Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Naked Addiction Book Review

I have another murder/mystery thriller to tell you about called Naked Addiction written by Caitlin Rother. As I usually do, I like to give you an excerpt from the book and then give you my opinion of the book:
Goode's eyes followed the ivory feet up a pair of long legs to see it was not a mannequin, but the crumpled body of a raven-haired young woman, stunning even in death. Goode kneeled down to take a closer look. She didn't smell very fresh, but it was hard to tell with the heat. She was wearing a man's shirt, white with red pinstripes. And nothing else. Her lower abdomen was marked with purple blotches, as if two hands had grabbed her and squeezed. Her neck as bruised and patches of skin were ripped away, as if she'd been strangled. The red fingernails on one hand were ragged at the ends, like they'd been broken off during a struggle.

But this was no skanky tweaker. He could tell by her hair, nails and skin that she ate well and had recently had a manicure-pedicure. She was also well-toned, her hair looked highlighted and styled, and her shirt was a Ralph Lauren. it was clear she came from money and attracted men of the same ilk.

The kid suddenly reached out to touch the girl's shirt, but Goode grabbed his wrist before he could make contact. "Don't touch anything," Goode said. "This is a crime scene now...."
Detective Ken Goode was an undercover narcotics cop who wants out of that department and into the homicide department. Right now he is what they consider a relief detective, for the past three years and he was ready to become a permanent one. Goode had always wanted to be a cop ever since one helped him the night his mother out of the blue drove to a bridge with him in the backseat of the car, and she just jumped! No explanation, nothing. She had not wanted to bring him but his father had insisted, so she felt trapped and did not want him catching on that she had this planned so she took the little boy (Goode) with her. A policeman finally came along and realized what had happened and stayed with Goode until his father could come and get him. He decided then that he wanted to be cop.

It was that time of year again and he always goes to a different shop to get flowers so no one evers guesses why he buys them and goes to that bridge every anniversary and throws a single rose over the bridge and just stands there and ponders why she did it and if she is happy. This is a secret he shares with no one at the police station.

He finally gets a break when a woman is found dead and by sheer luck and everyone being tied up, he is asked to step in and help lead this investigation to find out who killed this woman. He runs into a little bit of conflict with another officer who seriously gets on his nerves so he is constantly fighting to keep his cool.

I am stopping there because to say much more might give the story and it's ending away. Please read this book as it will keep you in suspense and trying to figure out who did it and why. It will also reveal more about Goode and how he deals with situations in his life. If you love murder mysteries and love to play detective yourself while reading, like I do, then you will love this book!

Happy Reading!

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loves6cats said...

This sounds really exciting...will have to look it up for a good read. Thanks for the review.