Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Glam Nation Skincare Products Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was very lucky recently to get to review the above three products from Glam Nation. They are:

1. Natural Perfection Facial Cleanser
2. Natural Perfection Eye & Makeup Remover
3. Re Nu Moisture Cream
This was the one I really liked the best. I loved the gentle action but still got the benefits of getting all my foundation and eye makeup removed without harming my skin. Glam Nation's organic eye and makeup remover is made with emolient herbs, organic oils and other ingredients that have a deep cleansing and soothing effect on the delicate skin around the eyes. Even thick layers of mascara come off easily. This lightly aromatic formula helps to reduce under eye bags and soften fine lines while removing impurities from the skin. You will love this product as much as I do. I love that this product has some rose extracts in it. I am very fond of roses and love the effects that it has on my skin.
Glam Nation’s organic honey & milk organic facial cleanser also has Calendula along with Organic African black soap devoid of lye processing provides the gentle foaming action to effectively remove makeup and mascara. It does not foam so that you are getting nothing but the pure product and I actually liked that because some cleansers can foam up so much that I wonder if I am really getting any benefits.

If there is so much foaming going on then how can the real cleaning and getting the benefits from a gentle cleanser really be? It was a little strange at first not seeing any foam but I can tell you that it did clean my face just as good as any other soaps or facial cleansing wipes that I have used in the past. The organic milk and organic honey mixture gives you a glowing skin. You only need a very small amount and massage it well into the skin and rinse.

And then lastly, is the moisturizer. It is very important to your skin to use the right kind of moisturizer and if you want the total experience of using organic skincare, you can't go wrong with Glam Nations. This unique blend of organic rose, shea buttter and vitamins will give you the healthy, glowing skin you are seeking. It will help you achieve that youthful look that we all aspire to while still being healthy looking also.

Oh, and by the way, you will know if you have used too much because if your skin hasn't absorbed all of it within 10 minutes, you have put too much on. It says in the directions to use after you have used the Hydrator but since I didn't get that one, I can't tell you what it does specifically that it needs to come become the moisturizer. They do say if you have really dry skin like I do to add some serum or face oil for your specific problem (mine is dry skin) and mix it with the moisturizer before putting it on the face.

Glam Nation has alot more products to try for all types of skin problems and you can either shop or browse by skin type or by skin treatment. I like that so that I don't waste alot of time on looking at something that is of no use to me and I can cut right to the chase.

I hope that one day I will get to try the Toners and Hydrators along with some of the serums and they also have mineral foundations! So, this is not just a one topic online source for skincare, it is a whole line of great thought out facial products that range from the ground up starting with cleaning, toning, moisturizing, eye treatments to foundation then back to the cleaning process and the night time regimes that you need to keep the whole package together. Going organic never looked so good!

Here is Glam Nation's Approach to Organic Skincare:
About Us
As women worldwide have become savvier about their skin care, the demand for high quality natural and organic skin care products has grown. Over 20 years ago, this increasing awareness inspired our formulator to create a line of organic skin care products that could be enjoyed by women of all ages. Glam-Nation represents her passionate dedication to her life’s work.

A Fresh Approach to Organic Skin Care Products
We believe that every woman has the right to youthful, gorgeous, glowing skin… without compromising her health. Glam-Nation’s moisturizers, cleansers, and anti-aging serums are free of toxic additives which can poison your skin over time. Unlike many other “organic” skin care products which may contain unnatural substances, our ingredients are derived directly from nature. Our sophisticated formulas invigorate the skin, replenishing the youthful radiance that other products have taken away.

Each of Glam-Nation’s organic skin care products is crafted by hand in a manner which no machine in the world can duplicate. The loving care which goes into their preparation ensures superior quality and effectiveness. Many of our customers tell us that since they began using our line, they look forward to their daily skin care regime. Others say that our delicious-smelling natural scrubs, masks, hydrators, and exfoliators are like “food for the skin”. Glam-Nation products do much more than beautify; they create a sense of renewal and joy which lifts the whole being; body, mind, and soul.
Connect with Glam Nation several ways:

Located: South Beach (Miami), Florida 33140
Email: info@glam-nation.com
Phone: 1 877.588.4526

Glam Nation has been kind enough to offer one winner a set of the Makeup & Eye Remover and the Facial Cleanser to try for themselves! You will love how your face feels! Open to the U.S. and Canada only.


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Organi Fresh Hydrating Facial Mask.

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i like the Defy Eye Cream

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REJUV Night Serum Cream - Citrus.

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I'd like to try REJUV Night Serum Creme- Citrus.
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I would like to try the Facial Cleansing Kit

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REJUV Facial Serum - Rosewood looks nice, would like to try it!


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Daily eye cream!

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REJUV Night Serum Creme

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I'd love to try the rose oil night serum


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Organi Fresh Hydrating Facial Mask

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id love to try their REJUV Facial Serum - Helichrysum! i have scars and blemishes and from the sounds of what this product does.. i could really use it!:P

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