lights company mostly, but they have other colors outside of the Christmas range such as these really pretty pink ones. I haven't decided what to do with them yet, but I am thinking about either our bedroom or our bathroom since there is a touch of pink in both. The rest of the house is done in golds, browns, blues, wine colored and dark greens. But I left our room and bathroom in beige, soft pink and soft greens. I am thinking maybe of doing the basket that sinks on our bathroom counter that holds our hand towels. Mm, maybe, maybe not. May have to save them and do a small pink Christmas tree!

Whatever, they are cute and I don't plan on giving them anyway or giving up on them just yet. Look how pretty they look when lit up:
See, what I mean about just too cute! It is the softest light ever and it just screams little girl bedroom but I don't have a little girl bedroom so I am gonna figure this out eventually! You really need to go on over to Holiday LED lights website and look around at all the different shapes and kinds of lights that they have. It is really tempting to buy one of everything. They even have a Wedding Lights section and right now they are offering 15% off summer sale on those and if you sign up for their newsletter you also will get 15% off (not together) just saying if you don't need wedding lights you can still get 15% off by signing up for their newsletter.

They have a section on their website where people send in pictures of their lights that they bought and I found this one that somebody had decorated a tree in the pink lights, of course, she used all kinds of different sizes but doesn't it look pretty all lit up like that in pink? Now, I won't be going nowhere near that big but I thought I would show you so you get a better sense out of how pretty the pink is.

I never really realized just how many different types of lights there are until now. Gosh, they have trunk lights for trees, icicle lights, flex lights, mini lights, novelty lights, net lights, battery lights, LED battery candles, twinkle lights and I could go on and on. Then there are the different colors and the different shapes to consider. Whew, I sure am glad we have all the lights we could possibly need for now. Unless something happens and they all blow, we don't need any for a long time. But, if we did, I would come back to this online store, Holiday LEDS and check them out!

I just grabbed a few paragraphs from the About Us, so please go and finish reading the rest of what I did not get. I love hearing what motivated someone to start their business and you can also run into some very nice folks that way also: was founded in 2007 by three friends who were all working for the same local e-commerce retailer. Our mission was to start an e-commerce company that offered great products which were environmentally friendly and backed by outstanding customer service. Now it is 2010 and we are entering our fourth Christmas season. Our company has grown substantially since we started in 2007 but our core mission is the same.

Each year we have continued to expand our product offering and selection of hard to find colors and color combinations. We proudly offer the most largest selection of multi-color Christmas lights, battery Christmas lights, icicle lights, and Christmas Lights on white wire.

We continue to sell high-quality, energy-star approved, and UL listed LED Christmas lights which are fully rectified. We also continue to back our products by a rock solid three year product warranty and a "no hassle" 14 day return policy.

In addition to keeping up with all of the latest changes in LED Christmas lighting, we also continue to be the premier resource for information about LED Christmas lights and LED decorative lighting such as rope light. We offer our customers and visitors a great selection of unique articles on a wide variety of topics related to Christmas light decorating, holiday decorating, and decorative lighting.
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Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Photo's used came from Mary Bearden and her cranky camera except for the Pink Tree which I took off of Holiday LEDS site!


Priscilla Benavides said...

Those are very cute! There are so girly and are a dream for any girl!

mrcostumes said...

Super cute! My personal favorite led string lights are the purple and lime green ones.

Courtney Tucker said...

Oh wow, those look lovely, and pink is my favorite color! I love using miniature led lights, they look bright and give off more sparkle to me!

Da Freebies said...

OMG how AWESOME are those!! I am holding my first Buncos game and the theme I picked for it (we only get 1 a yr however im starting a 2nd team cause 1 game a month just isnt cutting it for me lol) is breast cancer awareness in memory of my aunt that just passed last yr!! OOO i wish i could review a product such as this!! But however I am a newbie and I dont even know where to begin..sigh!!