Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sweetsation Therapy Phyto*Lite Body Scrub Sponsor Spotlight Review

You all know that I love Sweetsation Therapy and all of their wonderful products that they have because they are so good for you! And why are they good for you? Because they are natural and organic! On top of that, they really do work, so what isn't there to love? Now, they have come up with a new product called Phyto*Lite Anti Cellulite Smoothing Body Scrub with Caffeine and Paprika! Now, isn't that a long word! I am gonna have to shorten it I think and just call it Phyto*Lite Body Scrub so that I can remember it right. I think it is pretty self explanatory, but just in case, it is a body scrub that has flub busting extracts to help break down the cellulite. Sounds simple enough but not really. The more I read about how it works the more amazed I became at how anybody could have thought all this up and knew that it would work. Mind boggling to say the least!

I am going to have to be honest here and just tell you that the explanation is so complicated and hard to explain so I am for the first time, going to have to quote them word by word or I would screw the whole thing up trying to come up with my own explanation that my head started hurting just thinking about it. So, forgive me this one time for quoting the sponsor on how something works:
Cellulite is not simple fat, but a way in which your body reacts to a build-up of toxins in the connective tissue in the skin. This then manifests as a honeycomb web of waterlogged and toxin filled tissue. Circulation of the lymphatic system and of the venous system, blood flow and capillary integrity are crucial to improve the situation.

Phyto*Lite scrub is a combination of sugar and salt enriched with plethora of not only skin smoothing ingredients but also flub busting extracts. Blend of Caffeine, Ivy, Horsetail, Paprika, Butchers broom, Bladderwrack and Horse chestnut are well known to draw out toxins proven to increase circulation and also improve skin tone, therefore fighting cellulite. The blend also stimulate collagen biosynthesis, increase the incorporation of proline, thus modulating the metabolism of connective tissue. Juniper berry helps to detoxify and clear congested skin, making it an excellent aid to help clear cellulite and to return the tissue to normal functioning.  
Its safe yet dependable diuretic effects help to clear the skin, not only from unwanted toxins, but also from excess water in the tissue. Ivy Extract contains Hederin (Hederine) - an active saponin that is responsible for blood vessel protection and helps to reabsorb the edemas present in the initial stages of cellulite. It furthermore has great anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties as well as assisting with circulatory which helps other components to be absorbed by the skin. Scent blend of citrus and peppermint will aid as pick-me-up for your senses and skin.
Did I not warn you that it would be very technical? So, I hope you can see why I decided not to even go there and try to come up with simpler words. None came to mind and thus I broke my own rule by quoting. But, hopefully, at least you understand exactly how it all works together to give you great looking legs and thighs, which is where my main problems are. I love scrubs as evidenced by what is in my bathroom. I love them as exfoliators for the face, feet, hands and body. So, when I had the chance to try out this new scrub, well, I just had to!

I have been using Sweetsation Therapy's products for awhile now and I really love their facial masque alot along with their eye cream so I knew this would also be a great product and I wasn't wrong. I wasn't sure what to think of the paprika part but knew that it wouldn't be in there if it didn't help do something extra special. And they were really on target when they said it smells like a citrus/peppermint.

When you get the product in the mail, it will be a separated a little because the oils have risen to the top, but don't get too excited. Just take a spoon or other kind of stirrer and mix it all together before using. Then take a small amount and start rubbing gently in a circular motion paying special attention to your problem areas. Then rinse off and follow up with Sweetsation's Svelte Pro Anti cellulite treatment. Which I don't have! So, I guess that means I will be getting a jar of it soon. Don't know how it would work if I did not have it so I will have to write it down as we go along and see what happens. Then I can report back to you on what I think.

Sweetsation Therapy has so many more wonderful products to tell you about including their wonderful toner to their organic foaming cleansing agent to their nighttime moisturizer. I think that they are all good and I loved the feel of sheer lightness that it goes on with. You know, some lotions/creams are so heavy from over-processing the creams that they feel like you are wearing a mask all of the time. I can't stand that feeling. That is one of the best things about Sweetsation Therapy, the lightness and how well it absorbs into the skin. Can't find anything that even compares to it so when I think of cleaning my face, Sweetsation Therapy is the one that pops into my head first. Now here is something I just read that I did not even know about until now and I am kicking myself all over because I had plenty of these to get some free samples or money off! That's what happens when you don't read it all!

At Sweetsation Therapy we believe in being environmentally conscious and living green. And this is the "Recycle and be Rewarded" program we've put in place.

Our packaging containers are 100% recyclable, and when you collect 5 empty pieces of our packaging, just mail them back to us. You will receive 5 product samples of your choice, or $10 credit towards your future purchase.

Our products are biodegradable and made with natural and organic ingredients. We use minimal packaging for our products to eliminate unnecessary parts, aka boxes, that will be thrown away to add to the landfill.

Connect with Sweetsation Therapy several ways:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2374
Jupiter, FL 33468
Phone: 561.248.9933
Fax: 561.277.9414

The great folks at Sweetsation Therapy will be offering the winner of my Tisket A Tasket Spring Giveaway Hop winner their own Phyto*Lite Body Scrub! The giveaway starts on April 8th and ends on the 22nd. In plenty of time to receive either for yourself or your mother for Mother's Day! Open to the U.S. only.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The picture I used came from Sweetsation Therapy's site as my camera was acting up and would not take a decent photo!


Tammy S said...

Ater reading your review I know why you had yo quote them, it is very technical. The Phyto*Lite scrub sounds very interesting. I will have to check them out. I really love that it is natural and organic. Plus as a company they are enviromentally comscious. Thanks for the review.