Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jody's Popcorn Review

I have a new popcorn place to tell you about called Jody's Popcorn and they have a store on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront! Next time I am up that way I will go and check them out. We have been once but that was back in 2002 and I really don't remember seeing this or it may have not been there but I was busy riding a bike on the boardwalk so I probably missed alot! We are hoping to go this summer but we have said that several times and never seem to make it. Usually, my health issues get in the way or we don't have the money, but I can still dream it and maybe one day it will happen.
They sent me what they call their Recipe 53 Caramel Corn and if you know me, I am a sucker for caramel popcorn! Well, I pretty much like any kind except the spicy kind. I tried a few earlier in the year and it gave me heartburn so I guess my spicy days are over. Bummer! But hubby will still eat it if I don't. I hid the caramel corn so he can't find it since he has a few bags of spicy, he doesn't need mine, now does he? I loved the way they sent it in 12 individual packs enough for a snack and small enough that you don't overeat! Of course, the day that they came, I hadn't eaten much so while I was opening up the rest of the mail I ate 2 of the snack pouches right away! Then I was miserable. I knew better but it was so good I could not stop myself. Well, I am definitely pacing myself now.

Wow, they have alot of flavors to choose from. They have them divided up into 4 categories: sweet, savory, game day and seasonal. The category Savory is a mixture of spicy and just things that are unusual so they are not all spicey. They do have their cheese flavored and kettle corn in this category along with some really hot ones. I guess ya'll know by now I won't be going near any that are spicy but I did check out the sweet section. Again, Wow! I think if I worked there I would gain 50 pounds! They have some corns mixed with nuts and that is my all time favorite! Or the ones mixed with chocolate are even better or the Nutty Zebra Corn looks out of this world! They say that the Recipe 53 is the one that they started their business with and I can see why it is still very popular. You gotta love Caramel Corn, don't you? I know that it goes fast around here at my house. It doesn't take long for it to disappear!

Mmm, I even found out that they make fudge. I looked that one over, too and the Choco Toffee Fudge and the Expresso Fudge would be two that I think would be awesome! They have 14 different kinds of fudge so you know there will be something in there for you. I can't believe they have all that time to make all that fudge and all those different kinds of popcorn. I bet when beach season hits, they are really busy. That was a smart business decision to be right there on the beach. I can just hear kids and adults both yelling for fudge or popcorn! This is their Choco Toffee Fudge that I wanted you to see:
I love that they have tins in several varieties that would make awesome gifts. They of course have the Christmas ones but you can also get them in your favorite baseball teams, football teams, basketball and college teams. They even have tins that are banks! So, you can get your child or young adult their favorite popcorn and it can act as a bank afterwards for them to keep their change in. They also have the birthday tins and tins that you can customize. Oh, sweet! I just found the Atlanta Braves tin! I am gonna have to break down and get one for Mike's birthday in May. He is a die hard Braves fan and he watches just about every game. I dread this time of year because everything revolves arounds when they play! But it still is a cool idea! Also, they do weddings and other special parties so go check out their Occasions section and get some great ideas for your party!
Here is what I found under the About Us (everyone knows by now that I always do a little company history, its my pet project):
When we were in college, my husband Alan and I took date night strolls down the streets of Chicago sharing caramel corn. Alan even hid my engagement ring in the prize envelope of a Cracker Jack box giving me the surprise of my life. To this day, he still won’t tell me how he got the ring in to the sealed box! When we moved to Virginia Beach, we realized that the area was missing out on fresh caramel corn and that is when the idea for Jody’s Popcorn was born.

The popping began in 2005 when we opened our store at the 31 Ocean Shops. We were determined to create a caramel corn more delicious than any of the commercial brands. It began in our garage, where Alan tweaked batch after batch of caramel corn until the recipe was just right. Our motto was “Amazing or Bust.” After 53 tries we knew we achieved “amazing.”

Although we have grown out of our garage we still put our popcorn through the same rigorous trials and use the best ingredients to achieve amazing flavors!

That is why Jody’s Popcorn means:

*Better *Flavor
*Better Ingredients
*Better Recipes

A Pop Above the Rest!

Like Alan and I, I hope you will create your own memories around Jody’s Popcorn. Whether it is giving a loved one the gift of a Jody’s tin filled with popcorn, or sharing a bag on the couch on family movie night, we want Jody’s to be a part of your family.

Connect with Jody's Popcorn several ways:

Mailing Address:
205 Laskin Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone: 757.425.5639 or 866.797.JODY
Email: suggestionbox@jodyspopcorn.com
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Jody's Popcorn would love to extend an offer to all of my readers. You can get 15% off of your order by using the code BLOG15 when you order online. It really is some of the best popcorn out there, so if you have a special occasion coming up like my husband's birthday, this would be a great time to use the discount.

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