Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bag Beautiful Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have a great new product to tell you about called Bag Beautiful and it's an awesome idea! I don't know why it has taken so long for someone to think of it or if they did it must not have been as good as this one because I would have known about it by now. Bag beautiful is a luxurious sikly feeling "pillow" that goes inside your handbag to help it keep it's shape and to keep it from having all of these problems:

*Protects from daily wear and tear
*Saves the delicate leather from creasing
*Extends the life of your handbag AND protects your investment
*Maintains your bags silhouette when not being used or carried
*Supports the bag's inner components
*Saves your bag from being crushed by other items nearby

The one above is the large size and that is the one I got for my handbag because all of mine are rather large. For some bizarre reason as I get older the handbags are getting bigger instead of smaller. I used to think that as you got older it should be the other way around because you wouldn't need to carry so much, WRONG! I actually carry more lip products, more medicines, more this and that, and I really don't know why or what I need all that stuff for! I keep saying I am going to downsize but I never do.

Here are the dimensions for you to figure out which size you might need and go here to see the measurements to make sure you are figuring it right:

This is what is under their About Us section:
Bag Beautiful and the Handbag Shaper are designed by handbag lovers for all handbag lovers. The damage and leather creasing days are no more!

I am a self proclaimed handbag addict who adores handbags, purses and accessories. I work hard to have the handbags I covet in Vogue, Lucky and Elle magazines. In attempt to keep my accessories in shape I simply grew tired of the paper stuffing process of storing them in the closet. I figured since I was dropping a pretty penny on my Chanels, Diors and Louis, it would be nice to have an easy, efficient way of protecting and storing my prized possessions.

So, I created the solution to store my handbags - The Bag Beautiful Handbag Shaper and Cover. Keep your handbags safe and beautiful with these anti-aging products that protect them when not in use. Skip the messy crumpled paper and air fillers, three easy steps and your handbags are ready for storage. Give your handbag or purse the care and attention it deserves.

I really hope you enjoy the Bag Beautiful storage experience. I welcome your feedback (info@bagbeautiful.com) so I can continually improve the products and design new items that make our lives, as women of style, easier.
Once you get one of these and try it for yourself you are gonna love the way it keeps your bag from getting squashed like mine do on a regular basis. I won't say that I have as many as a rich person, but I have enough that it takes up a small portion of our top shelf and I switch them out as often as I can to keep them for getting funky looking but with this little baby, I can at least protect one of my winter handbags so that it will last for a long time to come!

Bag Beautiful has been very kind to let one of you have your very own Bag Beautiful to keep your handbag in tip top shape! Open to the U.S. only.


Sherry said...

That's a lovely bag and appears to have lots of space for storing everything I own! (smile)

latanya said...

I commented on the himlyian lamp review post.

I commented on fb as latanya t.

Carolyn Colley said...

I don't personally wear Eyelash stuff, but if I won this I would give it to my best friend, she loves the makeup.
Thanks for the giveaway