Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SMMBeauty Orange Blossom Toner Mist Sponsor Spotlight Review

Oh, wow, when I first opened this product and took a whiff of the mist, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Yes, it does say Orange Blossom Toner Mist on the label but they have also put lavender in with the Orange Blossom and I instantly fell in love with this Toner! I can't even describe the scent to you but I will try. It is a nice clean sweet smell with undertones of lavender and oranges. I kept sniffing the bottle and thought, gosh, this would make an awesome natural perfume! It has been awhile since I have been this excited over a product for the face but this one is gonna knock your socks off! SMMBeauty has succeeded in making yet another wonderful product that will be the talk of the town before long.

You can use the Orange Blossom Toner several ways:

***Use to wipe your face clean (in place of a cleanser), without disturbing the delicate PH balance of your skin.
***Use after a cleanser, and wipe with a cotton ball.
***Use to set your makeup. Simply spritz lightly onto face after buffing on your mineral makeup for a final, flawless finish. This diminishes the appearance of large pores, and keeps your makeup fresh all day!
***Use on entire body. Spray onto body and rub in well. It works well on any skin type, from oily to dry, as it leaves no sticky residue or oily trace. Just pretty skin.
***Use as a hair shine. Spray onto wet or dry hair for a soft, natural sheen.

All I know is that I love this Toner and so will you! The Orange Blossom Toner is a multi-use product that smells of sweet oranges and it is all-natural with no synthetic dyes, perfumes, preservatives, etc. The perfect product for someone who is into natural skincare and makeup, this particular toner will not let you down. All you do to revitalize and set your mineral makeup, hydrate your skin, address your skin condition and enhance your mood with just the push of a button! I sprayed it probably one too many times but the scent just had me going crazy! I am serious, someone needs to market this into a perfume, because I would want to smell like this all the time, if I could.

As for what natural products are in this toner, here is what the ingredients are: witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, natural aloe and essential oils. Nothing in any of those ingredients will cause a problem but just to be sure always test a small patch on your hand to make sure you don't have a problem with any of the ingredients. I would rather you play it safe then to be sorry afterwards. I really don't think you will have any problems, but I would prefer you humor me anyway.

Oh, and right now the Orange Blossom Toner is 40% off which means it only costs $14.95 to purchase!
You have seen me talk about SMMBeauty products alot in the past and the reason for that is because they have consistent, natural, organic skincare and makeup that does not hurt my skin or cause any breakouts and I just plain out love their products. They have so much more to offer in the line of skincare such as blemish buster toners, AHA Natural Exfoliating Toners and Organic Face Primer/Pore Reducer Mist with DMAE & MSM. So, you should be able to find the right toner for your skin type.

They also have a very nice collection of cleansers for your face and I hope that you will at least go by and check them out to see if any of those tickle your fancy. The one I thought I would like to try next time is the All Natural Organic Lavender Herbal Facial Cleanser. I know that is a mouthful to say but it sure does sound wonderful and would be a perfect match for my Orange Blossom Toner!

Here is just a sample of what I found under the About Us section and would love for you to go and check out the rest. It was very informative on mineral makeup/skincare versus the old way:
Specially formulated by Smoky Mountain Minerals to meet the highest standards of freshness and purity!

All minerals are madeup of pure minerals. No fillers, no perfumes, no oils, no additives. Pure minerals only!! Ingredients consist of sericite, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, silica spheres (excluding Illusion Veil and Glow). In addition to the ingredients listed above, our Illusion Veil and Glow also contain zeamays, cosmetic grade cornstarch for slip.

Some of the benefits of our minerals:

We do not use Bismuth Oxycholoride in our products. This is the ingredient several national brands use that can cause itching and redness. And since we do not use bismuth oxychloride, you do not have to "buff" your minerals in like you would other brands. Just apply as you would a regular face powder. Superior coverage!

Our minerals give you a very natural look. They are weightless and glide on like silk while still giving excellent coverage. Stays on all day and is water-resistant. Swim, perspire, watch a sad movie. Just blot wetness don't wipe.

Natural Sunscreen. Virtually no allergy risk because minerals are inorganic and contain no moisture. SMMBeauty (Smoky Mountain Minerals) are very versatile & never expire!
Connect with SMMBeauty several ways:

Email: support@smmbeauty.com

SMMBeauty has been kind enough to offer the winner of my Tisket A Tasket Spring Giveaway that starts on April 8th, Easter day actually and ends on the 22nd. That means you will get your prizes in time for Mother's Day! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. All of the photo's were taken by Mary Bearden and her cranky camera.


Paula L. said...

This sounds awesome!

Tammy S said...

Wow this sounds great. I have never heard of using a toner in place of a cleanser. I would love that. Some cleansers dry my skin to much. I love the idea of spraying it into your hair for a natural sheen, plus you would smell great.