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Exquis Skincare Sponsor Spotlight Review

I found a new company I wanted to tell you about called Exquis Skincare. The products they used are considered Advanced Ayurvedic Skincare because of the herbs that are used in the skincare. I was sent three products to review:

1. Deep Cleansing Wash
2. Ultra Moisturizer (for the day)
3. Anti-Aging Moisturizer (for the night)

They are offering for those who wish to purchase anything a 15% off for your first order. Just use the code FTDB and you will get 15% off of your order. Once you get to the Reference section, that is where you will put the code FTBD.

You definitely don't have to use much on their Deep Cleansing Wash! I only squeezed a small dab out of the tube like bottle and boy, did it lather up! I could tell it was unlike some of the cleansers I have tried in the past. It is a light colored almost sea like color and you could tell it had Ayurvedic herbs in the cleanser. Just more of a smell and feel than actually seeing anything. This soft foaming, gentle cleanser effectively unclogs pores, reduces oiliness, and exfoliates dead cells while promoting circulation. The Ayurvedic herbs help to reduce blemishes as well.

My skin felt fresh, clean and tight after I washed with this wonderful cleanser and so will you. Please make sure to not get into your eyes. The benefits of the Cleansing Wash are:

Formulated with 1% salicylic acid, Matricaria and Basil Extract, this gentle cleanser unclogs pores and manages excess oil, while calming and refreshing your skin. The Deep Cleansing Wash refines skin’s texture while gently exfoliating and allowing your skin to breathe.
The next product that I got to try was the Ultra Moisturizer. The Ultra Moisturizer will help to prevent dryness and help reduce damages from harsh environmental pollutants. It will give your skin all the hydration that it needs along with nourishment for your skin. This great moisturizer can even help with a child's eczema. The moisturizer will provide hydration for up to 12 hours. It is the Vitamin C & E that neutralizes the free radicals. It also contains tumeric, sandalwood and basil extract. Which makes sense because I know that tumeric does have something to do with inflammation.

These are the benefit:

**Gentle on the skin —Cooling, soothing and calming. Gentle enough for use around commonly sensitive areas such as peripheral eye. Overall it improves skin texture leaving skin supple and smooth
**Absorbs rapidly into skin without an oily feel
**Phospholipid Liposomes rebuild the skin’s barrier level and act as a reservoir for the prolonged delivery of natural actives and moisture to the inner layer of the skin
**Contains Ayurvedic natural actives including turmeric, neem, sandalwood and aloe vera. These are best known and proven for their extensive anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties
**Contains moisturizers, antioxidants and Vitamins C and E to neutralize free radicals
**Excellent for women, men and children

The picture above is of the Anti-Aging Moisturizer for night time. This cream was really nice and thick and instantly melted into my skin. I have such dry skin that it really needed this moisturizer! It went on smooth and easy and just feels "super right"! I could just tell that my skin drank it all in. Here is a list of some of the other good things that it does:

**Creates younger looking skin by controlled micro-exfoliation without any redness, peeling and/or hot spots
**Helps effectively in relieving the symptoms of Dry skin, Itching and hard to cure Eczema in Adults
**Skin becomes clearer without monthly hormonal breakouts
**Makes skin tighter, more even in color, supple and moisturized
**Gentle on the skin —Cooling, soothing and calming. Gentle enough even around sensitive areas like around eyes. On the whole, it makes skin texture look and feel smoother
**Absorbs rapidly into skin without an oily feel
**Excellent for women as well as men. Not suitable for Children

You are really gonna love this night time moisturizer. Especially if you have dry skin. My face no longer felt so parched and dry and the areas under my eyes started not to look so baggy and tired. I don't have breakouts so I can't say anything about that but I do know that my face felt more alert and tigher around the eye area especially. I applied both the day moisturizer and the night moisturizer after washing my face with the cleanser that comes with it. It also has a nice calming smell that is pleasant to smell and is just great to use! I hope in another month I will really see some even better results.

I only copied a snippet that was under the Exquis Technology section and I hope you go and read the rest. It is quite fascinating:

The "bricks and mortar" architecture of the skin's stratum corneum prevents active ingredients entering in to the dermis as a result existing skincare treatments have very limited efficacy and tolerability.

Modern medicine focuses on destroying pathogenic invaders from outside the body. Ayurveda focuses on making the body's defenses as strong as possible through promoting inner balance and strengthening the immune system. Creating a fusion of the Eastern and Western world philosophies, Exquis uses the latest in cutting-edge skincare technology to create skincare products with higher efficacy and tolerability compared to the existing products on the market.

Exquis products contain traditional Ayurvedic ingredients (Ayurveda is the ancient art of medicine practiced in India for thousands of years) including turmeric, sandalwood, basil, neem and jasmine. These are best known for their extensive anti-inflammatory, calming, and healing properties. Additionally, Exquis products contain antioxidants, moisturizers, and vitamins.
You can connect with Exquis several ways:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 167
Harriman NY 10926
Phone: (845) 537-5380

Exquis Skincare has been kind enough to offer the winner of my March Moola Madness Giveaway hop that starts on March 19th. Good Luck! Open to the U.S. Only.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The pictures used in this review were from me and the cranky camera I use.


latanya said...

I like that the moisturizer is gentle enough for eczema.

polly said...

i've been wanting to change brands of skincare...ezquis sounds wonderful

Krystle said...

My current skincare regimen is getting a bit too expensive :3 will have to give these guys a try!

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wow these look very helpful for skincare i am definately impressed thank you for the review

MsAngelasFinds said...

I would love to try this anti aging moisturizer! I am turning 36 on the 31st of March and just found another grey hair. My fine lines aren't so fine anymore if you know what I mean! Grrrrr! lol
Angela Michels

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Great review!

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