Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cesar's Dog Treats Review

I have (2) new treats for those of you who own a dog or puppy, Cesar's has come out with some cookies that they will love to eat! I was fortunate to be able to review Cesar's Chicken Cookie Crunchies and the other was was a Filet Mignon! Now, to be truthful, Charlie is a very picky eater and once he likes something that is it! Or so we thought. Then he went thru a phase where he did not like anything hardly. Charlie is definitely a dog who will not budge once he has made up his mind! I used to be able to trick him into eating by promising to play with him, but even that does not faze him a bit.
These are the Filet Mignon ones that I was talking about earlier. We had to take each little bitty cookie and crumble it up before he could even touch him. I have to do that to all of his food now. I don't know if he is having issues with his throat hurting or can't swallow or just being stubborn. But, for now, I go along with it just so I know he is getting some nutrients in his system.

Now, he is not bearing his teeth to bite or be mean but he has a piece of one of the cookies in his mouth and that is how he chews. Of course, not the most lovable picture of him either, but I wanted to take some so that you can get an idea of how he eats! He really is something else! There is another much better picture of him off to the side on the right underneath the Facebook widget. His favorite of course was the chicken Cookie and he only ate a few of the filet mignon. Just in case he changes his mind, which is alot!

They have so many more dog treats, dog biscuits, soft chewy things along with lots more choices for you to make for you and your pet. Me, I am sticking to what I know he will eat. Mike always puts out some fresh water and food and then I get it up and put more fresh later on so it's not like he is starving and then he will eat just about everything on his placemat. I wanted you to have that little bit of background on Charlie so that you understand how hard it is to get him to like something or he may like it, just doesn't want to eat it when you want him to.

And this was one of those times he knew I was trying to get a picture of him and he would either run into another room, drop what he was eating and go grab a toy to play with! He is a total nut! That picture above is the only one that came even close. At least I caught him crunching down on one of them!

Cesar's also has a soft and chewy treat in the Filet Mignon, Prime Rib, Grilled Chicken along with the Medley which is a mixture of all of them together. They all sound really good but if Charlie hears something about any of them, it makes it harder to get him to eat. I usually lay the food down on his puppy placemat and let him decide which one it is that night. He mostly goes for chicken but will eat the beef on some occasions.

I think if it had been another dog and not Charlie, those 4 bags would be gone in less than 5 minutes! We have some neighbor's who have dogs stop and will blow their horn to say hi and so I gave some of each flavor for them to try with their dogs so that they could come back and tell me if their dogs liked the Cookie treats and they all came back with a "YES" so I am glad I thought to do that instead of waiting. So, on behalf of my neighborhood, Thanks Cesar's for making this a day to remember!

If you have a Yorkie like I do, I thought you might be interested in what I found out thru a link on Cesar's website that will enlighten you on caring for a a Yorkie's grooming:
With its long silky hair, the Yorkshire Terrier has one of the most distinctive coats in the canine world. And while this luxurious coat is beautiful, it can also be quite a job to care for. The Yorkie's hair is almost identical to human hair, which makes the breed a good choice for those with pet allergies. But like human hair, your Yorkie's hair continues to grow, and without attention, can become easily matted. To keep your pooch looking spiffy, he needs regular grooming and daily care.

The long and short of Yorkie grooming

How frequently your dog needs to be professionally groomed depends on the length and texture of his coat. A soft coat or cottony coat is much more difficult to maintain than the smooth, silky coat. Soft hair mats more, is more difficult to keep clean, and breaks more easily. If this is your Yorkie's coat, consider having his hair clipped into a short puppy cut to keep your home grooming chores to a minimum.

While the long flowing coat is the style you typically see in breed books and at dog shows, it takes patience and constant care to achieve that look. And, if you want to keep that long silky coat tangle-free, daily brushing and weekly shampooing is your best bet. Let it go and your dog will end up snarled!

Tips for smooth brushing

Never brush your dog's coat while totally dry. For smooth going, mist him with a mixture of water and conditioner before brushing.

Use a good pin brush with a rubber back. Natural bristle brushes can break the fine hairs of your dog's coat. Avoid brushes with small balls on the end of the pins, which can pull at the coat and break it. After brushing, use a wide-toothed grooming comb and comb the coat to remove any stubborn snarls.

Treat any knots or mats gently. Don't rip through the hair. Gently pick as much apart with your fingers as you can and work from the ends up to get the mat out.

Whichever style you choose for your Yorkie, just be sure to keep him clean and brushed. Since this breed loves attention, grooming can become an activity that your dog learns to enjoy with you. And that can make it worth every bit of effort.
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Photo used in this review were a mixture of mine and some off of Cesar's website. “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”