Monday, April 2, 2012

Rockboard Radiate Review & Giveaway **Closed**

We were really excited to get the Radiate Rockboard and I knew none of us were experts on these type of boards so I decided to use one of their video's to show you the right way to handle these and I think it even has some of the more technical stuff on there as well for those of you who are more experienced. It has a little bit of everything for everybody!

The New Rockboard Radiate Skateboard incorporates the revolutionary internal integrated LED wiring harness system to every board. Hit the on/off switch and the lights pop on or off depending what you want. This thing is really neat to watch in the dark! My husband played around with it a bit but neither one of us had the safety equipment like the helmet or knee pads so we did not get too crazy with it!
Our board is actually is actually the one below. I just wanted to show you how it looked when it was lit up so the image above was taken off of their site for that purpose. We got the really neat what I call American Flag design below.
Here are the specs on the Rockboard:

**Unique Features: LED light system which provides visual effects without getting damaged
**Type of Wood: 7 Ply hard rock maple
**Wheels: 5A super high rebound formula, offers increased abrasion
**Bearings: Abec 5, chromoly speed bearings with double polished grooves
and races
**Trucks: 356A aluminum cast, 90A bushings, grade 8 axles, hardware and
fixed kingpins
**Grip Tape: Color matched, 80 grit tread surface

I hope all that means something to the ones who already have these boards because it all sounds greek to me! I am amazed at what our young kids and young adults can figure out on these things. Same thing with video games. I am a klutz at stuff like this and really have no idea how it all works but for those who understand it all, it seems to be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, of course, after homework is done!

Here is Rockboard's promise to parents:
All Rockboard Scooters, Rockboard Parts and Accessories have been designed and engineered with children’s safety as our #1 priority

We pride ourselves in staying current with all of the latest guidelines, requirements and standards for designing and manufacturing children’s toys. All of our products are tested using certified independent laboratories to ensure that we meet or exceed all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines as well as ASTM Standard Consumer Toy Safety Specifications.

M-Y Products LLC, manufacturer and distributor of Rockboard Scooter, is committed to safety and quality with all of our products. We designed a revolutionary new scooter with safety in mind, turns out that kids love to ride them too!

I think once they have their safety equipment on and know how to use the Rockboard and you have gone over all the rules and regulations with your child, I believe from the information that I have read and gathered, this should be a fun experience for your older children and maybe even yourself, if you are in good physical shape. I have had both knees replaced so no way was I gonna get on it but hubby did and he looked hilarious! Wish my camera took better pictures but they came out blurry so could not show you just how funny he did look!

Connect with Rockboard several ways:

M.Y. Products, LLC
PO Box 616
Greenwood, Indiana 46142
PHONE: 866.881.1799
FAX: 317.887.0758

Rockboard has been gracious enough to offer one winner their very own Radiate Rockboard! Thanks so much Rockboard! Open to the lower 48 U.S. Good Luck!


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