Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eco-Foil Sponsor Spotlight Review

I really love the products that Handi-Foil makes for us because I can count on them to deliver high quality on eco friendly products that I use on a pretty regular basis. I love their Eco-Foil baking pans and the lids that we can put on afterwards to keep our fresh baked goods from getting anything in them (like insects)! Here is what they sent me to review:

1. Two Roaster/Baker Pans and lids
2. Two 13x9 Cake Pans and lids
3. Two King Roaster Pans

I will be honest and tell you that I have been using Eco-Foil pans for as long as I can remember. It is one of the best ways to bake things in the oven and be able to take them out and pop the lid on it and out the door you go to a party, a dinner or to a holiday get together with family and friends. Secondly, I like it because if in all the chaos of the evening, if you happen to lose track of your baked item, no big deal. It is not in your good glass casserole dish so it won't be missed. Lastly, I love that if I am tired or just out of time, I can pop the pan with the lid on it into the fridge and know that my food will be kept safe and ready to be used again the next day! So, you can bake, carry, store and put in the fridge with these handy Eco-Foil pans! I say that is a win win situation for everyone!

I also love them because they make great carry home leftover pans. I can pile a little of everything from the buffet table or the family dinner and have another meal for the next night if I choose to or if I am at home, I can load up my daughter's meals for the next day or two into one and know that if she doesn't want to keep the pan, no big deal. But, when I am at home and I use them to bake with, I always wash them just like regular pans and store them away. I try to use everything over and over again until it gets to the point that you can't anymore. That is what I really like the most about Eco-Foil!
Did you know that they are also recyclable? Here is how they help:

•Pans and trays are made from 100% recycled aluminum
•Lids are made from 100% recycled plastic
•Still 100% American made
•Still 100% recyclable after use
•100% trusted quality and strength

And believe me, they are telling the truth about the quality and strength because I cook my turkeys and hams in the King Size Roasters and have yet to lose a one! I have had some in the past (not Eco-Foils) that almost completely caved in on me when I was taking the turkey out of the oven. I lost some turkey juices, but was able to save the turkey. I learned then it was better to pay a few extra cents to have the peace of mind that that would not happen again!
Recycling Is The Key To Our Planet's Sustainability:

•Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources.
•Recycling saves energy.
•Recycling saves clean air and clean water.
•Recycling saves landfill space.
•Recycling can save money and create jobs

Yes, we all have to take part in living greener. Recycling is a win-win for us, our communities and the environment! And Eco-Foil is now a significant part of the process to help make a difference for generations to come. And the biggest thing and number one thing that we can all do is recycle! Recycling it one of the easiest and most effective things that you can do every day to help make a sustainable difference for our environment, the economy and our community. So always put your recyclables out for curbside pickup or take them to your local drop-off or buy-back center. To learn about the recycling efforts in your local neighborhood, visit Curbside Value Partnership at recyclecurbside.

Did you know this fun fact? America recycled enough aluminum cans last year to stretch to the moon and back 8 times. That is some serious use of cans and whatever else comes in aluminum. Wow, I have been learning some really cool and new things by reading some of the articles on Eco-Foil and some I did not even know about. Not that I don't care, it just did not cross my mind about some of the things I could be doing to help our planet.

Here is a cool contest that Eco-Foil is having on their Facebook: This summer, we'll be giving away Eco-Foil Recycled T-Shirts to randomly selected Facebook fans every month. Be sure to check back often for your chance to win — and get the latest news and updates about Eco-Foil, being green, and recycling! Plus, share our Facebook page with all your friends, for their chance to win too!
Remember: Aluminum can be recycled over and over again, without ever losing its quality or compromising the key properties that make it so strong and versatile!

Lastly, here is some information on Handi-Foil that I found in the About Us section:

Handi-foil™ Corporation is a privately owned manufacturer of recyclable aluminum products committed to quality, convenience and innovation. In the industry since its inception in 1958, we have accumulated the knowledge and experience necessary to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. As the industry leader, we offer a complete line of foil containers and dome lids including traditional, high-end and seasonal bakeware items. Our recyclable, American made products are manufactured in Wheeling, Illinois, and are kosher approved under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and bear its emblem.

As the foilware category pioneer, #1 market share leader and steward of the environment, Handi-foil’s most recent innovation was the introduction of Eco-Foil™ brand foilware. Eco-Foil™ is the first and only line of foil containers made exclusively from 100% recycled aluminum. Eco-Foil™ demonstrates our ongoing commitment to preserving the environment.

In fact, we’ve always been committed to the environment. Almost 20 years ago, we were the first to transition away from poly-bagged packaging to shrink banded packaging, which saves tons of materials annually. We also were the first to introduce the “Stack Pack”, a single piece display heavily packed with merchandise that saved corrugated materials and energy since it was much more efficient to ship!

Add innovative product lines like iChef™, Cook-n-Carry™, BBQ Basics™, and Foilabrations™ to the mix and you can see why Handi-foil™ truly has evolved into one of the most respected companies in America.
Connect with Eco-Foil/Handi-Foil several ways:

Eco-Foil Facebook
Contact Form

Eco-Foil/Handi-Foil has been generous enough to offer the winner of my Earth Day Event a package of products valued at $30.00 so that you can begin your recycable program also! The Earth Day Event starts on April 12th and ends on the 22nd. Eco Foil has also agreed to be a sponsor in my Blogmania 2012 Event so the winner will get the same $30 prize package in Blogmania 2012! Thanks so much Eco-Foil!! Open to the U.S. only and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by Eco-Foil except for the very top picture came from Mary Bearden and the seriously cranky camera!


Brittney said...

I love my Eco-Foil pans! They are the perfect size to bring a family a meal!

beverly h said...

How wonderful that they come with lids AND can be recycled... I hate wrestling with plastic wrap covers and scrubbing baking pans!

polly said...

i was surprised that you can recycle them-outstanding! need these when we go to pot luck bbq's!

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

It is great that they have a variety of sizes and they come with lids. You can recycle them too that is great for the Earth of course.

Priscilla Benavides said...

I use foil pans sometimes but end up throwing them away because they become out of shape and now reusable but these seem of good quality and would love to try them and being able to recycle them is awesome!

Romapr said...

I am really interested in green products. I am glad more and more companies are coming out with alternatives. I want to help keep our earth healthy for a long time!