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Frownies Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have a wonderful company to tell you about today called Frownies for those of you who are like me who hate those stubborn lines on our foreheads and around the eyes & mouth. I was sent several things to review and here is what I got:

1. ph-Balancing Complexion Wash
2. Rose Water Hydrator Spray
3. Frownie's Eye Gels
4. Frownie's Gentle Lifts Lip Line Treatment
5. Immune Perfect

Let's start with the Complexion Wash because you have to have a nice clean surface for the Frownie's to work with. The Complexion Wash is a soap free Fruit-Cider Wash that will clean, balance and revive our environmentally or hormonally stressed out skin. I guess I never thought about this until Frownie's pointed it out to me but they say: do not use hot water to rinse or wash your face with as it can lead to further dry skin! I had never thought about it but I know hot water will dry out my body but just wasn't thinking about my face. Duh! So, now I have passed on that little tidbit that I bet all of you already knew.

Complexion Wash is a concentrated soap-free glycolic wash that gently but deeply cleans the pores of imbedded oil, wax and trapped pollution build-up with enzymes from fruit sources. The calming freshness of lavender essential oil and the cleaning power of soapwort and soap yucca help detoxify, balance, and clean the skin's surface without soap and detergent dryness. A little goes a long way! (did I ever mention that I love lavender?) Yeah, I know, about 100 times or more, right? But seriously, I love this stuff! It washes, smells great and is good for your skin, what more can you ask of in a face wash?

By the way, I have never had anyone give me pointers on How to Treat Dry Skin and Frownie's was kind enough to do that so I am going to pass that info along:

:: Cleaning and exfoliating are number one
:: Daily face wash morning and night are critical
:: pH Balancing Complexion Wash has
natural ingredients that cleanse the skin
:: pH balance is critical to replenishing your
skins natural glow
:: Research shows that antioxidants help protect, renew
and regenerate damaged cells
:: Immune Perfect antioxidant treatment will hydrate
and provide active antioxidants leaving you with
beautiful skin

Now, let's talk about those lines around our eyes and how to help them get better, okay? Frownie's have these amazing Eye Gels that I keep in the fridge because I learned that stuff like that (anything that is a gel based product) works even better when cold plus it helps it last longer. The Eye Gels are already cut into shapes that go over the closed eye lid of your eyes and are soaked in their amazing Rose Water Hydrator Spray. You will leave these really cool Eye Gels on for about 15-30 minutes, so use that time to take a short nap or meditate, whatever floats your boat.

Here is how you apply the Eye Gels:

:: Clean skin remove all make-up and rinse well
:: Apply cactus collagen gel on closede eye lids
:: Smooth the skin under the gel with the pad of your finger
:: Leave on 15 to 30 minuets
:: Remove, place gels in tray, and wet with Rose Water Hydrator
(Caution other toners and body sprays may dissolve the patch)
:: Bag and refrigerate until next use
:: Apply Immune Shield serum

This system includes:

:: Immune Shield is a cutting edge skin rejuvenation treatment with bio active vitamin E from whole oats.
:: Eye Gels contain; Cactus collagen, Bearberry, vitamin E, C, & B3 Hyaluronic Acids and
other beneficial ingredients.
:: Rose Water Hydrating Spray with Hyaluronic Acid plumps and preserves the eye gel technology.
:: Use Immune Shield as a base before any color cosmetics to protect and prevent damage.

Now, let's talk about those pesky lip lines! Frownie's has what they call Gentle Lifts Lip Line Treatment that you use while you are sleeping. What causes our lip lines? Well, here are some suggestions:

:: Smokers lines, lipstick lines, vertical lines call them what you will; we don't like them.
:: Smoking, drinking through a straw and general facial expression can lead to horizontal and vertical lip lines.
:: Until now the only option was to cut the traditional

Here is how you apply this treatment:

:: CLEANSE lips with pH Balancing Complexion Wash.
:: PEEL the paper back from the patch.
:: SMOOTH OUT and separate the lines with your fingers.
:: APPLY the patch over the smoothed lines.
:: REMOVE patch by slightly wetting to releases adhesive.
:: TREAT area with Immune Shield after removing the patch
:: STICK patch on clean smooth surface and reuse as often as the adhesive will allow.

You are gonna love all of these treatments! It will take a little getting used to the pads you put around your lips but after you are able to fall asleep, you won't know they are there working for you furiously during the night! They really do work and especially if you have an important date or meeting or just want to look good for you, these will all help you reach your ultimate goal. I loved the Immune Shield. It has Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and has the ability to work like topical filler absorbing into the skin, hydrating and filling in the irregular surface area.

Frownie's has several other treatments available for other concerns such as acne, oily skin, stretch marks, Scars and Sun Damaged skin. If you have any of these skin related concerns, please go read what they say and check out what your options are for making them look better. You can buy the items individually or in complete systems. I would recommend getting them in sets because they just work better that way. Just so you know, they do not test on animals either.

Here is a little history I found in the About Us section (there was lots of other info and you should go and read more of it:
Inventor of Frownies Frownies were created in 1889 after Margaret Kroesen discovered that her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had developed unsightly wrinkles and frown lines. With a desire to maintain her youthful beauty and stage presence, Mrs. Kroesen created Wrinkle Eradicators (as they were first called) by employing the basic principle of fitness to the muscles of the face. At the time, there was no thought of producing them for anyone else but herself and her daughter. But Alice, after using her mother's amazing invention, was a living testimony, and it became clear that women and men everywhere could benefit from these Wrinkle Eradicators.

Continuing the Legacy Following her mother and grandmother in business, Margaret Wright (named after her grandmother) redesigned and updated the packaging for Frownies, never altering the formula which had proven so effective.

Frownies remained, at the time, a relatively well-kept beauty secret between Broadway and Hollywood stars and makeup artists. Olivia de Havilland ordered Frownies, and had them sent to her at hotels all over the world. Gloria Swanson wore them in Sunset Boulevard, one of the greatest movies about Hollywood ever made. And the infamous Kennedy women wrote letters to B & P Company ordering Frownies.

Now, more than a century since they were created, Mrs. Wright still oversees the operations of the company, but her daughter-in-law, Kathy Wright, is now taking her turn as the fourth generation woman helping preserve the faces of women and men everywhere.
Connect with Frownies several ways:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 41184
Dayton, OH 45441
Customer Service: (800) 648-6891 or (937) 298-0265
Fax: (937) 298-8064

Frownie's has been so gracious as to offer one winner a Set of Eye Gels and the Rose Water Hydrator Spray. Open to the U.S. only.


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