Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EZstringer Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I wasn't sure what I would be getting when I signed up for this review but I was actually fascinated by the concept and how they were able to make something that is so inexpensive and it works! Ever have a hoodie or a pair of drawstring gym pants or shorts lose the ties? It is very annoying and now thanks to EZstringer, we can fix our own garments without having to pay someone else to do it! Another great way to save money! Yeah! You can also read all about them from lots of sources according to their News section.

I figured the best way to help you see what it does was to copy the video because it is kinda hard to explain in words so if you are listening and watching, it would sink in better, was my reasoning. It took me awhile because I have been so nervous lately about everything. My friend mentioned the other day that my hands were shaking and I did not even know it! So, for me, this took me awhile to do and then I realized hubby had not taken any pictures and I had already fixed the one thing we needed to fix. That is partly why I chose the video above and then I have some visual explanations also that I hope it all comes together and makes sense to all you.
I had a whole bag full of different colored strings to choose from to help me fix that hoodie I have wanted fixed for a long time. By the way, EZstringer has a bag of 12 strings of all colors on their website that you can buy for $9.98. There is even one tie dyed one in the package!
In the EZstringer pack you get 3 different plastic tubing to use and you thread it thru the plastic tubing and it comes out on the other side and then you just remove the drawstring from the grabscoop part of the EZstringer. I know I have made it sound so easy but when you get yours, you will see how easy it really is and then have a good laugh on me and my dumb kinda way I tried to explain! Oh, by the way, the Yellow tubing is for larger sized garments, Orange is Medium for regular clothing and the Pink is for small fragile things.
This little plastic thing can change your whole wardrobe from being in the can't wear to the can wear because you have found the perfect way to fix things that otherwise have been making us all mad at one time or another for being dumb enough to pull out the whole string from something that was a drawstring. I can't tell you how many times over my lifetime that that has ocurred.

I found this in the About section:
The EZstringer came about when my beloved cargo pants fell victim to a clever culprit, the errant drawstring. I spent 45 frustrating minutes trying unsuccessfully to restring them with a coat hanger and safety pins. Not wanting to buy a new pair of cargos, I decided to invent a product to help solve this common clothing crime.

Now available online and nationwide, The EZstringer was featured on Discovery Channel’s hit series, Pitchmen, Season 2. Especially in this tight economy, people don’t want to replace a perfectly good item of clothing just because of a missing string. Sweat pants, athletic shorts, and hoodies are all wardrobe staples. With the EZstringer, it’s a simple guide and slide. You just attach the drawstring to the EZstringer, and feed it down the hole. Plus, there’s a visual “wow” factor because multiple items can be relaced in a short period of time.
Connect with EZstringer several ways:

Mailing Address:

2022 West Race Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312)772-5270

EZstringer is offering one of my readers their own set of 3 EZstrings to help you fix clothes and as mentioned above, if for some reason you did not keep the drawstring, you can get a bag of 12 colors for $9.98. Open to the U.S. only and Good Luck!

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Aralynlove said...

My daughter has a pair of hello kitty capris that the belt inside has fallen out, would be nice to fix them!

Brandy said...

What a great idea. I have tons of items that could be fixed with this product. :)

June M. said...

This would come in handy so much. It seems like someone is always having the drawstring come out of jackets, hoodies, athletic pants/short, etc. This would be a wonderful product and save me so much time, rather than having to try to restring them with no help.....I always keep the original string to try to fix the problem but my nieces and nephews would probably like mixing them up, lol.

June M. said...

FB comment name same as RC name June Manning

Sarah said...

I have pajama pants I could use this on


pmh said...

where should I begin? the first would be the gray thick winter pants that are like sweats but I will wear to the grocery store and I would select tie dye!!!! thanks so much for the opportunity

pmh said...

left message on fb page as penny hyde. this is great.

tweetyscute said...

I need this for my kids hoodies

tweetyscute said...

and I would pick black

theresa j

Catie said...

I have a couple black hoodies that could use this!

Julie said...

I need to re-string the hoodie on my winter jacket. I think I'd use the medium (orange) size for this job.

Chrissy11217 said...

my sweatpants and i would need the yellow

leah stobe on rafflecopter

walkbyfaith3715 at

Unknown said...

my black sweatshirt

catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

Priscilla Benavides said...

I think my whole family has at least one jacket and pair of shorts that need fixing.

Priscilla Benavides said...

I left comment on your fb wall as Priscilla Villarreal-Benavides.!/maryscupoftea/posts/388739517829400

Kathy said...

I have a pair of jogging pants, that need to be re stringed.