Monday, February 6, 2012

Jenulence Foundation & Blush Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I came across another mineral makeup company that I thought you guys might be interested in called Jenulence. I got to review these 2 products:

1. Seashell Foundation/Concealer
2. Currant Blush

I know that ordering makeup online can be such a hassle because you can't see it and have no idea if the color you are looking at is a "real" shade or not. It is a gamble and I normally don't take gambles but when you run into a company that likes to know your skin type and a few other basic questions and they pretty much can hit it right on the head about a color that might look good on you. That is what Jenulence did with both the Foundation and the Blush.

I have only recently found mineral makeup within the last 8 months or so but I sure do wish I had found it alot sooner. I cannot believe the difference in my coloring compared to the old liquid foundation. Liquid Foundation tends to sink into the fine lines I have especially around the mouth area and it makes me look much older than I am. But, with mineral makeup it does not sink into those fine lines and actually if used correctly and in the right sequence, it can actually help you hide the lines even more appearing to make you look slightly younger but definitely with a wonderful glow. I know that layered right some minerals can actually hide some areas that you would rather no one could see.

Jenulence Foundation has a SPF-25 and is water and sweat resistant which makes it the perfect weather here in Georgia where we stay humid or if you are at the beach. Once you apply Jenulence's Foundation it stays matte all day long and you do not have to use a finish powder! And listen to this, there are 36 colors to choose from! It would be pretty darn hard not to be able to find the right shade for you.

I have very fair skin so Jenulence recommended Seashell for me and it was definitely the right call for me! It goes on smoothly and blends right in without too much trouble. I do recommend using a Kubuki brush to apply mineral makeup. It is made to work with mineral makeup and leaves a flawless look. I love my Kubuki brushes and don't know how I ever got along without them for as long as I did.

I absolutely love my new blush, Currant that Jenulence picked out for me also! When I first heard the name Currant I thought immediately of a reddish color (like a reddish lipstick) and was worried that it would look hideous.

Well, as you can see from the above picture, it is not red but a darker pink. The thing with mineral blush is to go lightly.

Just because it looks dark in the little pot they sent, does not mean that is the color you get on your cheeks.

I start off by barely getting any of it on the Kubuki brush and lightly sweep it across my cheeks and forehead and around the chin area to give it a more uniformed look but to also highlight the areas that I think need hiding.

I also will lightly run the brush down the middle of my nose and when you do that it looks like a healthy glow and I have alot of people who will ask how I stay so fresh looking. I tell them it's the mineral makeup. It is an older woman's best friend! Jenulence strives to make sure your look comes off looking natural and glowing.

Besides other makeup Jenulence also carries a line of skincare products that you ought to check out. I still have a good bit so when mine runs out I would like to experiment and see if mineral based skincare will help make your skin look even better. They also carry some men's products for your other half to try also. And my favorite part, they carry Bath & Body products also! Now, that is another thing I have not tried either. I still have alot to learn about mineral makeup and what makes it work and what makes it look like you signed up for a Halloween party! I hope you stop by Jenulence and see all the amazing products that they have.

Here is just a snippet of what I found under About Us:

JenulenceTM, a small family owned company, was created in 2003 out of our love for all-natural and pure cosmetics and skin care products. All our products are 100% natural. We understand that it is very important to use naturally prepared makeup and cosmetics and not to overburden the body with any extra load of toxic substances, especially now, when we are bombarded with all kinds of chemicals beginning with pesticides in our foods and a variety of pollutants in the air and water.

That is why you will not find any artificial ingredients in our products. All our products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and they are never tested on animals. There are only food grade oils and aromatherapy grade essential oils that come from organic or wild sources in our skin care products. There are only pure cosmetic grade minerals and pigments in our mineral makeup. You will not find nano-particles, micronized minerals or FD&C, D&C or Aluminum Lake dyes in our cosmetics.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 7443
North Port, FL 34290
Tel: 732-447-3663
Fax: 866-798-7575
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Jenulence has been so kind as to offer one reader her own set of Foundation and Blush in your colors. Open to the U.S. Only.


camp3369 said...

I would like to have the body shimmer

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I would love to try Gold Sparkle Body Shimmering Powder

saavylistener said...

The Herbal Clay Masque/Scrub sounds like perfection.

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me i n eed something light and then i have fair skin but dry
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Herbal Clay Mask is another I would love to try!

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I'd like to try their Silver Sparkle Body Shimmering Powder. I've never used something like that. :)

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Nourishing Seabuckthorn Lip Balm

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Vanilla Orange DMAE Lip Balm !

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I like the facial cleaner

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I would like to try the Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow: Matte Black.

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I would love the Body Shimmer!

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like the golden butter shimmer for eyes

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Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow: Lavender Shimmer

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I would also like to try the Mineral Makeup: Matte Eye Shadows Sample Set.
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I would like to try the Herbal Clay Mask
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body shimmer
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I would like to try the body shimmer..thanks for this opportunity!!

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I would also like to try the Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow: Ice Cream Matte

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i think i would like to try the Green Tea Sun Cream and foundation primer

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I would like to try the body shimmer.

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I would like to try the body shimmer

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would love to try the mask

great giveaway
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I would like to try the Green Tea Sun Cream!

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I'd like to try the Silver Sparkle Body Shimmering Powder.

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I would love to try their Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow in Blue Pearl Shimmer. Gorgeous color.
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I'd like to try the Herbal Cay Mask.

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I would love to try Nourishing Seabuckthorn Lip Balm

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love the blush in coral satin

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I'd like to try the Flower Essence Facial Cleanser

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Body shimmer

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I would like to try the body shimmer

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Mineral Makeup Sample Kit for Medium Olive Skin