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DaVinci Gourmet Flavors Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have a great company for you if you love to flavor your coffee or other drinks or even food or in baking, you will love all the wonderful flavors that DaVinci Gourmet has waiting for you to try!

They sent me three flavors to try:

1. Hazelnut Classic
2. Raspberry Classic
3. Sugar Free Vanilla

I have to tell you we dipped into the Hazelnut pretty darn fast! We go thru so much creamer here at the house because that is the only flavor that Mike really cares about for his coffee. He will drink plain creamer from time to time but Hazelnut is #1 around here! So, he was pumped to be able to use a flavored syrup instead of a creamer. It sorta almost tastes the same but the flavored syrups are just a tad better than flavored creamer. The creamers tend to be more sweeter whereas the syrups just give you the whole flavor of Hazelnut.

Oh, by the way, DaVinci has now created a new site called My Drink Works where they give you all kinds of suggestions and recipes to try all of their flavored syrups! Oh wow, and they even have recipes for their sauces and for teas! They are coming up with all kinds of ways to use our flavors to enrich our lives and give us a real taste of everything that is out there.

I even came across something they are called Fruit Innovations where you can add it to any cold beverages including tea, water, lemonades and even alcohol.

Anyway, go check it all out on the My Drink Works site to see what all the commotion is about. Oh, here is a St. Valentine's Delight Drink that they came up with in honor of Valentine' Day:
2 oz DaVinci Gourmet Passion Fruit Classic Syrup
1 oz Half and Half (optional)
sparkling water or club soda
Fill a 16 oz glass 3/4 full of ice. Cover ice with sparkling water and add other ingredients. Mix well.
Next we tried the Sugar Free Vanilla. I knew Mike would not try it so it was up to me.

I really can't tell that much difference so why he makes such a fuss over something being Sugar Free, I will never know. Well, here is a little secret, he pays no attention, so he has no idea that for years he has been putting sugar free Hazelnut Creamer in his coffee! I will sometimes do that with other things also to try and keep us all from getting too much daily sugar. If he just drank coffee every so often it would be fine, but he drinks it every day several times a day.

Anyway, I liked the Sugar Free Vanilla and really, once it goes into the coffee and you put plain creamer and then your sugar in there, all you can taste is the vanilla. I think it has to do with the fact that they extract their vanilla straight from the vanilla bean, so the flavor is more intense.

Well, I just went over and poked around some more to see what was going on and landed on the dessert page! Yes, you can bake with DaVinci's syrups and I just finished reading a heck of a brownie recipe! But that is not all you can do with DaVinci syrups. They are even using it in frozen desserts, for instance, their Peach flavored syrup can make a Peach sorbet!

I loved it so much I had to share:
1 tablespoon DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla Classic Syrup (can use sugar free)
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 cups peeled and pureed fresh peaches 
Combine the water and sugar in a small saucepan over high heat. Simmer until sugar is dissolved, about two minutes. Stir in the pureed fresh peaches and Da Vinci Gourmet Vanilla syrup and pour into a four cup glass baking dish or non-reactive roasting pan. Freeze one hour or until the sorbet is starting to freeze. Stir well, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan. Continue freezing, stirring the sorbet every 20 minutes or until all the liquid is frozen. Serve, spooning into cups or cover with plastic wrap directly on the surface of the sorbet. *sorbet may be prepared in a standard ice cream maker.
Doesn't that sound like peach heaven, especially down here in Georgia! Leave it to me to find something we can peaches for but would have never thought to use DaVinci syrups to get the job done!

Now, I am gonna be honest and tell you that Raspberry is really not one of my personal favorites. I can eat it when it is over cheesecake or some other dessert that I like but only in tiny amounts. I am the same way with cherry juice, too. I love cherries right off the tree but anything after that, forget it! Same way with Raspberries, the few times I actually have tried them.

Mmm, I am not sure what is the difference between a Raspberry and a Wild Raspberry? It doesn't give too much information on that so I am gonna have to dig and find out. I thought all raspberries were made the same and grew the same but I guess not. I can tell you that I will not put Raspberry in my coffee so we searched to find a solution as to where we could use it so that we could entice ourselves into giving it a fair shot.

We did find this recipe that I knew if mixed with chocolate, then I could handle that:
1/4 cup DaVinci Gourmet Raspberry Classic Syrup
1 cup grated chocolate or chocolate sprinkles
11 oz semi sweet chocolate, chopped
2 oz (4 tablespoons) butter, diced
Place the chocolate, butter and raspberry syrup in a large microwave safe bowl.
Microwave on high one minute and stir well. 
If the mixture is not smooth, continue to microwave and stir in short bursts until the truffle mixture is smooth and glossy.
Chill for two hours or until the consistency of fudge and then roll into 1-inch balls.
Roll truffles in grated chocolate and store in the refrigerator for up to one month or at room temperature for 5 days.
Hey, check this out that I found about our taste in the Taste Lab:
People are divided into three taste bud groups:

Nontasters — possess the least number of taste buds on the tongue’s surface and are the least sensitive to strong-tasting foods. Bitter or spicy foods and alcohol are not tasted to any degree by this group. And when it comes to sweets, a nontaster might taste only half the sweetness of a dessert that a supertaster considers very sweet.
Medium tasters — fall in-between the nontasters and the supertasters. Approximately half of the American population are medium or “average” tasters.
Supertasters — particularly sensitive to how foods taste, especially bitter and sweet foods. Supertasters are also sensitive to fats and how they feel in the mouth, as well as the “heat” of spicy foods. Studies have shown that the majority supertasters are women.
Connect with DaVinci several ways:

Mailing Address:
7224 1st Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98108
Telephone: 1-800-640-6779

DaVinci has been kind enough to offer the winner of the Share The Love Valentine's Day Giveaway Blog Hop their own 3 syrups (no choice, they ship what they have on hand) to try. Good Luck to Everyone!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


cadyokoh said...

I love raspberry and think that it would be a good flavor to add to my coffee. Thanks for this review of it.

cadyokoh at gmail dot com

Nona said...

These sound wonderful! Sometimes the flavored creamers are too much, and this would be nice just to get a HINT of flavor in my coffee drinks.

Megan said...

When I was a kid I loved those Italian sodas and always wished I could take all the flavored home - now I can! :)

Aranda513 said...

Never heard of it would love to try it!

Aranda Gibbs

Rose-Marie said...

these would make a nice gift as part of a Valentine gift basket with a few recipe ideas. I'd like to use it in coffee and also for baking. I never heard of these before!