Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazy Dog Tshirt Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Mike looks really enthused, huh? His neck and back were hurting me a little so I did not make him put the shirt on. That is his pain face and I figured I had better just leave him alone after that. He really does appreciate each and everything I get for him but this time he just could not muster the energy to get into it, so let's give him a break this time.

He has the Dinosaurs Never Forget shirt from the Men's collection that is on Crazy Dog TShirts site. You will find tons of shirts on their site for men, women and kids. I would have loved to have gotten this shirt for my grandson but he is still too little for their shirts, but in a year or two he will probably be able to wear them.

I had so much to choose from and it was hard but I decided to stick with something that none of us would be embarrassed about if we ran into anybody while out goofing off. Some of the shirts are really hilarious and I just could not help but laugh at quite a few of them. There are even some shirts from the 80's! There are shirts for those of you who like Dinosaurs, Zombies, Chuck Norris, Dogs, The Office, Junk Food, etc. I mean, pretty much everything is there that anyone should be able to find something to get either for themselves or for someone else.

Did you know that Crazy Dog TShirts is the number one source for funny shirts and vintage shirts? I didn't until I got to digging around and wanted to get more information. According to them the 80's vintage tees are their specialty and from the looks of them, I tend to agree. They sure do bring back some fond memories of my favorite shows and characters.

Here is a snippet of what they say:
Vintage 80s tees are our speciality. We have scuba steve and transformers in our arsenal. Han Solo has nothing on our star wars apparel and of course chuck norris facts will keep you laughing. The famous died of dysentery game and other nintendo game shirts from the eighties. Ferris Buellers day off shirt is perfect for any kid getting ready to skip school. Abe froman the sausage king of Chicago is a great vintage distressed print. Our gremlins gizmo tshirt is perfect for girls and jump on your hoverboard and make sure to stay away from water. Who can forget inspector gadget and the smurfs. Those crazy blue guys do it everytime! Princess bride shirts bring us the famous Inigo montoya and it's not the eighties with out our zelda shirt. We have Masters of the Universe with Heman and Skeletor. Our saved by the bell and the excellent star wars t-shirts glamorize the past in style. Be sure to check our awesome movie t's. Funny 80s tees and more with Mr Rogers. Don't be afraid to give a roundhouse kick of 80's style to the face
If you are into bargains, they have a Daily Deal for $6.99 but you gotta act fast because they go pretty quick! Oh, anything above XXL in either Men's or Women's will have an upcharge of $1 or $2! But still, even at that, that is really a great price for a really funny shirt that fits, is comfortable to wear and that will get you tons of laughs! I am going to start keeping an eye out for Christmas gifts. I think anyone would be happy to get one of these great TShirts from Crazy Dog TShirts! I also found a section that is their Sale page for $9.00 you can get a pretty good selection of tees! So, hopefully between both of those sections, you will be able to find some good deals for your whole family or just for yourself!

And, I gotta tell you something else, I did not know that they sold Halloween Costumes, did you? They are Adult only costumes so please don't shop there thinking you will get something for your children. These are to just have some fun and laugh your socks off kinda costumes. What do you think of ole Bert here from Sesame Street?
Whatever your needs, I think it is safe to say, Crazy Dog TShirts can make it happen and everyone will have the one of the best laughs they have had in a long time! We scrolled thru alot of the shirts and we really did not find any that we didn't like or thought was over the top. I hope you will look around and see what tickles your fancy and give them a shout while you are there. You will also find some great St. Patrick's Day shirts on their site now and they can Custom make a tshirt for you also. There is also a New Tees section for the newest additions to their long list of Tshirts!

Here is a snippet of what I found under the About Us tab:
7 years ago, Crazy Dog Owner and CSO (Cheif Snacking Officer), Bill, started Crazy Dog as an eCommerce project in the dark dorm room hallways of Ithaca College. Forgetting to take down the website, orders kept coming in, and Bill kept filling them, working out of his moms basement for a year or 2 before she stopped making him Meatloaf and told him he better start leasing the space or she'd stop making his bed and folding his laundry. Not long after that we started leasing space in the artsy Village Gate in our hometown of Rochester, NY; home of Genesee Beer, Garbage Plates, and a really nice water reservoir. Several years later our space is 7000 square feet of pure awesomeness; and we run the joint with a staff of 9 and love every minute of it.

Wondering what happened to Bill's mean mom who stopped making meatloaf? She still works here Part-Time...packing shirts and doing Bill's Laundry. In all seriousness though, we wouldn't be here without some great customers. We have tons of original designs, and several that come from our partners such as David & Goliath and Junk Food Tees. We are the go to shop for funny tees, clever shirts and hilarious Couture. We wear the shirts we sell, and we think that stands for something nowadays. Real people read and answer your emails, not robots or tiny underpaid children. We think bacon is the bomb, we still say "The Bomb", and we love naps. We work hard but have fun doing it. We are everything you think a company should be, and we stand by our promise to give you the quality shirts you deserve.
Connect with Crazy Dog TShirts by several options:

Mailing Address:
316 Goodman Street North
Ste 100
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: 800.214.3058

Crazy Dog TShirts has been very kind as to offer one winner a $15 GC to shop for their own shirt. Please do not enter if you have won in the last 90 days. Thanks so much! Open to U.S. only.


angeljenn said...

Save Ferris.

Maryann D. said...


twinkle at optonline dot net

Catie said...

I love the "I Heart Zombies" shirt!

chris0855 said...

I like the " I Heart zoombies" T-shirt!

sandy1955 said...

I would choose the Lucky's Bar St. Patty t-shirt
sandy1955 at comcast dot net

Paula L. said...


jandplee at att dot net

Sarah Walker said...

I would choose the Merlotte's Bar And Grill women's tshirt.

sreis1987 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tracy said...

"Club Sandwiches Not Seals"

Rachel M said...

"Stand back, I am going to try science" ... love it!

michelleplummer said...

Pugs not drugs.

BlackAsphodel said...

I'd choose this:

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

Kathy said...

Honey Badger

Nona said...

I dont' think I can pick just one. I want "Zombies just Want a Hug" and "Keep Calm and Kill Zombies."

But the Shaun of the Dead costume t-shirt also appeals to me.

Tina S said...

I would get Friends don't let Friends Drink and Derive t shirt

Ledford Land said...

Ponies Forever!

cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

Aranda513 said...

Honey budgers.

Aranda Gibbs

Kristen said...

I'd get the Pugs Not Drugs shirt.