Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Orange Owl Product Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I found a great company that makes awesome bath salts and even more wonderful lip balms. That company is The Orange Owl and I ran across them quite by accident one day and just sent an email for the heck of it and they responded back just as excited as I was to review some bath salts! It has cedarwood,lavendar,sage and lemongrass alon with clary to make this a very unique bath salt. This is what they have to say about their Soothing Sea bath salts, which is the one I got to review.

I sure do wish I could lay in a tub and let all those balt salts to work their magic on me, but because of my IC (chronic bladder pain)I am forbidden to take any kind of baths so I am reduced to only showers. So, my hubby and my daughter are the guinea pigs and I will stick my feet in just to get the feel for it and I have to admit my feet came out softer and alot less cracked and irritated!

The kind folks at The Orange Owl say that their bath salts are a balanced combination of Epsom, Dead Sea Mineral and Himalayan Pink Salts and that these bath salts are our gateway to a blissful spa experience! They include oils and botanicals that help moisturize your skin while you detox in a steaming bath. Sounds pretty darn good to me! I envy those of you who can still do this!

The other scents that they have in bath salts are: Naked Tide, Blissful Brine and Tranquil Ocean.

I also got to try the Cinnamon and Spice lip balm and I love those flavor so I was 100% satisfied with them!
They were so nice to have it wrapped up really pretty and I would have been proud to give this unique set to anyone if I had someone to give it to. They take extra special care to make sure that your product arrives on time and with no damages to any of the products. The picture above is what the cinnamon lip balm looks like. I try to remember to put lip balm with an SPF almost all of the time. I will still forget a few times here and there but for the most part, I am pretty good about putting my SPF lip balm on and usually it will be underneath my lip gloss, although for the most part I go without any tint, just the lip balm.

The other flavors that they have in the lip balms are Minty Fresh, Citrus Splash, Zesty Splendor and Simply Naked. All of their lip balms are $3.75 each, which really isn't that bad of a price. Have you seen how much they charge at the drugstores these days?

I didn't get any of their soaps but I wanted to mention them to you so that you know they have other items than the two I mentioned. This soap is called Sugar & Spice and I bet it would have smelled heavenly. I love the sweet clean smells because they just make my body feel like it's alive and I need to get out there and do something! They have alot more of these soaps and way too many for me to name all of them, so please stop by and check them out!

Another great sounding product I did not get to try was their Body Butters and they really have some very interesting names! Of course this one that sounds like I would have enjoyed the most because it has patchouli in it is the Orange Joy. If I can't have something in Lavender, then Patchouli would be the one I would choose right after that.

The other scents that they have are Naturally Naked, Zing Luxury, Thai Surprise, Lemon Twist and Mint Smoother. See what I meant about some interesting names? Someone either travelled the world or has a great imagination! Which there is nothing wrong with having dreams or imaginations or we would all be so boring and dull!

This is what I found underneath the title Who We Are. I hope that each one of you goes and read the whole story of this brave and wonderful girl who comes from another country to follow her dreams. I don't have enough space to copy all of it, but I hope you will go read the rest. It is a great story:
Akshata Nayak was born and raised in the city of Bangalore in southern India. She moved to America for her graduate studies in late 2003, earning a Masters in Biochemistry and, a few years later, a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition (apparently one was just not enough). After working in basic research in the fields of Immunology and Emergency Medicine for six years, she decided to shift her focus. The Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition was a step in that direction. It helped emphasize some basic policies of trying to establish a balance in people’s lives when it came to overall health.

Presently, she divides her time up as a nutritionist at Alternative Roots Wellness Center, a holistic health center started with her husband, and a handmade crafts business owner. She lives in Vermont, and loves to cook, read and repeatedly change the cushion covers in her living room. Her mother wishes she would clean the house more often, her father wishes she would finally learn to budget sensibly, and her husband wishes she would leave the cushions alone. She is, however, having the proverbial blast.

Thank You! Merci! Grazie! Gracias! Dhanyawaad!
Connect with the Orange Owl several ways:

Phone: (802)378 4335

The nice folks from The Orange Owl have agreed to let the winner have the same set that I just reviewed in your choice of scents! Thanks Orange Owl and remember this is open to the U.S. only and you have to be 18 years or older.


couponing2ourdreams said...

naked tide and simply naked!

Modern Day Disciple said...

Tranquil Ocean and Simply Naked! Modern Day Disciple (Dawn @ Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith)

Kelmomola said...

tranquil ocean and simply naked
kelly falcone

Kasee said...

I would love to try the Soothing Sea.

samantha35 said...

Love to try the tranquil ocean

great giveaway
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Catie said...

I would chose Naked Tide and Citrus Splash!

Ledford Land said...

Soothing Sea for the Bath Salt...Minty Fresh for the lipbalm

cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

Jessica Eaton Ledford

Jennifer said...

Tranquil Ocean and Cinnamon & Spice


Sarah said...

I would choose the Naked Tide.


Unknown said...

Soothing Sea

catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

BlackAsphodel said...

I'd choose Tranquil Ocean (bath salt) and Citrus Splash (lip balm).

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

BlackAsphodel said...

My comment on your FB Wall:

Tiffany Mary Cecilia said...

I'd try the cinnamon lip balm and soothing sea salt

Kris said...

soothing sea bath salts
citrus splash lip balm