Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kristine's Shower Review

Kristine's Shower has got some really nice products for the bath and the above is a sampler package of a little bit of everything that she makes. There is a little of everything in this great little package including:

1. 100% Soap
2. Bath Bomb
3. Aloe Vera Body Whip (Vanilla Sugar)
4. Shea Butter Body Sorbet (Pink Cupcakes)
5. Shea Butter Body Frosting (Congo Bongo)

I am not sure if the winner's sampler pack will have the same scents as mine but the scents I got are in the brackets listed above. I am not sure what scent my 100% Soap is but it is a brownish color and smells really good! It has some lighter chips in it and I can't seem to place the scents but they so smell pretty darn good! Every 5oz bar is different looking, but they are all made with the best vegetable and nut oils to give you healthy glowing skin.

The Vanilla Sugar Aloe Vera Body Whip is so soft and smooth! It really smells good, too. I really loved this one the best. It is so very soft and it sinks into the skin so soft. The Vanilla Sugar scent is light and fresh and smells so very good! I was very happy with this particular one. Usually Vanilla is very easy to smell and spot and what I like the best about this one is that the vanilla is so subtle, all that you smell is the freshness and cleanliness. I value that more than I do a scent. I love smelling fresh and clean above anything else. And this is one product that you will really love! And the added benefits are: Sunburns don't peel, tans stay longer and skin is moisturized. When using in the wintertime, skin stops itching and gets fully moisturized.

The next thing I tried is the Shea Butter Body Sorbet in Pink Cupcakes. It really had a cakelike smell to it along with lots of frosting! It is thick and heavy and will provide you with a great moisturizer. Kristine recommends using this in your hair to tame flyaways and flakey scalp, face and neck for extra moisture from head to toe! Only change I would make to this one is I would get the Vanilla Sugar because I am telling you, this scent is absolutely awesome! Most companies make their vanilla's too strong and I don't normally like to wear it but this one is that GOOD!!

The Shea Butter Body Frosting that I got was called Congo Bongo and I am not sure what all is in it but to me it smelled like suntan lotion/oil. It has a coconut like smell to it even though it is bright orangey red. I am not too crazy about coconut flavored products but I loved the way my skin felt after using it. It was nice and soft and definitely helped with the dry skin on my both of my legs. I don't know why I have flakey skin there but I use sugar scrubs alot to help with that and this one actually does a pretty good job on that front.

Kristine also says this about her scrubs: Many customers have used it in their hair before shampooing for a shiny flake free head of hair. We have customers that like to exfoliate their legs after shaving, scrub their heels for softer feet and others who like to use it as a face glow!

Wow, can you believe all the colors on these BathBombs? The one I got was yellow and green. I can't quite place the smell but it smells sorta fruity. I had to let one of my friend's try this one as I can't use the bombs because of the salts. I have a chronic bladder condition and if it gets aggravated I can experience urinary tract like symptoms. So, I have to take showers only. My friend really loved it though. She said her skin felt velvety smooth when she came out of the bath. She said it really was one of the nicer bath bombs she has used.

Kristine is having a sale right now on her tubs of Bathbombs. You get 10 of them inside this cute little tub for $10.00! She calls them Bucket 'O Bombs to mark their 10 year anniversary! They are regularly $14.99 so I wouldn't wait if I were you and if you are a bathbomb freak, these are right up your alley!

She also makes deodorant soaps, scrubs, sorbets and bath bombs for men! I would just love to see a man in a bathtub with bath bombs! I would take so many pictures and blackmail the heck out of them. It would be hilarious! Of course, I am just kidding, but it does conjure up some wild ideas in my head. Reckon how many men would actually use a bath bomb? Here are the scents she says she made just for men and what you can associate them with:

**Harold - Coolwater Type

**Jason - Curve Type

**Pete - Abercrombie Type

**Sonny - Tommy Hilfiger Type

I hope this has given you some great idea's for both Mother's Day and Father's Day. They are both coming up and any of these would make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life. Visit Kristine's Shower and make someone's day!

Connect with Kristine's Shower several ways:

Phone: (815)667-FiZZ

Kristine's Shower has been kind enough to offer the winner of the Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop one of the same stacked samplers that I got to review. The Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop begins March 21st! Good Luck!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. A few of the pictures were taken by me and the cranky camera with most being taken from Kristine's Shower's site.


Donna George said...

Those bath bombs are cool. I love how she packages them in the bucket. That is actually a great deal!

WWillows6 said...

These sounds so wonderful! I would love to try the Pink Cupcake scent and I love that she makes bath bombs with scents for men.

Lisa Garner