Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crunchy N Yummy Sponsor Spotlight Review

I know you guys by now have figured out that I try to go organic as much as possible and one of the ways I do that is thru freeze dried products because they do tend to last a little longer. I have a really good freeze dried fruit company to tell you about called Crunchy N Yummy today. I was sent these flavors to try:

1. Banana
2. Papaya
3. Mango
4. Strawberry
5. Pineapple

Mike loves Bananas so he started with that one first. He said it really did taste like Bananas and that the name crunchy definitely fit the name! And he was right! As he was eating them I could hear him crunching all the way over here from my side of the living room! I could only take a nibble off of the Banana because of the potassium that is them. (I have a chronic bladder condition and not allowed to eat or drink anything with potassium). I can do a nibble as long as I don't do that often. So, I have enlisted my husband's help on alot of products that come in and we find out they have potassium in them. And I agree with him on the Bananas. They were light and sort fluffy with a crunchy twist all in one.

Then we tried the Mango and I think it was one of my favorites. I love tropical like fruits so this one was right up my alley. Mike wasn't too fond of it but then he never has really liked Mangos either. So, on this one, we aren't counting his voice! I thought they were great. His next love is Strawberry and I mean he really takes his Strawberry very seriously. He absolutely loved them even more than the Banana! Of course, I figured he would, the man actually ate Weight Watcher's Strawberry ice cream that I had to review awhile back, that is how serious he is about Strawberries. He will try them in any shape or form. So, I am confident that if he can love them and eat them, then you shouldn't have any trouble getting your family to eat theirs.

Now, for my very favorite, Papaya! I love those things very much! I have never had them this crunchy before so it was a new experience for me but they were really good and right on the mark for the taste. These snacks are so crunchy that you shouldn't have any trouble getting your children to try them out when you want them to have something healthy. Between the flavor and the crunch, it's a no brainer. If you are also a tropical person and love anything tropical then Papaya is definitely for you!

Lastly, we did the Pineapple. I can eat Pineapple a little bit but it is like the Bananas. Because of the acids in Pineapple I have to be real careful with them and did what I did with the Bananas, I nibbled at them just to get the taste. They were very good and Mike liked them too! But because he did not seem too excited, I got my best friend to try them also and she said they were some of the best she has ever eaten. She is into the whole organic, cleansing, natural stuff so I knew her opinion would matter the most. She gave them a thumbs up so that means it's a hit with her.

Here is what I found on the About Us section:
Crunchy N Yummy™ freeze-dried fruits taste great, contain many natural vitamins, and are the perfect daily serving of flavor and nutrition.

Crunchy N Yummy™ fruits are naturally freeze-dried at their peak of flavor. Our freeze-dried fruits retain all of their color, flavor, and nutritional value. Crunchy N Yummy™ is processed at a facility that does not manufacture any products containing nuts, dairy, soy or wheat. Crunchy N Yummy™ does not contain preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten. Crunchy N Yummy™ is 100% natural fruit, 100% natural taste, and are very low in calories.

At Crunchy N Yummy™, we believe in upholding a social responsibility to our consumers, farmers, and the environment. That is why we use only the highest quality organic fruits sourced from local farmers in South America and regionally packaged. Also, the water that is removed from our fruits in the freeze-dry process is returned to our farmers for growing the next generation of delicious, fresh, and juicy fruit.

Crunchy N Yummy™ is easy to store, carry, and serve plus a nutritiously guaranteed way to provide your loved ones with a daily dose of healthy, natural fruit.
Crunchy N Yummy is packed with nutrition and has many of the vitamins that we all need and they have made it easier for us to get all the nutrients that we can. The fruits are picked when they are at their most ripe stage to ensure the sweet juicy taste. Their products are considered USDA Organic and are certified Kosher Parve. Their facilities where these are packed have very strictly supervised to ensure quality products to eat.

You can connect with them thru Facebook
Email address:
Phone: 917.974.3506

Crunchy N Yummy will be providing the same 5 packs of fruits to the winner of the Share The Love Valentine's Blog Hop Giveaway that starts on the 7th of February! Good Luck to Everyone!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and the sometimes cranky camera!


Megan said...

Those would be great for keeping in my desk or taking on trips!