Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PhoneFetcher & KeyzPleez Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was contacted about a week or so ago from a very nice lady using my Contact Me tab on my blog and asking me if I would review her PhoneFetchers and KeyzPleez and I was like, what? How in the world could that possibly work? My phone has nothing sticking out of it that something could attach it to. Mine is a slide kind and I just did not know what to say but she said it would work and I agreed. Well, when the package came she said she just had to send me the purple KeyzPleez because my blog was purple and cute. So, I thought, what the heck, why not?

I actually used the purple KeyzPleez first because Charlie wanted to go for a walk that afternoon a day or two later so I grabbed my keys and double looped them and attached them to the pulley handle on Charlie's leash, you know, the thing that controls how long or short the length of his leash can go? Anyway, it worked really well for that, so no more having to carry keys in one hand, hold onto the dog walking leash controller! It was an all around win-win situation. It distracted Charlie just a tad to hear all the keys bouncing around but he quickly got used to it and we were off! I think we walked about a mile before he decided he was ready to come home!

As you can see from the top picture, there are 8 different colors to choose from for either the KeyzPleez or the PhoneFetcher. I wouldn't mind having the red one and the green one, too! That way I have extra's and don't have to change from purse to purse all the time. I love switching up my handbags because I get bored with them and want something different but really, I never do find too many handbag's that I like. I am a picky handbag person and when I find one I love, it kills me when it's a color that goes with nothing that I have. Well, with these little PhoneFetchers and KeyzPleez it really doesn't matter because you don't see them much and when you do, they end up being conversation starters! Everyone wants to know what are they and how can they get a pair.

Now,I have to admit I went a little boring on the PhoneFetcher because my phone is black and most of my handbags are black or white. I should have gone a little wild and gotten the red or green one, I think. But at the time I did not have a clue what I was getting so I played it safe. Now, I wanna play!! After awhile, they grow on you and you can find all kinds of interesting uses for them. Charlie's buckle thing on the leash part broke one day so I was able to use the KeyzPleez to just loop it around the collar and hook it together and I was able to use to get us home! I was pretty darn proud of myself that day thinking quick on my feet! You can also use them on iPhones, iPods, Androids and Blackberry's. Of course, I have none of those but I thought you might need to know that.

What I have done with my handbag is connected it to one of the zippers inside the bag that holds whatever in that little zippered compartment and it works really well for me. Then on the opposite side of the handbag I loop the PhoneFetcher through an opening there so that the keys are trapped by the long zippered part once the handbag is zipped up, it would be hard for something to try and just walk up and grab it because the handbag would not let go of it unless I actually let go of the whole thing. So, I think I foolproofed both of them as much as possible.

All of the colors of the KeyzPleez are $9.99 each for all 8 colors and the PhoneFetchers are the same except for one that says it is Metallic and it is $14.99 and to me it looks like a guy kinda thing but if you have a high tech looking phone or handbag, I guess this would work really well with that also:

What do you think? Looks like a chain or bracelet doesn't it? Hey, that might not be such a bad idea! I think I see now why they made one of those in that material and color. It can blend into almost anything and either looks sexy on a woman or classic and all man for a man. I guess whoever designed all of this knew what they were thinking all along, just took us a little while longer to (or just me) to figure that one all out!

Oh, by the way, they were just named invention of the week by InventionHome and MatchProduct!

Connect with PhoneFetcher several ways:

Mailing Address:
PhoneFetcher / Alpha Media, Inc.
42 Central Drive
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone: (631) 777-5500
Fax: (631) 777-5599
Email: info@phonefetcher.com

PhoneFetcher has been gracious enough to offer one reader both a PhoneFetcher and a KeyzPleez in your choice of colors. Thanks so much Madelyn for being so generous with my readers. Now you will be able to keep up with both items at all times! Good Luck!


Kathy said...

I would choose blue

Sarah said...

I would get both of them in silver


S RedFeather said...

this is great - i need to get some!

S RedFeather said...

i would get the chain for the phone, and something bright for my keys

Jc Wooten said...

I would get a blue one. But interesting enough when I went to Winstar last year they gave me a thingy that looks just like that to keep my card on. Are they by the same company?

Unknown said...

purple- phone fetcher

blue - keyzpleez

catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

crftyduchess said...

black for phone
silver for keys

ctymice at gmail dot com

crftyduchess said...

left fb comment(Tudor Rose)

ctymice at gmail dot com

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I love the purple one! Cool :-)
I left my comment on Your Facebook wall via name: fiona nuyen
I also left my comment at http://www.mmbearcupoftea.com/2012/04/skillet-bacon-spread-review.html
Thank You So Much :-)
Fiona N

Paula L. said...

I like the metallic phone catcher and the Blue keys please.

Journeykat said...

I would love purple to match my phone case....

Tiffany Mary Cecilia said...

I would choose red or black

Kris said...

purple for both

Susan said...

Chain phone catcher and a purple for the keys.

sylviamae88 said...

I'd pick black for both, boring, I know but it'd match everything and be versatile enough that even my hubby would've mind using it :)

sylviamae88 said...

I posted on your fb page for who it'd be for if I won, my name is Sylvia Mae Rhymes. Thanks again for the chance!

Maryea said...

Posted to your FB page as Mary Agloro

sandy1955 said...

I would choose black

Sandy VanHoey