Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calgon Marshmallow Collection Sponsor Spotlight Review

Last time I talked about Calgon, we did the Ageless Collection of Moon Petal Musk and now I am going to tell you about a great new fragrance that is perfect for Valentine's Day called Marshmallow! It is the perfect fragrance because don't we all dream of that perfect chocolate covered candy that has some marshmallow in it around every holiday it seems.

What a great way to celebrate Valentine's better than to catch that dream and to be able to layer yourself with the right scent to make the night magical? Marshmallow has scents of vanilla, lily, sandalwood and brown sugar. Wow! What a combination to subject your desired target with so that he can't resist you! It has a sort of vanilla cotton candy/chocolate like smell that made me fill like I had just stepped off into a field of marshmallows, sugar, vanilla and earth.

Yes, I said earth. Sandalwood is an earthy smell so all the primal senses are assaulted with Marshmallow.

Here are the three products I got to try:

1. Nourishing Body Cream
2. Shimmering Body Cream
3. Refreshing Body Mist

The Shimmering Body Cream is just that, it will leave a soft shimmer on your skin so that you positively glow in the candlelight (you got to have candlelight)! I mean, really, go all out on this one night to make it special and memorable for you and him. Life is too short to say maybe next year or I promise this or that. Do it this Valentine's Day, not next or two years down the road. Memories are made now. Memories is what keeps us grounded and sustain us thru the hard times and make it possible to keep dreaming. So, dream your Marshmallow self right into the fantasy!

The Refreshing Body Mist is something I would gently, not too much or too loudly, spray around the pillows and sheets and a little on my hair and self but be very careful not to use too much. Remember, you already have that shimmer lotion on! Maybe just a tad in the kitchen to get rid of any dinner smells so that everything is about the essence of Marshmallow and you. Don't want no steak or chicken smells ruining the moment. I know it says Body Mist on the bottle, but it can lightly be used to transform a room into something magical. Just go lightly on the spray.

Now for the Nourishing Body Cream, I don't think you want to overdue it all on the same night. I don't want you to put on body cream and shimmer lotion, you might become too slippery and then it turns into a comical night instead of fantasy! I can see it though, can't you? It would be pretty funny to try?

Hey, if you are a funny, comical couple and that is your thing, then go for it. I would layer the body cream first then wait a little while and do the shimmer so that at least it sticks and that part will still be the same, you will glow in the candlelight! Now, the rest is really up to you. I don't know if you go for comical, funny or fantasy sexy but whichever way you go, Marshmallow by Calgon is gonna be a hit!

All three of these products are super duper and no matter which ones you use, they will still give you that special night, that special connection and I wish all of you the happiest Valentine's Day ever!

They also have Marshmallow in a Moisturizing Shower Gel/Foam Bath but I did not get to review those products. They would also work into this also by suggesting a bubble bath in Marshmallow together, then the both of you smell yummy! Have fun!

Calgon has been gracious enough to offer one Marshmallow Body Cream in the Share the Love Valentine Blog Hop Giveaway that starts on February 7th and ends on the 14th. Good Luck!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and the sometimes cranky camera!