Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Me! Bath Love Me! Bath Bomb Sponsor Spotlight

I have a great bath place to tell you about that makes some of the wildest naming bath bombs ever! Me! Bath has cornered the market on what they call the ice cream bath bombs. And you have to admit, they sure do look like scoops of ice cream! Don't know how the idea came about but it was a genius one to think of. I was sent the Love Me!Bath Bomb in honor of Valentine's Day to review and to give one away in the Valentine's Day Giveaway that starts on February 2nd. Me!Bath describes the Love Me! Bath Bomb like this:
A sweet, fruity scent with notes of juicy peach, mango, strawberry and mandarin, succulant apple blossom, tamarind, and coconut milk blended with smooth chords of vanilla, precious woods and musk. Blended with mica to add a soft shimmer to the water.
And I agree! It has a very fruity smell like peaches and a tropical island setting and you are sitting there drinking pina colada's soaking in the sun. Does that sound about right? I know after all of this is over, I am gonna need a vacation! Valentine's is even busier to me than Christmas was! But I will be very proud of myself when it is all said and done if everything goes off without any hitches. But, seriously, Me!Bath has so many flavors and scents to choose from like: birthday cake, lavender lullaby, lemon verbena, land of milk & honey and drift away to name a few. Gosh, they have 42 different scents and names so it is gonna be hard to decide which one is the best because they all look fantastic!

Here is what Me!Bath says about their product:
Pamper yourself with ME! Bath Ice Cream®, a flavorful and moisturizing scoop of luxury for your bathtub. Each piece is comprised of a unique six oil blend, purifying minerals, indulgent fragrances and Epsom Salt, and is one hundred percent artisan crafted, taking three days to custom make. ME! Bath Ice Cream® fizzes and melts immediately when submerged in water, releasing nourishing minerals and fragrant aromatic oils that will hydrate, moisturize and enrich your skin. Simply fill your tub normally and drop in a Bath Ice Cream®, soak and relax while your skin enjoys this decadent treat! Color may vary as each Bath Ice Cream® is 100% custom crafted and handmade.
They carry more than just Bath Bombs. They have Body Icing Shea Butter Lotion for your body and boy, doesn't that sound tempting!

Like this one called Chocoholic Butter Icing Lotion! Wow, wouldn't you just love to smell and taste like chocolate every once in awhile. They have some others that are called Strawberry Kiwi, Land of the Milk & Honey, Lavender Lullaby, Summer Rain, Vanilla Purity and Papya Nector. There are a few more but did not want to name them all. You get the picture. This is not a typical body lotion. All of these sound like food and actually it's making me a little hungry.

But really, this is a neat online store to shop at and just be amazed at all of the great ideas that somebody came up with so we can all take exotic baths and showers! They even have body washes in all of the same scents that I just listed so you can match up your lotion with my body wash and come out smelling like a million bucks!

There are (9) Scents and Flavors to choose from and I would love to try a few of them to see if they lived up to their namesake! Look at this Chocoholic Sugar Scrub:

Doesn't that look wonderful? I am a big fan of sugar scrubs because I really do believe that they can exfoliate the skin better than anything and you will get some of the softest skin after using one of their amazing sugar scrubs. I keep saying I am going to try and make my own but then I see so many out there and I am like, why should I make it when I can get it better from somebody who knows what they are doing?

Here is a little bit about Me!Bath that I found under About Us:
Headquartered in Los Angeles, ME! Bath was founded by husband and wife team Benjamin and Lisa Nissanoff in 2002. Since its debut, ME! Bath has become one of the fastest growing bath and body care companies on the market, helping consumers create a convenient, fun and luxurious spa environment in their own homes or while away on business or pleasure.

ME! Bath originated from the basic principle to do simple things exceedingly well. The idea for ME! Bath first started while Lisa was attending Stanford Business School for her MBA. According to Lisa, "I love taking baths at home but I was getting tired of the same routine every night. I envisioned a decadent bath and body line that could transform a mundane bath at home into a lavish spa-like experience." Benjamin, a MBA graduate with an advertising and finance background, decided to turn his wife's vision into a reality. Ten months later, ME! Bath was born.
They also have a bath club called Me! Bath 3 Month Club! It includes all of this:
ME! Bath 3-Month Club provides the luxury of a spa right in the comfort of your own home for three months for a one-time cost of $85.00! Included with each automatically delivered monthly treatment is a specially formulated recipe such as...Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Coconut Cheesecake and Frozen Passion Fruit Soufflé.

Connect with Me!Bath on Facebook, Twitter and you can even sign up for their newsletter on this page and it is at the very top of the page. Or you can contact them thru their Contact Form.

I hope you take the time to go and check them out. They are very nice and have great Customer Service. They have been gracious enough to let me give another one of the Me!Bath Love Me! Bath Bomb just like the won I reviewed. It will be in the Valentine's Day Giveaway package that starts on the 2nd of February.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by images from Me!Bath Bombs except for the very top one was mine.


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