Monday, March 12, 2012

Moore Tea Review

I have a new tea company called Moore Tea to tell you about today. I was sent quite a few teas to review so I took my time to make sure I really got the flavor of the tea. I don't like to go on first impressions because alot of times I need to adjust how much I put into the strainer. Yes, this is a loose leaf tea and so I take my time so that I get the flavor just right for me. Now, you may not like as much as I put in the strainer or you may like more. So, it is a trial and error with me until I hit the right amount. I try to explain this because it's not like you just grab a bag of tea and that is the end of it! You really need to experiment. Even if the directions tell you what to use, I have found for my personal pleasure sometimes it will match and sometimes it won't. But, I am ready to tell you what I think of these teas I was sent to review:

1. Vanilla Cocoa - Black tea
2. Coconut Pouchhong - Oolong tea
3. Goji Sunrise - White tea
4. Get Better - herbal tea
5. Berry Good Detox - herbal blend/tisane
6. White Sage Honey Sticks
7. Beautiful Tea Ball Infuser with heart shaped ceramic charm

My far my favorite was the Vanilla Cocoa Black Tea which has several hints of flavor in it and well, you just can't go wrong with vanilla flavored anything in my book! Some put cream in their tea and I am not their yet on that one but I do use sugar. I try not to put alot in because I want to taste the tea not the sugar. I loved the hint of chocolate too that came from the Organic Cocao Nibs and Carob Chips. There is a hint of honey in there also and that is why you need to taste your tea before you put sugar in so that you are not hiding some of the flavors.

My next favorite was the Coconut Pouchong which is an Oolong Tea. If you love the taste of coconut, then you will definitely love this one. This is actually a green oolong tea infused with coconut. It has really nice light flavor and I did not have to play around with this flavor at all. I forgot to mention in the above with the Vanilla Cocoa you don't need to play around with that one either. Most of the directions of 1 teaspoon per 6-8 ozs of water is pretty correct. If you really wanted to get knocked out by a coconut flavor you could add more but I really wouldn't. This one is perfect by itself.

Okay, now here is where I had to play around some. The Goji Sunrise is a white tea and I normally have to adjust just about every one of them I have tried. It is a personal thing and you may like it as is. This has Goji berries, orange wedges, lemons and Calendula. This tea has all kinds of health benefits but it also has a good bit of minerals also so be careful when playing around with this one. I finally had to stop because I really had to pack my infusor full and that was well over a teaspoon to get the flavor just right for me.

I would not do that on a regular basis because you might give yourself too many minerals. Of course, again, all of this is personal and you may find the 1 teaspoon enough for you but for me it was too light and hardly had any flavor until I packed it full. And I think that is where the problem was, it is alot bulkier and has bigger ingredients so it takes more. I had to play around with taking out leaves or adding this until I got it just right. Unless you are an experienced tea drinker, save this one for another time when you know what to do. When you do find the right taste, this tea is right up there with the best of them. I really enjoyed it when I was able to figure out how much was needed and I reduced the amount of water in my cup.

Oh, and by the way, this was the perfect tea to try my White Sage Honey Sticks that they sent me. I used mostly the honey to sweeten with just a touch of sugar.

I loved them and they are perfectly made to enhance the way your tea should taste. But because I was doing all that readjusting I did not want to open another one and waste it so I used some sugar.

They also have Agave Nector Sticks or Straws and if you haven't tried it in your tea, you really need to. I have Agave at home and use it all the time. You can find this in your local grocery store also in light and dark colors but I would stick with the light color.

Start out small and keep adding til it tastes right to you. It is not like sugar and won't give you a sugar rush because of it's low-glycemic index. You may even prefer it once you get used to the dosage. It adds to the flavor of tea instead of giving it a sweet taste.

Okay, the Get Better Herbal Tea, well, here is the thing. I don't really like eucalyptus that much in my tea so I had a really hard time with this one. I love Chamomile tea alot and do drink it quite frequently but with the eucalyptus added to it, at first, I thought it was too lemony until I read the ingrediants and there wasn't any lemon. So, I took a few more sips and it just sorta almost made me a little queasy. One day when I get up the courage I will try it again and see if I can figure out why I had that reaction. It really was so unsettling that I had to grab a Dr. Pepper to get the taste out of my mouth before I got sick. So, I am hoping something else was going on because I know it isn't the chamomile.
Lastly, I tried the Berry Good Detox and I was very pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed this tea! I normally don't do any type of drinks that say "berries" because they are too sweet or just too something. I have tried bottled waters with "berries" and they absolutely turned my stomach so I approached this tea with caution. I started by not putting as much of the tea in the infusor and that helped alot. I did love the mango and papaya with the passion fruit! If you really are a "berries" sort of person, go for the full amount but because it isn't my cup of tea, I used smaller amounts and got like a tiny pinkish color instead of full on reddish rose.

So, all in all, only one did not agree with me and that is actually pretty good in my book. You would think I was lying if I told you each and every time that something was absolutely perfect. And I won't do that. Someone else may have the same reaction that I did and that would not be cool. Just read the ingredients before you buy and if you notice a flavor that sometimes disagrees with you, move on and pick another flavor. There are so many to choose from that you will find the right ones for you. Moore Tea has got some really good ones to choose from and I even found one that had lavender in it and I would have loved that one. I have tried quiet a few with lavender and haven't found one yet that wasn't great! So, the key is if you know you only like black teas, then stick with that and then look at the flavors offered in black. Same with green or white or herbal.

I almost forgot to tell you that they sent two of these wonderful tasting cookies that I think are a type of fortune cookie because we did get our fortunes in each one but they are alot bigger and flatter than the usual cookie and taste slighly different, but in a good way. We ate them almost as soon as they came!

I found out that Moore Tea has a great charity they support and that consumers also do by buying their teas from Moore:
A small portion of the proceeds received from the sale of select Herbal and House Blends will be donanted to GLAD, Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness WWW.GLADINC.ORG, Thank You for adding to contributions made to benefit the missions of GLAD, OUR WAY
Connect with Moore Tea several ways:

Phone: 1(855) Moore Tea / 1(855)666-7383

Moore Tea has also given me a PROMO CODE to be used to get $3.00 off your order by using this code at checkout: GET-MOORET3A

Moore Tea has been gracious enough to offer one winner the following set:
Our Infusion pack which is 3 choices of Tea @ 2oz. Each and Second, the Bamboo Tea Scoop set, the total value is $28.50. Open to U.S. & Canada! Yes!


skdk833 said...

Okay 3 flavors this is going to be very hard. French Lemon Meringue, Heavenly Brulee, and Cherry Jubilee.

I am skdk833,, tyedye66, and Diane K. Sorry, I know confusing.

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Last comment: I think I am going to have to place an order... I really want some great tea right now!!!!

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The 3 flavours that I would choose would be: Thai tea, English Breakfast organic and old world coffee tea

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My 3 selections are Green tea with mango and papaya. Lori Davis.

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I would choose the Banana Colada, Gingerbread and Green Earl Grey

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Tough choices... but three that I would like to try are the Ruby Sweet; Blue Pomegrante; and Pink Lemonade.

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I would like to try Margaret's Hope Vintage,Holy Holy Honey & Old World Coffee Tea.

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Old World Coffee Tea,Pink Lemonade, and Blue Pomegranate

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