Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tea Gallerie Sponsor Spotlight Review #3

As promised, here is my third review because Tea Gallerie was so generous and sent me so many flavors I had to break up the reviews or I probably would have never got them done in time. I have to tell you I have tried some teas that I did not know even existed! It was so good and very fresh! I am including the link to the first review so that you can refresh your memory if you need to without searching thru my reviews.

These last three teas are teas that have ginger or lemon or cranberry in them and I can't drink those because of my I.C. (chronic bladder pain) and anything with acids or citrus or spicy things will cause me to have an attack so I chose not to try these last three teas. I am going to give them away in the Mother's Day Package that will start on May 1st (my birthday) and end on May 18th.

So, if you love tea and are an adventurer, you will love these teas I am sure. Okay, this is what they say about the White Guava Ginger: White Peony blended with a ""superfruit"" guava flavor. This tea has a pleasant rich scent with an exotic and tropical taste.

It also sounds like it might not be harmful but it is that word Ginger. Anytime in the past when I have drank or ate anything with Ginger in it as a spice it burns my bladder up so I will still stick with the plan and give these 3 teas to my Mother's Day Package that starts on May 1st.

When I used to not have this problem I was always trying something new and I know that if you limit yourself and don't try new things you will never know what you really like and what you do like. So, the names of these 3 teas are:

1. White Guava Ginger
2. French Lemon Ginger
3. Cranberry Burst

They were also kind enough to send me this wonderful cup and I thought I had some great cups and diffusers before but this little cup takes the cake! It says in the description that it is a tea and coffee maker but I have only tried tea and it is absolutely the best! Not one leaf nor one piece of anything gets thru that strainer like my others one did. Nothing but pure tea comes thru and that is it. You just put your tea leaves in the cup, more the hot water over it and let seep for a little while and then take the cup and set it on your cup and it drains!

Yes, you heard me right. I was skeptical too when I first saw it. I thought, now how is that not going to drain and go all over the place? But it doesn't. It only drains once you set it on top of your cup. Pure genius whoever thought that one up! Now, unfortunately, that was what I was reviewing, so you won't be getting one of those, just the 3 bags of teas that I mentioned.

I am surprised I am able to squint my eyes and read those labels on my screen! May camera is not the best in the world and it blurs the words some so alot of times I have to just keep trying til I get the right one. So far I did good catching the first two correctly. It is gonna be that Cranberry Burst that will cause me problems, just wait and see. This is what they say on their site about the French Lemon Ginger:

This organic ambrosia combines lemon verbena, lemongrass, botanicals, and ginger with the sweetness of African rooibos and honeybush.

Wow, I impressed myself just now! I actually got it on the first try. I think it is because it is 6:00 am and I haven't been to sleep yet and I am about to drop right in my seat if I don't get this done! I really can't tell you much about these teas since I did not get to drink them but I thought, what the heck, pass it on and someone is bound to like it somewhere along the line. If you don't like it, then pass to another friend or neighbor who likes to drink tea and we may have these three bags of tea travelling the world for all we know! I will give you some links to read about them or I may just copy it and bring it over.

This is what they say about the Cranberry Burst:

Our unique blend of cranberry, orange peels and rooibos make this a fantastic hot or iced tea, perfect for anytime of the day! The tart and sweetness of the fruits burst with flavor and will liven up your palate!

Now, after reading the flavors, I bet I would have loved this one but it is that cranberry that still scares me the most but the rest sounds wonderful. Look at what the tea looks like:

As I stated above, I will be putting all three bags into the package but I am still giving Tea Gallerie the credit and recognition even though this was for another event we finished but I did not get these three reviewed so I thought it only fair to give them one last review and I will have some entries on the Rafflecopter form for you to do for them if you don't mind.

 They have been so very kind to me and I think they are one of those rare unique companies that really care about it's employees and it's customers. Most of my sponsors email me and I have only had 3 call me and out of those 3 he is the only one who has called more than once. He sounds like a great person and a great boss! The Makobi Scribe Mother's Day Event starts on the first of May and ends on the 18th.

Connect with Tea Gallerie several ways:

Mailing Address:
3103 Falcon St. Suite G
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 800.409.3109

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Some of the photo's were taken by Mary Bearden and her cranky camera and I also got the tea cup off of Tea Gallerie's site.


Leslie M. said...

I LOVE their tea Mary!!! It is some of the best I have ever tasted!! Great review!!
Leslie Loves Veggies

Sissym said...

How are you?

I need to be careful what kind of tea I drink, avoiding excess caffeine. Once I drank green tea and could not sleep.


Brittney said...

I love tea, especially loose leaf that I can drink in my Libre cup! Thanks for the review!

Kat's Fantastical World said...

These look yummy! I love a good tea. I love going into the tea store at the mall, but I'm never sure where to start there. I want to buy the loose teas and brew them myself. That little cup makes it look so simple. I will look into these. Thanks

Katie Wurn

Suz said...

Love this review! I like flavored tea but these flavors look amazing! Would love to try the White Guava Ginger because that sounds really good!

Sharon Braswell said...

The Tea in the picture looks and sounds yummy. I love the Cup they sent you! Every tea lover needs this cup! Thanks for the Review!

Priscilla Benavides said...

I love tea! My favorites are green tea, chai tea and jasmine green tea but I would love to try the Garden of Eden and Lavender Earl Gray tea varieties.