Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beesilk Naturals Sensitive Kit Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was very fortunate to run across this next company quite by accident. I was just looking around for bath & body products and saw her site and just sent a blind email not even knowing if she worked with bloggers or not. And guess what? She actually answered me back, which I really did not expect. The picture above is of her Sensitive Kit from BeeSilk Naturals and she has an online shop on Etsy.

Included in the Sensitive Kit:

1. Whipped Body Frosting ( Au Chocolat)
2. Oh-So Sensitive Lotion Bar
3. Lemon Sugar Cuticle Butter
4. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bath Cubes

I also got to review her With This Ring (scent) Ouchless Detangler. I will start with the Ouchless Detangler in the With This Ring scent. It was very light and not overpowering like alot of haircare products can be. This one just smelled clean & fresh.

This is really a wonderful smelling and very effective way to detangle your hair or anyone in your family who has a hard time washing their hair only to have it tanlged up like crazy while trying to comb thru their hair! It only takes about two good pumps of the dispenser for me to get enough to cover my entire head of hair! It says on the directions 2-3 pumps and people with longer hair of course will take probably the 3 pumps. My hair is a little past shoulder length. It did not leave my hair greasy or messy, just soft and manageable.

Here is what the owner says about Ouchless:
Amazing for both curly and straight locks. BeeSilk Naturals uses a combination of silk amino acids, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) & Honeyquat to moisturize your hair and relieve tangles at the time of application as well as throughout the day.

This is not the same stuff that is on the market. Silk Amino Acids penetrate the hair shaft and bind to the keratin to strengthen damaged strands to provide extra protection from environmental elements. Pantheol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and Honeyquat both provide shine, luster and strength while helping to prevent split ends.
You can get this great product in several scents: With this Ring (what I got and I love it!), Pink Sangria, Tahitian Gardenia, Rice Flower & Shea and Bamboo & Teak. I love the With This Ring because it is a scent that a man, woman or girl, boy could use and not be labeled a sissy for using a woman's scent because it is just a nice clean smell, or at least in my opinion it is.

Now, the Bath Cubes that come in the Sensitive Kit are really some of the best I have seen. I have a bladder condition which prevents me from using bath salts and fragrances due to irritation so my best friend and neighbor used these for me in the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent and she said her skin was smooth and silky after the bath and she said the smell just reminded her of being outdoors in the spring, nice, clean and fresh! She said that these were awesome and much better than those big bath bombs you get and end up wasting some of it because they are too big but that the bath cubes from BeeSilk Naturals was just the right size.

Next, I tried the Oh-so Sensitive Lotion Bar and it was one of my favorites. Liquid like lotions either you pour too much or don't get much because you are afraid to squeeze too hard on the tube. Well, no worries here because it is a solid bar (sorta like soap but not really) that melts in your hands as you rub them back and forth. Depending on the scent that you chose, you will smell awesome! The Oh-So Sensitive Lotion bar does not have a scent.

Here is what BeeSilk Naturals say about their Oh-So Sensitive Lotion Bar:
Beeswax - beautiful, sweet smell of honey and a light, golden color; helps to seal in moisture. Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil provide your skin with nourishment and leave it silky smooth and moisturized. Cocoa Butter also provides a soft natural chocolate overtone, perfect for those with sensitive skin and eczema.
Oh, the Whipped Body Frosting was by far the favorite around here, especially because of the name of it; Au Chocolait! Besides that scent there is Citrus Blossom and Buttery Cocoa. Any of those would have been awesome scents. This body frosting was like whipped cream being spread all over my body, especially where the dry patches of skin are, like the elbows and legs. My Yorkie, Charlie, really liked it! He can't stand for some reason for me to have lotion on, he will come over and lick it all off so I have to wait til he goes to sleep at night to put anything on!!!

Lastly, I got to try the Lemon Sugar Cuticle Butter. It is something you might want to wait until going to bed to use. My hands were so greasy I had to hold off a bit on working on the computer because how in the heck I did this I don't know, but I got all that stuff all over me and it in turn got all over my computer! So, I would suggest using his as a nighttime ritual and then do either the Whipped Body Frosting or the Oh-So Sensitive Bar in the mornings. Just so know of it will get on your sheets or pillow cases. Other than that, I loved the way it softened up the cuticles and made it much easier for me to give myself a quick little manicure to hold off until I could get one done professionally.

Here is what I found underneath the profile page for the owner of the company:
I have a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry and have been working in organic research for the past 10 years. In 2008, I was blessed to become a mother and have always purchased more natural products, that are made with natural ingredients.

Hand-crafted natural products have always piqued my interest in learning how quality natural ingredients can provide a better way of living and nourishment for our skin and bodies. I started BeeSilk Naturals to help others understand how quality products can help heal and replenish their bodies and minds. Nourishment starts with high quality natural ingredients, supplied by Mother Earth, not a laundry list of heavy ingredients or multiple chemicals that inhibit your overall well-being.
BeeSilk Naturals has been kind enough to give one winner a set of two Ouchless Detanglers in the Pink Sangria and the Tahitian Gardenia. Open to the U.S. only.


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I like the ylang ylang scrub bar.
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The Less Than 5: Sensitive Nourishing Facial Serum in Ylang Ylang.

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I'd love to try the Cacao-Coconut Milk Face Mask & Exfoliant.

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Red Hot cinnamon butter bombs

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