Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Headlines Tshirt Sponsor Spotlight Review

I thought this was one of the most hilarious new shirts that Headlines Tshirt has come out with for the spring/summer! I actually love shirts that don't have alot of words, just let the picture say it all. And this one certainly does that and that is why it made me smile when I saw it. It is of course called 98% You!

Here are the top reasons why this is a great shirt:

**VintageBlend™ tee by Headline Shirts
**Made in San Francisco
**60/40 xtra-soft cotton/poly
**Eco-Friendly Discharge Ink
**Ships in 24 hours

They also have a sale section and I noticed 2 of their shirts have been marked down to $14 each. You can get them in either Men's or Women's sizes and I believe that product changes from week to week. One is called Occupy Burning Man and the other is Baboon in Motion. I am also glad to see that they have finally added a Kid's section so that they can have some very funny shirts to wear also!

I also noticed while I was there that they now have buckles for belts like the one above, isn't that just too cute! They also have wallets with funny logos and sayings! Who would have ever thought that you could get a wallet or buckle that might match your t-shirt! Headline Shirts also ships worldwide so go for it if you live outside the U.S.! It looks like from what I can tell they only have mens & womens sizes right now. Also, the sizes range from small to 3X so you should be able to find something in your size without any problems. Did you know that there must still be actual typewriters out there? I just saw where Headline's just released their new Typewriter Bags for travelling! Now, isn't that something?
As for children's tee's I found this one and thought it was pretty darn funny:

It is a Flying Squirrel t-shirt and not really too sure what the meaning is or why they thought up something like that but at least it is clean fun with no dirty words or sayings that anyone can take offense with.

As for the quality here is what I learned on their site:

Our latest designs are released on our very own, made in San Francisco, 60/40 extra soft cotton/poly VintageBlend™ t-shirts. Our older men’s designs are printed on 100% combed, American ringspun cotton. The cut between the two types of men’s shirts are the same regular fit, meaning not too loose and not "body hugging" slim. The only difference between these two types of tees is that our VintageBlend™ is a bit thinner than your average 100% cotton tee. We print with soft, eco-friendly waterbased and pigment discharge inks, with no PVCs or catalysts. Each shirt is tagless and printed with our "Baboons Typing" tagless neck design. And obviously, we're completely sweatshop free.

I found this neat information on Our History section:
Headline Shirts was founded in 2005 in a dusty, ramshackle garage in San Francisco. (All of which is true except the thing about the garage.) Having started at the peak of the Bush years, our early t-shirt designs reflected the mood of the country -- politically charged and kind of crazy. Before long, though, we found politics to be a bit polarizing. So we set about making intelligently funny tees that everyone could enjoy -- be they a pussyfooting Hollywood liberal or a gun-crazed redneck from Waco.

As business grew, we started selling our shirts wholesale and our tees can now be found in major retailers and boutiques throughout the world (and elsewhere, but that's another story).

In 2008, having outgrown our humble digs and forgotten who all of our friends were, we moved to a new headquarters at the "blossoming" intersection of 17th and Capp Street in San Francisco. (Shot in the dark, if you happen to be the punk who keeps tagging our windows, could you knock it off?)
Okay, here is how to shop or research a great shirt from Headlines Shirt:

Mailing Address:
3265 17th Street Suite 104
San Francisco, CA 94110
Telephone: 415-626-2957

Headline Shirts has been nice enough to offer the winner of my Celebrating Dad Giveaway Package a Tshirt of their own! The Giveaway blog Hop starts on June 1st and ends on June 10th. Thanks so much Headlines! By the way, if you sign up for their newsletter, they give you right off the bat $5 off your purchase!


neelz said...

The t-shirt looks cute and unique..Thanks for the review

Geet Maha said...

Funny. I love wearing such tees...Thank you for the reviews

Priscilla Benavides said...

I would get the 3D Roosevelt T-shirt for my dad.

jbafaith said...

I love t shirts! A tee and jeans is my standard 'uniform'! These look pretty funny! I usually buy men's anymore as women's are made with tiny sleeves and thin, thin, stuff and I like my clothes loose! I have always felt that way, but a few months ago I was diagnosed with severe psoriasis, so anything tight hurts and irritates.