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Nuts About Granola Sponsor Spotlight Review

The above bag of granola is called Purely Simple and it is mixed with lightly sweetened blend of organic oats, almonds, lemon and dried cranberries. They are having a special on the Peanut Butter and Jelly Granola for $4.99 a bag when normally it would be $5.99 a bag. I haven't tasted this particular flavor so I can't tell you too much about it but it sure does sound good!
You can also get this 4 pack that contains One 12oz. bag of our four original flavors (Plain Jane, College Staple, Lover's Combo, Off Road Edition) Their granola stays fresh for up to four months in a cool, dry climate. It freezes well too!

The granola above is called Lovers Combo and it is peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. Have you ever had what we call Fudgies? Some call it by other names but it is a Christmas cookie that I make where you add the oats and peanut butter and cocoa and cook it and then drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper and let it cool. Well, this granola is like that but without the cocoa. It is yummy and the granola is fresh and very good. Gosh, I am making myself hungry just talking about all of these amazing granolas.

I did not peek at their site until now because I like to get my own opinions first and when I saw that they had carrot cake, I just about swooned, I mean literally swooned! Carrot Cake is my absolute favorite next to Chocolate!! So, maybe later on, I can persuade them to let me try the Carrot Cake, what do you think? Oh, man, I bet it is awesome since the Peanut Butter one was so good, then Carrot Cake has to be out of this world!! I did find out that they call their Peanut Butter Plain Jane and that it was the original flavor that started the whole thing.

Plain Jane even comes in Gluten Free so if you have to eat your food Gluten Free, you can still enjoy the Plain Jane. I am so happy that companies are starting to pay attention to the fact that alot of people have to eat Gluten Free. I am not one of those but I do have IBS and have been experimenting to see if I have less episodes if I eat Gluten Free. I am still experimenting so I don't have a full report yet. But, when I do, I hope to help IBS sufferers and lead them to companies that offer Gluten Free and Nuts About Granola will be on the list!

Gosh, I was going to name all the different flavors they have but the list would be too long so I will give you a few and then go check out their website to see the rest. Besides Carrot Cake and Plain Jane, they have Smores, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Johnny Appleseed, Off Road Edition and College Staple (which has dried cranberries & think of it as a PB&J sandwich and that is why it is called the College Staple.

I have to back up and let you know that the Smores is only available in the summer along with Jungle Fever, Ambrosia, Date Food, Purely Simple and get this, they have an Orange Creamsicle! Whoops, you know what, I did list all the flavors after all! Well, that's okay because just saying and writing some of these flavors down has made me want some of them, but these last ones will have to wait until next summer. It will give you something to look forward to! Here is why Nuts About Granola thinks you should eat their granola (yes, I am quoting straight from the source):

Like anything in life: all things in moderation. Our granola is made from only all-natural and organic ingredients. We believe in the whole foods diet: consuming only foods in their natural form without any artificial chemicals, dies or preservatives.

Yes, it contains sugar (minimally processed). Yes, it contains fat (unsaturated, good fats) and it also contains whole grains, fiber and protein to make a well balanced, great tasting product you can feel good about eating. It satisfies even the sweetest sweet tooth without breaking the caloric bank.

As much as we would love it if you consumed a bag of granola in one sitting (and had to buy another one…), it is truly meant to be enjoyed, savored and eaten in smaller portions. One serving (only 100-130 calories) is a perfect addition to your yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream or cereal. It adds crunch, full bodied flavor and just the right amount of fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer. So to answer the question, yes, it is healthy. Just don’t eat the whole bag in one sitting.

As I was going thru their site I found a page that all Weight Watcher's will love. They have broken down how many points each different flavor of granola will cost you in points so that you can eat their granola and stay on your diet! Now, isn't that just peachy! I also found where you can purchase some of your gifts for Christmas for the ones on your list who like homemade items! They also have a section for recipes where you can make different things out of your granola and still get all that nice fiber you need. Lastly, on this page you can find out where to purchase in stores if you live in Pennsylvania. For the rest of us they can help you go about getting one of your favorite stores to start carrying it and if not, then we can order online. So, wherever you are, Nuts About Granola will find a way to get it to you!

Now, for the part that my frequent readers are well aware of, I love history or in some cases it will be About Us, time. I just love knowing where my companies started or what made them decide to do what they did or just to get a feel for them. I like knowing that because it makes me feel better when I am helping a great company or to make sure I am buying a great product from a company that gives back, as Nuts About Granola does with their philosophy to buy local.

Here is what I found out about Nuts About Granola:

Nuts About Granola was conceived through a mother and daughter who shared a passion for cooking together. Gayle and Sarah’s love for the kitchen and a deep understanding of the importance of nutrition developed a treat to help them refuel during various athletic events. This snack, granola, was made fresh, using local ingredients from the Pennsylvania farm belt. As both a student at Elizabethtown College and captain of the school’s triathlon team, Sarah decided to package and sell their granola on campus as a team fundraiser. Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with the tremendous success of the “Original Trio” flavors (Plain Jane, Lovers Combo, and College Staple) during this fundraiser led Gayle and Sarah to begin taking steps toward building a legitimate business. Nuts About Granola, llc. was incorporated in the Spring of 2008 and built on the foundation of providing the freshest products from local resources to consumers.

Nuts About Granola remains a small mother/daughter owned granola company dedicated to providing the freshest, wholesome granola served straight from the oven of our home in York, Pa. All of our granolas are still produced in small batches and mixed by hand to ensure quality. Currently, the Nuts About Granola product line is largely sold in farmers markets in the South-Central PA region and online. In addition to being granola fanatics, we’ve become huge supporters of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local movement to help achieve the ultimate in freshness. All of our products contain only all natural, local ingredients and have earned the “PA Preferred” seal by from Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Our expansion plans focus on placing our products in more Central PA farmer’s markets as we continue to raise awareness of buying local through the support of organizations such as Buy Fresh, Buy Local and SSBN. While we are hoping to continue to grow our company as any good business would, we promise to uphold our core values of providing fresh granola, using local ingredients, with a level of customer service and personable appeal no other granola can provide.

Connect with Nuts About Granola several ways:

Mailing Address:
Central Market of York
34 W. Philadelphia St.
York, PA 17401
Phone Numer: 717.767.2942

Nuts About Granola has been kind enough to offer the winner of my Mother's Day Package in Makobi Scribe's Mother's Day Blog Hop a $10 GC so that you can get the flavor that you will love! This Blog Hop Giveaway starts on May 1st and ends on the 18th. Good Luck!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by images from Nuts About Granola's website.


Suz said...

Love this review! All of the granola looks yummy but especially The Lovers Combo!

Sharon Braswell said...

The Purely Simple sounds perfect for me. Of course I want to try them all! Thanks for the review.

Priscilla Benavides said...

This all natural and organic ingredient granola would go well with some organic greek yogurt!