Sunday, April 1, 2012

SuperFoods Snacks Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have another great organic good for you food company and they sent me 4 flavors to try of their Raw Chocolate by Superfood Snacks.

1. Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy
2. Chocolate Cherry Qi
3. Green Chocolate Dream
4. Chocolate Goji Treats

I will start with the Green Chocolate Dream and if you drink green tea, this will be the one you will want to try. These are little bites of Energy Nuggets to help you either get thru the day or maybe a workout after you leave work on your way home. They are all Certified Organic and made without Gluten. The package that they come in is made with Biodegradable materials. This particular one has Goji Berries, Raw Cacao, Maca Root and Chlorella mixed in with several other ingredients to give you the boost you need. In each package there is 6 nuggets which is 3 servings. You can use these as meal replacements if you are in a hurry because of all the nutrients that are packed into these little nuggets!

The next one is the Chocolate Goji Treats and it is also made with most of the ingredients from the Green Chocolate Dream but instead of Chlorella, it has Clear Agave Nectar along with several other ingredients. I like this one also, well, really all of them, because they had some form of chocolate mixed in and if it has chocolate in it, I can pretty much eat it! This one also has vanilla beans mixed in and we all know that vanilla & chocolate has always made a great combination. All of these nuggets are energizing, replenishing and rejuvenating. They are also all handcrafted.

Oh, the Brazilian Chocolate Ectasy was my favorite! It's main four ingrediants are brazil nuts, raw cacao, chia seeds and mango! There is also the clear agave nectar that they use in place of refined sugars. All of these nuggets are made without wheat, gluten, dairy, rice, soy, corn, fillers along with the refined sugars. Sounds like they really take this whole organic and green stuff seriously. If you love brazil nuts, then this particular one will be your favorite also!

Lastly, I tried the Chocolate Cherry Qi, mostly because I am not fond of chocolate cherries, never have been, even the real ones. You will never catch me eating chocolate covered cherries! So, for this one I had to get my hubby to try them because he does like chocolate covered cherries. He said that they were pretty darn good for them to be good for you! I also gave a few to my friend and neighbor because she loves this type of stuff and she agreed with hubby that they were pretty darn good. So, there you have it, I got you two expert testers to try this one! The four main ingredients in this one is dried cherries, raw cacao, pumpkin seeds and blue green algae! There is also the clear agave nectar instead of the refined sugars.

I am telling you that SuperFood Snacks really does take this green stuff seriously and they have tested and found out that their packaging takes about 180 days to completely break down and proved once and for all that their packaging materials are indeed biodegradable.

They have a really neat idea and that is that you can take your new little baby plants and plant them in the empty bags and when it is time to plant them outdoors, you just plant the bag and the plant together because it will break down in that 180 days. Also, by doing that, you save yourself money and the planet because there was no need for you to buy the little black containers to start your plants in. So, you saved money and that is less plastic out there to make our planet more sustainable.
Lastly, I wanted to show you their chart on how SuperFood Snacks look as far as how many antioxidants that it has in each of it's food. You can eat less by eating these at least once a day and still get all the antioxidants that you need. I was very surprised to see this chart to be honest. I thought I was doing a pretty good job at eating good things but not from looking at this chart. You can check out which ingredients do what by going to their Raw Ingredients tab and clicking on it and then just read what each ingredient does. I wish I had room here to tell you everything but I don't.

Here is a tidbit of what I found out about the company under the About Us tab. I could not capture all of it so please go and read how these guys got their idea for SuperFoods:
Aloha and welcome and thank you for visiting the Superfood Snacks online Super-Store. We are a sustainable superfood company from the island of Kauai. Our focus is on creating cutting edge organic products using raw ancient superfoods and specialty ingredients from around the world..

We source the highest quality organic & wildcrafted fair trade ingredients for all of our recipes. We use a unique 5 element food combining based on ancient techniques to balance our recipes with all 5 tastes and deliver amazing healthy products for your whole family.

So it all began preparing for a long hike on the beautiful island of Kauai. We had very limited room in our packs and wanted to be as light as possible. So we mixed almost all of the ingredients that are in our original raw Chocolate Goji Treats together in a bag and brought out into the back-country as our food supply.

We wanted to have the most potent organic superfoods ever in one mix that would provide all the nutrients vitamins minerals and antioxidants we need to keep us nourished, happy and energized for the hike. So there it was hiking out in the wilderness with a delicious raw balanced superfood mix and continued to trek along.
Connect with SuperFood Snacks several ways:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 3615
Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: 866-771-5683
Fax: 866-571-0305

SuperFood Snacks has offered one winner their very own Raw Chocolate Sampler (4 flavors). This is the same ones that I reviewed above. Value is $35.96! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!


Alicia said...

brazillian chocolate ecstacy!

the-runaways-hope-in-a-god-made-ladder said...

I'm doing juice smoothies with SuperFood now - and those chocolate snacks are just what I need - especially after work! Mango and chocolate? Can it get better?

Jennifer Haile said...

I'd love the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy!

sandy1955 said...

I would love the Brazilian chocolate Ecstacy
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Catie said...

The Chocolate Goji Treats sound the best to me!

M0mmi3C0li3 said...

probably the Brazilian! but... I bet they're all great! would love to try this! :) Thanks for the opportunity.
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Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy

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I would probably best like the chocolate cherry flavor.

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Oh my gosh, these look soooo good! I would love to try the Brazilian Chocolate Ectasy!

Chevelle said...

Left a FB comment from Chevelle Sopkin. Thanks!

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chocolate cherry qi
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I would love to try Brazilian Chocolate Ecstas

Karren said...

I posted a comment here:
Thank you for the reviews and contest!
Have a great weekend!!

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would love to try their brazilian chocolates

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Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy
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