Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zylie The Bear Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Have you seen Zylie, The Bear around? I bet you have. I have run into her a few times here and there and decided it was time to meet. I emailed her place of residence and asked if I could have one of the twins, or cousin or anyone related to her. I am very pleased to say that they let one of her long lost twins come to live with me.

She is just adorable and I love that she is styling in jeans, a cute top and the best looking jeans with a pretty darn good looking white jacket to set it all off. But what really makes her a shopnista is the orange little shoulder bag that she carries around that matches her top.

This is what they say about Zylie and her companions in the description:
Meet Zylie, the fun new teddy bear that’s designed to be dressed and played with like a doll. She is an inquisitive and fashionable 12-year-old bear from Manhattan. Follow her on a series of adventures all around the world. Every country she visits, she meets a new friend who joins her on the adventures. Her first adventure takes her to China, where she meets Shen the Panda. Zylie is a jointed 18” plush bear and comes dressed to impress in her signature skinny jeans, flounce top and beautifully-detailed cream-colored swing jacket. She’s carrying a hip orange bag that comes complete with her diary, map and all-important passport. Get to know Zylie, her brother Theo and their wacky adventures by reading her first book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear New York (also included).

I was really shocked to see that she actually has other outfits that you can get for her and that she has a brother named Theo! They have given her all kinds of outfits to wear and her first adventure is in New York but she somehow loses her way and ends up in a crate bound for China. While she is there she meets Shen the Bear who also comes with his own clothes and personality.

I guess our parents thought the same thing about our Barbie and Ken dolls so I really can't so too much. I would rather they play with harmless toy bears and go on adventures with them then to get into real life dangers. Both bears come with a storybook and an outfit and if you want more outfits you will have to buy them separately. But I have to admit they are cute and kinda growing on me. How much fun do you think your daughter would have playing with Zylie versus a doll? I think they would be so sick of the everyday normal doll that they would jump at the chance to play with Zylie or Shen.

Here is what they say about Shen, the Panda:
Meet Shen, Zylie’s panda friend from China. Follow Shen on a series of adventures with Zylie all over the world. His kit comes with an 18” plush Shen Panda in his cool leather jacket, green t-shirt and khakis. He also has his backpack, filled with his passport and, most importantly, his drumsticks. Find out how Zylie and Theo meet Shen and follow their travels to China with the second book in Zylie’s adventure series, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear China (also included).
Here is something I found out on the About Us section:
Zylie is the toy I wish I could have had for my daughter when she was young. Sarah only liked playing with stuffed animals, but would see her sister Kate’s doll clothes and want to dress up her teddy bear. So she’d stuff the bear into the doll clothes, and it all ended up looking ridiculous. I wondered then why there wasn’t a toy that was cuddly like a teddy bear, but could be dressed and played with like a doll.

And from that idea Zylie was born. My son Matt and I have gone about creating a world of fun and adventure around Zylie, with a series of fun children’s books that follow Zylie on her global travels, several fashionable new outfits for the bears, new friends like Shen the Panda, and most importantly, a strong role model for kids in the characters we create.

I hope that we have created the best possible play experience for the child in your life, but that process is never quite finished. With your help, we will always be improving our products, and we encourage you to reach out and lend a hand. Email your suggestions to Its been quite a journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us down the road! Thanks for stopping by!
Zylie the Bear has been kind enough to offer one of my reader's one of her cousins to come and stay with you and your family. Open to the U.S. only. I hope you have a little girl she can play with.


Sarah said...

I would choose Shen.

Deborah Petiot said...

I like Zylie! Thanks!

Sandy R said...
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Sandy R said...

oops! was trying to see if I could edit my comment. Well here goes:While they are both cute I am going with Zylie
amathea1974 at gmail dot com

Catie said...

I would pick Zylie!

sandy1955 said...

I like Shen
sandy1955 at comcast dot net

Sandy VanHoey

Paula L. said...

I like Shen,

jandplee at att dot net

Chelsea S said...

I would choose Zylie. She is so cute.

-- Chelsea Saulpaugh

Stephanie said...

I'd choose Zylie

Kryzde said...

i would choose zylie

kryzde young

Jessica said...

Zylie I would choose

Freebie Fanatic/Coupon Addict said...

I like Zylie
nikki bergin

mywildcrazylife said...

I would choose Shen the Panda
masugr at yahoo dot com

Kelmomola said...

I would choose Shen the Panda!
Kelly Falcone

SnowflakeDay (Audra) said...

I would pick Zylie; my daughter would love her!
-Audra Weathers
Snowflake Day Play at gmail dot com

Tiffany Mary Cecilia said...

I would pick Shen

Tiffany Vanick

phxbne said...

Shen - just love pandas

polly said...

i would choose zylie-cute cute cute!

momma8385 said...

I would pick Zylie or one of her cousins. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

mallory ann said...

I would pick Zylie!

Ledford Land said...

I love Zylie the Bear! And I love the "Going Geometric" outfit :)

cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

Priscilla Benavides said...

I would love to get Shen the Panda with the Rocking in the Rain outfit.

Christine Jessamine said...

i would take zylie! cute!

christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

Kristen said...

I'd take Zylie.

missreneer said...

I would love Zylie. I think she's so adorable. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

Jessica said...

I would love Zylie for my daughter
jjak2003 at gmail dot com