Friday, May 4, 2012

Bookadoo SuperKid Book Review

J.W. is going to be so surprised when he gets this book! I have not been able to get it to him yet and that was one reason I held off on the review for a little while hoping that his mother would be feeling better, but no such luck. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and they live about 4 hours from us in South Carolina so it is hard getting back and forth.

I was going to send this to him but then his mom had to have surgery and then I found out she will be having another one on the 10th of this month, so I did not want them to feel like I was pressuring them to give me his reactions to the book or take pictures. This is one of those times when I don't know what to do so I waited.

But, then I know Bookadoo really needed to get this review done and I have no idea when this is going to be all over so I will show you some of the pictures they did and my opinion and my husband's and my friends. Between the three of us we all really loved the book and I am sure J.W. (James) will love it too!

You get to have a message put in the book from the giver which was all of us and I really like that thought. I hope that this is something that he and all children will hold onto as they grow to hand down to their children. It is a really beautiful book and a fun book to look thru and see all of the adventures that they have SuperKid doing. Besides SuperKid, they have other books that you can get that will have your child's name on it and his/her face on the character. They have Dreamland, Potty Hero, Popstar and then of course SuperKid. So, whatever your child may be into their is a book for them.
Now, this is the one I think looks the most real. I really enjoyed going thru the book and reading the story that goes with the book and I know J.W. will love this because last year for Christmas we actually got him one of those super cape's with his J initial on it so this book really ties in great with that because it also has the J on the cape! I bet while he is reading the book, he will go and put his cape on and just be beside himself. We got him a different kind of book last year that was a story about him and Christmas and he loved it! That is how I know he will really take to this one also, especially when you see this next photo:

A Bookadoo children's book is a unique gift for children from 2 to 12 years old . And they are all unique, because there is only one of them in the World. In this way you help your child to become potty trained, be a Superhero, Your daughter goes on an adventure with her sister in Dreamland, or your granddaughter becomes a Pop star.

Can you believe they even have books for adults? So, you can send in a picture of your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or father and let them have whatever adventure that they have dreamed about but never did do. They have the Billionaire, Babe Magnet, Money, PokerFace, Millionare M/F and even a SuperKid book for adults! It is just too funny to think about.

Here is what I found out about Bookadoo on the About Us page:
Bookadoo’s come in hilarious magazines and unique children’s books. But what makes it exceptional? Not only textual personalization characterizes a Bookadoo, but your picture is embedded in each and every page of the book too. In the Funny Magazines you will be reinvented in a personalized glossy by utilizing your picture in both its editorials and advertisements.

It’s more than just pasting a picture. We studiously clip your head from the picture and embed it on the model in the book. This way you will not only recognize yourself, friend, partner or child, the subject becomes the center of attention in this story. A truly wonderful gift for an adult who already has all it desires and a unique children’s book that will be read over and over again . All that’s required is a proper picture of the future leading role.
Connect with Bookadoo several ways:

Postal address:
2170 Martin Avenue,
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: 888.326.0968

Bookadoo has been so gracious to offer one winner their own SuperKid book so that you can make a child's day! Open to the U.S. only.


Brianne said...

I love this one!

KatM21 said...

I like the 'DreamLand' book, so cute for two sisters or best friends.

Carol L. said...

Love this book but Potty Hero looks cute also.
Carol L
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I commented on Naturelle products review. Rafflecopter kept timing out on me and I had to keep starting over with the entries. Sorry. It happens to me all the time. Just didn't want you to think I entered twice.Google + follower under Carol Luciano.

Carol L
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Paula L. said...

Potty hero is just too cute!

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Sarah said...

The In Dreamland book looks cute.


Audrey Griffis said...

potty hero would be perfect for my potty traing 2 year old son :)

Unknown said...

pop star

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Catie said...

The Babe Magnet is too funny!