Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charitable Creations Necklace Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I don't know if this picture does this beautiful necklace any justice at all but I can tell you that it is absolutely breathtaking! My best friend came over one day and I showed it to her and she agreed, it was gorgeous she said. I did not have this made for me, I had it made to give to my granddaughter Brandi for Christmas this year.

By the time I had gotten this necklace I had already given her Birthday presents (she was born in March) I don't really know if I would have given it to her if I had gotten it on time so it worked out just as well. The company that made the necklace is called Charitable Creations Jewelry and they really do have some awesome looking jewelry on their site, so please go take a look because you won't be sorry. Even if you can't do anything this Mother's Day, think about Christmas or a birthday.

She will be so excited to receive anything from here. I know I would and wished I could have kept the necklace for myself but I knew I needed to get everyone else taken care of first before I thought of myself just in case something bad happens. They don't have the exact necklace that I had them made on their site but this pearl one is the one I based Brandi's on and just replaced the pearl with her birthstone of March.

So, this is a much better close up of what it would really look like if you wanted one like it or even if you wanted the pearl. They are both awesome!

I think between both pictures you will get the idea of how great Shelly is! I can't believe that there are actually people out there that can create such beautiful things. I wish I had some sort of talent that I loved and would keep me busy most days. I guess some would say that blogging does that for me, but in truth even blogging, has begun to wear on my nerves and my body.

I am getting slower and slower and having to take longer and longer breaks in between each review where before I could whip out 3 or 4 in no time. I stay more tired than I used to so I think the Fibromyalgia and the RA are acting up again. I know my blood levels the last time showed anemia and a rise in the inflammation levels of the RA which means my shots are working. I am hoping it was a fluke and will know more next month when we check them again.

I have decided if they are still high I am going to have cut back on blogging because I know it's not fair to the sponsor to have to wait an extra week nor do I want the person who is looking for a good giveaway to enter not find one here. So, there, I have actually said it and really did not know until I started that I would say it but I feel better knowing I have finally made a decision.

Back to Charitable Creation's Jewelry, you won't believe all the things that this woman can do! I am in awe of her and wish I had that talent. Here are a few more items to look at that will give you an idea of what she is capable of doing:

The rings are kinda hard to see and I wish I could have made them bigger for you to see so here is some more items:
I also loved a few of her key chain holders and almost got that for Brandi but knowing her she would have lost it within 2 or 3 days so I saw no point in getting anything like that. Her and her mother are alike in that respect. I think between them they have lost or given away so many expensive jewelry and other items that I give them that I now only give them the in between kind of presents because I can't keep letting them throw money away that they don't keep up with.

So, I know only give them things that cost less than $25 to $40 and hope that one day they will come to their senses and I can actually give them something that will mean something to them one day. Who knows? Right?

And then look at this great necklace that has angel wings on it! I really and truly almost got this one, too!
I hope that you take some time to go and look around and just have some fun trying on different birthstones or colors of pearls onto pieces of jewelry just to see what you like. I know I had fun and I hope that you do too! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that she also makes hair bows for little girls also! I looked at a few of them and decided yeah, they have to be for little girls, right? I will let you decide when post a few here and you decide:

or how about this one:

Here is what I found out under the About Us section:
Hello! My name is Shelly Medeiros and I am the designer and owner of Charitable Creations Jewelry. Here you will find high quality, simple, unique and meaningful keepsakes and gifts. All my items are handmade in my Massachusetts home studio using basic silversmith techniques. Sterling silver is my favorite metal to work with, but you will also find copper and brass material in some of my designs as well. These metals compliment each beautifully.  
All my designs may be personalized with any name/s, date/s, inspirational quotes or personal saying you choose. I have many fonts, designs and charms to choose from to make your piece meaningful to you. I stamp each letter and character by hand, no machines are ever used, so there will be slight differences in spacing and alignment.  
This is the charm of a hand stamped piece and it is what makes every piece one of a kind! I have many shapes and designs to choose from with new ones being added regularly. I handcraft a wide variety of hand stamped necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, guitar picks, key chains, pet tags and so much more.  
If you need something special that you do not see, please contact me via the contact page and I will be happy to work with you on creating your special keepsake I believe in spreading good fortune and in helping others and I know you do too. Every month I will donate $1 from every item sold to our monthly charity.  
There will be a different charity chosen for each month and the charity for that month will always be listed under our Charity of the Month tab.
Chartible Creations has been kind enough to offer the winner a $35 GC to spend in her shop on whatever your heart desires! Thanks so very much! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!


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Silver and Leather Hand Stamped Bracelet - Personalized Rectangle Tag- Adjustable

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It took me a very long time to choose what I'd pick. I think I'd pick the Mom Necklace - Peas in a Pod Necklace with Personalized Tag and Mom Charm.

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I commented on fb with Kathy Ross.

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I am going to a wedding this coming August, well actually several lol.. and I like the Hand Stamped Personalized Small Locket Necklace - Sterling Silver - Wedding - Something Blue for one of the brides

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I love the sterling silver washer necklace with pearl.
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I really like their Initial Necklace - Hand Stamped Personalized.

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I might get the Sterling Silver Bead Ring.


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I love the Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring!

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Hand Stamped Square Wish Necklace with Pearl!

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I love you to the mom and back necklace.

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I would love to get the I Love You to the Moon and Back Necklace.

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