Monday, April 30, 2012

Simply McGhie's Rose Soap Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have a great new soap making company I found by accident one day just looking around and seeing who had some interesting looking soaps and that is how I found Simply McGhie's Homemade and Custom Soaps! She sent me several things to review and I would love to share them with you:

1. Orange Shaving Soap (pictured above)
2. Ocean Rain Soap
3. Lavender Soap
4. English Rose Soap

Let's start with the Orange Shaving Soap since it's the first one pictured. She had originally made it for a man to use shaving but it has also become a great shaving soap for women also that don't want the harsh ingrediants that are sometimes found in shaving creams. They are approximately 3 oz. and she sells them for $3.50 a piece. And you should know they are dye free so you won't see any strange colors on you or your tub/shower. The scent of Orange is very faint so it is not overpowering and won't clash with your perfume or fragrance later on.
This next soap is my husband's favorite and it's called Ocean Rain. And it pretty much smells like you would expect a man to smell with the exception that it smells like he just had a walk around the beach and got caught in the rain. Really very sexy clean smell. The neat thing about this is if you are a typical ocean kinda gal this is gonna work for you,too! It is a unisex smell in that it just makes you smell incredibly clean and fresh! Makes the perfect soap for showering if you happened to have spent the night and this is all that he has on hand, don't worry, it is gonna make you feel so clean and sweet and alot of people will be noticing that!
Now, here is my favorite, Lavender! Like that is a big surprise to anyone! I know those of you who know me the best know that I am a Lavender freak but I have been making an effort to find other scents for you as well lately. I love the smell of Lavender! What can I say? It is one of the cleanest, most freshest, most calming smells on the planet! And I love the color, too! If you need to unwind after work or after watching the kids all day and now that Dad is home, go take a nice shower or better yet, nice long bath and let the Lavender melt all of your troubles and aches away! You really will love this super fresh soap!
English Rose is the last soap we are gonna talk about and really the whole reason that there is a review. This wonderful intoxicating soap is part of the Rose Collection for Mother's Day and whoever wins that package will get one of these English Rose Soaps in that package. This soap really and truly does smell exactly like I would picture a whole yard full of wonderful pink roses blooming in the spring would smell like. There will be no doubt what fragrance you have on when you step out of that tub or shower! Wonderfully done, this is the perfect soap for someone who loves Roses! If that is you, then I have found the perfect English Rose Soap for you right here at Simply McGhie's!
After I had gotten my soaps I went back on the site and was kicking myself from here to there all over the place for not seeing this soap! Isn't that incredible looking? She calls it her Spring, Easter, Mother's Day Sweet Pea Soap! I would have loved to have gotten one or two of those for my Easter or Mother's Day packages but just didn't see it in time, sorry guys! But, I will remember next year!
Do you love Chocolate? Well, from the looks of this soap, you will definitely want to be on a chocolate rush with this one! She calls this one her Tall Rich Chocolate Swirl Soap. Wow, is all I can say! I have never had a chocolate soap so I am not too sure what to say to this one except I would be willing to try it. It is slightly decandent and rich looking, isn't it? This might be the soap that the two of you might should try together would be my impression. This would make a wonderful wedding or anniversary present to some lucky couple! What do you think?
Now, according to her, this one is called Relaxing but she thinks she should rename it "Seduction" or "Intoxication"! She says this is one powerful sexy soap and how I missed this one, I don't know! Mmm, I wonder if we could get her back for Father's Day so we can surprise the living daylights out of some lucky man? I was going to make my Father's Day theme a Food/Sexy kinda theme so this would be right up that alley along with the Chococlate soap, what do you think? Now, I am gonna quote her because she knows better than me since I haven't smelled it or used it, so this is her words:
It is "a relaxing blend of French Lavender and Fir Pine, enhanced with Egyptian Jasmine and sweetened with pure Vanilla, softened with delicate Musks." This scent will leave you going "Mmmm" and "Ahhh" during your shower or bath!

This is what is on her About Me page:
I am a crafty person who creates useful homemade items to add just a little bit more "special" to everyday life.

I am also a mountain/country girl who's temporarily stuck in the city. I try to fill my home with things that remind me of the quiet life.

I started making homemade soaps as an effort to reduce the amount of chemicals in my life. I researched how to make homemade soap and a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me. Now I share my passion for homemade soap with you so that you can experience all the benefits of homemade bath and body products at an affordable price.

Connect with Simply McGhie sevearal ways:

Phone: (559) 284-1781
Etsy Shop

Simply McGhie Soaps will be contributing an English Rose Soap to the Rose Collection for Mother's Day that starts on April 30th. Good Luck and open to the U.S. only.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used were taken off of Simply McGhie's website so that I could show you all the details of the soaps that my camera would never be able to do.


Nichole McGhie said...

What a great review! Thanks Mary!

desitheblonde said...

i like the different color and shape
and the size are great and the type it is

Renfie said...

These soaps are beautiful! The picture with the chocolate chips struck me as funny, because I was just thinking that some of the bars look like cakes or candy! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

FrangiePani said...

What beautiful soaps! I want to bit into the chocolate ones :)

Priscilla Benavides said...

I love bar soaps the most! I would love to try her Relaxing Cold Process Soap, anything to help me relax on a stressful day.

Courtney Tucker said...

Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway, I love soap!

Kelly said...

What beautiful looking soaps. I would love to try the Ocean Rain. It sounds heavenly! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway! - Kelly A. Tanner