Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fou Fou's Love Your Breed Accessories Review

Oh, isn't that the most cutest thing you have ever seen? I wasn't sure what I would be getting when I decided to review a line of pet products. I thought maybe it was clothes or something and when the package came it was full of cute everything to do with Yorkie's because my Charlie is one so the top picture up there is a peeled sticker that I put on the back of my cell phone. It is from a line called Love Your Breed that FouFou Dog sells online. Here is what I was sent to review:

1. Yorkie Rhinestone Sticker (above)
2. Yorkie Key Cover
3. Yorkie Key Chain
4. Yorkie Luggage Tag
5. Yorkie Pen
6. Yorkie Pet Pocket Plushies

I have put the Rhinestone Sticker on the back of my cell phone, I just can't take a picture of it with the camera acting up and I did not want to waste time waiting for it to cooperate so I just decided to get the images off of their website and just tell you about them. The Rhinestone Sticker is so very cute and although it looks like a girl Yorkie, Charlie does not have to know that! You can actually put it anywhere you want, on notebooks, fridge, car, wherever but I put mine on the back of my cell phone to give it some umph!

Next, was the Key Holder. I put that on the house key so that I would always know where it is. I am unfortunately, one of those people who like alot of charms, pics, whatever hanging on my keychain so the keys tend to get lost from time to time but now, I will be able to fish it out right away!
And all you do is push the key in thru the slit part and it then goes on the round silver circle thing that is on top of the head and that is what keeps it from falling off of the key. That is the part that will actually be hooked to your keys. I have to admit, it really is cute. I don't know who came up with all of this, but it is just too cute!
The Key Chain above me is also super cute and I have that on my whole set of keychains & charms also and then I hooked the Key Holder key on with that set of Key Chain so I would always be doubly protected not to lose any of them. Like I said, someone really had an imagination and it shows because each piece was really cute and funny and will always guarantee a smile from you!
This is the Luggage Tag and I have it on my makeup bag for right now but the next time we go on a trip, I am putting it on either Charlie's little bag we carry around with his toys and stuff or I will put it on his little tote bag. Which is more than likely what I will do. This image really doesn't due this Luggage Tag good because it is alot more cuter in person. I am going to fill out his information, not mine, for his bag because I know it will look great!
Now, I really loved this pen! I wrote with it for several days but it is a little top heavy so it will more than likely stay home for use rather than putting in my handbag. It is so heavy now Mike says if I add another thing to it, he will empty all of it in the dump! I do tend to collect pens wherever I go so I have had to really stop myself a few times from that. Mostly, hotels or banks or places that have alot of them sticking out of jars or whatnot on their counters. This particular pen is really long so just be aware that it might not fit in a really small handbag.
This here is really the cutest of them all! Charlie thought it was a play toy instead of just a pet plushie to look at and almost had it but I managed to hold onto it and it is also on my key chain for now until I can find a better place. It really is too small for a little dog to play with as it could choke so I would not recommend giving them this to play with. Which, I don't think that is what they are intended for anyway. I think it would be cute handing from the inside mirror of the car or someplace like that. I got a good laugh out of each one as I took them out of their packaging and started putting them all where they could be. So, great job Love Your Breed and FouFou Dog!

All of the above would make great extra stocking stuffers to the serious pet owner who loves their pet like I love Charlie! So, keep that in mind this year while you are making your list. Also check out their clothes and other pet products that they have. I noticed some really cute dog jackets but down here in Georgia, for now anyway, Charlie won't be needing one of those, but they sure were cute!

I found this small snippet from the About Us section:

FouFou Dog, a Canadian company based out of Richmond Hill, ON, is a company that specializes in upscale, designer doggy apparel and accessories; such as bling charms, collars & harnesses, leads, booties, and plush toys for the everyday pampered pooch.

This innovative company comes out with new, unique and trendy designs for every season to meet the needs of their fashion forward customers who like to dress their dogs in style, while maintaining functionality as well as affordability.

FouFou Dog does not mass produce their products allowing them the flexibility to keep their clients up to date on current fashion trends. Once a product is produced and featured for one season, a new and improved product takes its place the following season.
Connect with FouFou Dog several ways:

Mailing Address:
105 West Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 7
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1C6
Contact Form
FouFou's Blog

FouFou is having a Mother's Day sale for 20% off of some of their items and shipping is free with orders over $75. Plus if you spend $40 you get one of the free phone rhinestone stickers like mine and if you spend $75 you get the rhinestone sticker and the key cover free.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used were taken off of Tombow's website as my camera was playing around and not wanting to work. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Country Gal said...

These are cute ! I love anything with dogs, horses , birds and butterfly's on ! Our Miggy is a mix she is Wheaten Terrier, Bearded Collie and Golden Retriever and she is Our sunshine ! Charlie is a cutie I love all kinds of animals ! Have a good day !

Renfie said...

Really cute. I looked for a Sheltie rhinestone sticker, but they don't have one. They do have a German Shepherd though, and I had a wonderful shepherd for 15 years. I would put that sticker on my car.

polly said...

oh my gosh the products are adorable! i have a 5 year old golden retriever named madison or when she is trouble lovingly known as maddie the baddie!