Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal Review

I was so happy to be included in the Quaker Cereal campaign because I am a big Quaker Oatmeal fan along with some of their cold cereals and that is what I got to review this time was their new flavor, Honey Nut Oatmeal Squares! My camera is on the fritz again and I guess they don't have the new box picture up yet on their site but the bowl of cereal actually does look pretty close to what it does look like and I do eat it with either blueberries or strawberries, but mostly blueberries because they are so good for you! I was sent one regular size box and several small individual boxes to give out to a few friends and family. The other three flavors they have are Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and Golden Maple. I don't think I have tried the Cinnamon, that will be my next one. Oh, I actually found a YouTube video talking about the new Honey Nut Quaker Squares so I decided to share it with you:

I can honestly say that I loved it and so did my friends. We actually ate some of it as a snack right out of the box without milk. I have never really been a milk drinker, even when I was a baby, my mother said I would not drink milk. I just put enough in there to get it a little wet and that is about it. But, if it is an especially good cereal, I can eat it without any milk. There are a few brands and flavors that I used to fill up little sandwich bags with them and that is what I would grab during the day as a snack instead of grabbing a candy bar or something even worse!

My daughter also gave her thumbs up on the box I gave her and it really is hard to please her so Quaker Oatmeal, you did a good thing there. And the most amazing thing is it had nothing to do with chocolate. Normally, if it has no form of chocolate in it, forget it, but she actually said it was pretty good and she too ate it as a snack and not a cereal but that was for a different reason. They were out of milk and did not want to get up and go get some until later so she ate hers out of the box also.

I also love the fact that I am getting some fiber because with all of my health issues and foods that I can't eat, my fiber intake has shrunk pretty bad. It actually has 96% of your minimum daily whole grain recommendation and it's a good source of calcium. And I must be doing something right there because for the last three years my bone density tests were coming back showing a smidge off and they called it pre-osteoporosis. Well, this past year when I had it done, I had actually gained some bone mass! Now, that was pretty good news considering all the rest was the same old stuff. I have wracked my brain trying to figure out where I was getting calcium and it has to be that I am eating more cereal and oatmeal.

Of course, we all know that Quaker has snack bars, cereal bars, just about everything under the sun and more. I am glad to see an old familiar face that hasn't left the scene like alot of my other old food friends from the days of growing up. You don't see too many of them anymore or they have changed so much you don't hardly recognize them or their taste. But, Quaker Oats has stood the test of time and I am one happy camper.

So,in conclusion, I can say with absolute certainty, that I and my friends and family all loved the new Quaker Oatmeal Honey & Nut Cereal Squares and will definitely be getting some more the next time we hit the stores! Thank you so much for letting us review your wonderful cereal!

Several ways you can stay in contact with Quaker:

Postal Mail: The Quaker Oats Company
P.O. Box 049003
Chicago, IL 60604-9003
Phone: 1-800-FOR-OATS (1-800-367-6287)

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