Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ostara Organics Spotlight Sponsor Review

This was absolutely the cutest basket I think I have ever been sent by someone! It came from Cheyenne who owns Ostara Orangics and she wanted me to be able to sample a few things so that I could tell the winner of my Blogmania 2012 prize package a little bit about her and her products.

Here is what she sent me review:

1. Rose Sandalwood Soap
2. Amber Musk Massage Oil Body Candle
3. Orange Blossom Room Fragrance
4. Magic Garden Body Scrub
5. Fudge Lip Balm
6. Lavendar Bath Salts

We'll start with the Fudge Lip Balm because I was actually fascinated by the taste, I admit it! It really did taste and smell like fudge! I normally can't stand candy tasting or smelling lip balm but this one had just the right amount of everything and it just all came together which made me very happy for a change. I hate getting excited about something just to find out it was a dud, but this one is definitely a winner! All together there are 11 flavors to choose from and choosing from the list I thought, if the Fudge tastes good I bet the Sweet Orange Blossom does too! Other than that, I am gonna let you go see what other flavors are there.

I think the next thing should be the bath salts because as most of you know, I have to take showers due to the chronic bladder issue but here is what I do to get around that: I will put some in a container with a little bit of water and olive oil (not much or you will clog up your pipes)! And then just use it like a scrub on my feet and elbows or anywhere I think I have a problem. Otherwise, if I am in a spa like feeling I will just soak my feet in the bath salts and then comes the next part that I really like, melting the massage oil candle!! Yeah!
As you can tell, Cheyenne was more than generous with her bath salts so I will probably have these for quite awhile for soaking my feet, which I am not complaining because I loved the lavender scent filling up the air. Unfortunately, you only get 2 other choices on those and that is Vanilla Dream and Rose Radiance, which I love all 3 so I wouldn't have any problems with any of those.

I used the massage candle next and the fragrance I was sent was the Amber Musk and it doesn't take much to get them into a liquid form and no, they do not burn.

It just feels likes someone turned on an electric blanket is the best way I can describe it. All Candles are 100% Soy, Hand-poured, and contain only Soybeans, Essential/fragrance oils, cotton wick. 6 oz. Size-30 hours burn time and contrary to belief they have NO carcinogens!!

The candles burn at only 3 degrees above body temperature-never too hot-, and are NOT sticky-NO WAX!! It is a has a nourishing soy with essential oil-creamy, luxurious and makes your hands or feet feel like satin or silke once the wax is taken off of the skin! All together there are 27 scents to choose from for your melting wax experience. It really does wonders for cracked heels or the bottoms of feet! You will fall in love with this baby!

The other thing I loved was the Orange Blossom room fragrance. Wow, it really is a nice change from all the chemically induced ones. These are just nice and clean smells with a hint of sweet oranges in an exotic scent similar to a lightly scented perfume. They only have 2 other scents and one is Lavender Mint (I would have really loved this one, my favorite)and Ginger Citrus. Not sure what that would have smelled like but maybe sorta like a lemony smell? They have absolutely NO Fluorocarbons or Aerosols so it is safe to spray in all of the rooms of your home. Just as a precaution, I would wait until it all settles down before bringing a baby into the room. I have always been a little on the cautious side, it is nothing that is implied here, just my normal, "play it safe than sorry" routine!
I know I have told you how much I love scented soaps and Ostara has some really neat ones and the one I got was the Rose Sandalwood which is almost an odd mixture but once you smell it, it all makes perfect sense! The Sandalwood helps keep the soap from being too rosy or floral and it has a slight musty earthy scent to it that I love. It reminds me of being out on the back porch swinging and every time the swing would go by a rose bush planted in front, I would get a whiff of that great smell!

They just have the 3 scents to choose from for now and those are the Lemongrass, Citrus Ginger and the Lavender Mint. I guess the Rose Sandalwood I got is being discontinued. I sure am glad I got the last of it then, because I really love it and I don't say that often as Lavender is really my main choice. Each bar is Handcrafted and Made-to-Order: New Batches Poured Every week with a 2-Week CureTime.

