Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phix Natural Energy Drink Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Do you lack energy like I do? Some of you will because I know that some of my readers have Fibromyalgia like I do along with several other disorders that can cause extreme fatigue. I am always hesitate to try something that is suppose to give you energy because I also have a thyroid condition and do not want to send it into overdrive by over stimulation. So, here is what I do: I generally let my husband or best friend try it first and if they tell me it does not make their hearts race or they don't get any kind of nervous fidgety behavior, then I try it.

I know, I sound like a wuss, but, with everything going on, I have to be careful. Besides, alot of times I am not getting it for me anyway. I don't have to work because of the Fibromyalgia, but my husband does. No, he does not have any health problems but his job is demanding and he does not sleep well at night for some reason. So, I like to find good natural ways to help him have energy so that he can work and not feel nervous. Well, Phix Energy is the company I want to tell you about today.

I got a combination box that has these flavors in it:

1. Citron has a mellow lemon tea flavor
2. Tropic has a tropical berry, pineapple & guava flavor
3. Teaberry has a mixed berry tea flavor

Phix Energy is a low calorie supplement that you mix in with your favorite bottled water or tap water if you are at home with one of these (3) flavors. Mike likes lemon and orange really well so the Citron and Tropic were his two favorites and I liked Teaberry the most. I could not do Citron because of all the citrus and I have the bladder condition and not allowed no citric acids whatsoever. You can mix this in either hot or cold water, that is really up to you how you drink it. Also, they have a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you have a problem.

There are 14 vitamins and minerals in each packet and they are all natural. All of the ingredients are organic and are made by a team of leading naturopathic physicians and licensed dietitians who want to help us and our body enhance our natural healing powers. The packets contain green tea antioxidants, NADH (energy restoring) and Yerba Mate for enhanced and sustained vigor. These all combined together should help you improve your energy levels.

You can also take this in the morning to get started, take before a workout or as an afternoon pick me up, which is what Mike uses it for. Oh, and the best part is, Mike was able to cut down on his caffeine! He was drinking alot of coffee and coke during the day along with candy bars to give him energy!

Oh, and they also have a Phix Sleep Stix which is Lemon Chamomile if you have problems sleeping and want to try something natural and healthy to help you get the sleep that you need. Along with the lemon & chamomile there is also Gaba, Jujube Berry and Magnesium in each packet.

If you would like to know what ingredients are in each packet you can visit this page on their site and it will tell you all you need to know about the vitamins and minerals that are in Phix Energy and Sleep as well. You can also read what each vitamin and mineral does for you in the benefits of each ingredient page. Believe me, it looks like they did alot of research on this and have some pretty impressive stats to back them up. You can check that out also. I gave you those links instead of trying to write it all down here because it would take pages and pages and besides, it is always more comforting & reassuring to read them for yourself.

Plus, I find sometimes, people misread something and get a different take on something. So, this way you are your best judgment. Always make sure you understand what you are reading and what each ingredient is before taking anything. If you need to consult with your doctor first, then please do that.

Here is a little interesting snippet of what I found under Eco Friendly:
At Phix, we’re committed to providing natural products in green packaging — getting good things into you and keeping bad things out of the Earth. Phix strives to be a green company in several ways, using post consumer recycled or recyclable materials whenever possible. Our eco friendly products come in stix which are made from aluminum and are designed to have an extremely small waste footprint. Also, any orders shipped from Phix come packaged with foam-like 'peanuts'. These shipping 'peanuts' are made using a corn and potato starch mixture which is a 100% biodegradable material. It’s fully compostable without residues, and disintegrates in water without polluting groundwater. 
Phix Energy has been very kind to offer one winner their own (2) Boxes of Phix Energy! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!


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I like the tropic flavor best!

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I would love to try the citron!

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Tropical Flavor I would like

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I think Tropic would be my favorite.

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Tropic sounds good to me
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i would like to try tropic first.. sounds yummy

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cherry or leamon and t hen i can do any kind
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Teaberry. Thank you for this giveaway. :) Jeanne

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