Friday, March 9, 2012

Iris and The Dragonflies Book Review

I have a great little book to tell you about for children that you are going to find enchanting and that will give you something to smile about. The name of the ebook is Iris and the Dragonflies by Rosemary Danielis. This is available by ebook only and somehow that got overlooked on my part so this is a little later than planned. I normally don't do ebooks as I have no Kindle or Nook, just my laptop. So, it was really hard to read and I kept losing track. I guess I am not ready for technology as far as reading goes. I am a hard book or soft book kinda gal and I take my hats off to those of you who have mastered reading thru a Kindle. I don't think I will be able to, it makes my eyes hurt and I kept losing my place. Maybe if I had a Kindle it might have worked differently, I don't know. But definitely, the laptop is off limits from now on! Here is an excerpt from the beginning:

There was a time long ago when Dragons ruled the Earth. They were exquisite creatures, powerful and massive in size, with an intelligence that rivalled any animal on the planet. Born with an allegiance to only one master, their hearts burned with love and devotion to only Her and they dedicated their lives to protecting the One that had given them life.

But paradise cannot be appreciated until it is a paradise lost, and in this perfection an evil began to grow. It was insidious and toxic and began to destroy the One they loved. Although the Dragons fought tirelessly to eliminate it, their enemy was all consuming. War was waged and the Dragons soon faced defeat. Broken and betrayed they bravely faced their death.

There were those who could not bear to see the remaining Dragons obliterated and begged them to flee and to into hiding. They knew of an ancient magic that froze time and sent the Dragons into a deep sleep that could be broken by only one. Unable to defend Her, the Earth remained unprotected, laid bare to the evil that grows over Her like a cancer. It has overtaken Her and She has become its slave.

Besieged by Her enemy's unending demands, She grows weak, depleted, and unable to give anymore. It's greed is infinite, but She is not.

As Her strength fades, the Dragons grow restless in their safe haven. Those who continue to fight in Her name are losing the battle and are being driven underground. Having disappeared from the surface of the Earth for so long and unable to defend Her honor, the Dragons now exist solely as creatures of myth and lore.

They know of only one that can set them free: a girl of many colours. All hope to restore the Dragons to their former magnificence, to vanquish the nefarious forces that have polluted paradise with their greed, rest on the shoulders of this child. However, she is still young and must first overcome the challenges that prove she is pure of heart. Her name is Iris.
It is a story about a girl who has powers along with several of her friends and each one has a different ability to do certain things. It really is all about protecting our planet and how far you will believe and go to help our planet, Earth, continue to stay alive for the next generation. Iris's story is actually quite entertaining and I found myself being drawn into it and you will too.

Her circle of friends have watchers that are protecting them and teaching them at the same time there is danger from the evil ones who want to drain Earth of all it's resources. Each friend must find it's own way and learn to use their power for good and to help each other take care of the Earth. Iris is the center of it all and sometimes she believes and sometimes she does not.

She will trust the wrong person and get herself into more danger but her dragonfly friends come to her rescue along with her little circle of friends that have these special abilities. What Iris does not know at first is that her grandmother holds the key and the answers to alot of what is going on and so does her father but he refused to know his abilities when he was young and he lost them. If Iris has been truthful with her Grandmother and father, some of her danger might not have happened. She will have to learn to trust her instincts and those of her new friends.

I hope that you will take the time to read this really interesting and entertaining book. I wasn't so sure myself when I first started if I would like it but the more I read, the more I had to finish it to see where it ended. It is a fairy tale but with real lessons about how we treat our planet. It will be a good story for your children to read so that hopefully, they will understand how fragile our Earth really is and that it must be protected at all costs.

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royalegacy said...

This sounds like such a nice book. Thank you so much for the review.
Danielle S