This is what is in each bar of soap:

**4 oz. BarSoap Contains:
**Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil,
**goats milk, soy & essential fragrance oils

Lastly, I had a sugar scrub to review but there were not any on the website, so maybe they just got rid of it because it is sorta messy to deliver or they are working on improvements. When I first tried to open the jar, you could tell that some had been leaking a tad. Or it could have just been mine and maybe that is another solution they are trying to work out and will debut it again! I hope so because I love sugar scrubs! I did get a decent enough picture of it off of my camera for once. (you know I hate my camera it takes such awful pics so I try to use the ones on the websites if I can)so here it is:

I can't tell what Magic Garden has in it but it must be a little bit of the old timey honeysuckle or jasmine? I am not into either of those smells at all but I know alot of people are so if you love honeysuckle or jasmine, then this is gonna rock your boat. It does have alot of oil mixed in with the sugar so your skin will definitely feel smooth and velvety. Something happened to me when I was very young with honeysuckle & jasmine and ever since it gives me sneezing fits. I did not want you to think there was anything wrong with her product, it is just me. We all have that one scent or taste that just does not agree with us and this happens to be mine.

Here is what I found on her site in the Why Ostara section:
Ostara’s unique product line is created by a local artist, single mom, who began in her basement 20 years ago as a 20 year old entrepeneur!! She created UNIQUE and CUSTOM scents that you will ONLY find from her! I sincerely hope you enjoy looking through these wonderfully-made products!!

Ostara’s logo and package labels were all created by a 23-year old female, local design-company/printing shop owner, who discovered her talent in a high school printing class!!

Ostara’s flyers, brochures and marketing were created by a 17 year old local entrepeneur who graudated from high school this year, and started her very own business solutions company!

Ostara’s websites and stores were created by a 25 year old local Devry graduate who waitressed her way through college!

Ostara’s product pictures were photographed by a 2011 High School graduate, looking to build a professional portfolio for college in the fall!!

ALL of Ostara’s ™ products are Angel-Inspired, Energetically Blessed each and every day, and all affirmations and blessings are uniquely channeled just for you!!

This is partly selfish on my part! The energetic work and channeling support my own growth and connection to Source and to the Angels I encounter, and constant contact and work with these beautiful products is helping me to improve my health, which has been challenging for most of my life. I owe all of this and more to Source, and to the amazing and love-encompassing work of many Angels, specifically the ones that represent Ostara’s ™ products.

Ostara ™ Gives Back!!

This is also partly selfish! I have always dreamed that one day I would be able to give back on a large scale to worthwhile non-profits everywhere. They touch my heart and yours, and as a single mom of 5 beautiful and healthy children, I am extremely blessed and thankful. There are others all around us that aren’t so lucky, that need our support! Ostara ™ offers her finest products to raise money for charities that support people in need. Ostara ™ would be delighted to raise money for YOUR favorite charity with these wonderful products! Check out the OSTARA"S SIGNATURE LINE page for our largest, custom scent candles: The "HOPE" and "PEACE" candles-they are READY and WAITING to start earning money for your favorite giving project TODAY!! Ostara will donate 25% of the purchase profits to YOUR CAUSE!! Blessings!!
Connect with Ostara and Cheyenne several ways:

Mailing Address:
3431 Forest Canyon
Longmont, Co 80504
Phone Number: (303) 800-6416

Cheyenne from Ostara Organics has been so gracious as to offer one of her fabulous baskets that will have Gardenia scents in my Blogmania 2012 event that starts on April 25th and ends on the 30th. This basket has a value of $28.95 and I know you will love all the delicious surprises she has in store for you! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were taken from Ostara Organic's website except for the sugar scrub jar, which was taken from Mary's cranky camera!


Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

What a great story of how the company was founded by people who did not not just have it handed to them. They did it through hard work. These products sound so unique and interesting. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win. :)

Priscilla Benavides said...

I love bar soaps and I am dying to try the Rose Sandalwood Soap. The room fragrances also sound very yummy I would love the Lavender scent.

Romapr said...

I am a huge lip balm fan and your description of the Fudge Lip Balm made this product sound so great! What a unique idea. I want to try it now :).