Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bling Time Accessories Bag Bling Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have a great little company I found quite by accident one day while searching the web. I was actually looking for watches like the ones that have all those beads on them and you can change them out and I ran across Bling Time Accessories! I was instantly mesmerized by all the cute things she had. I almost was gonna contact her about a watch but then I saw these cute little things she calls Bag Bling and the rest was history!

The one in the picture is called Black & Silver Pearl Bag Bling. And that is not the only one she has. She has about 3 pages full of different ones that she makes and they are all gorgeous! I had a hard time deciding I wanted so many of them but I knew in my heart I needed to get one that would go with either a black or a white handbag because that is really the only two colors I use the most.

Yes, I have a hot pink one and a cream colored one but I could not very well be greedy or ask my hubby to buy them for me after he was so good to me at Christmas. So, that was how I narrowed down my choice. You, on the other hand, if you have alot of handbags of different colors, well, I don't know what to tell you because it is going to be hard.

What I liked best about the Bling Bag Accessories is the watch! I love that if I forget to put mine on or even if I don't want to wear one that day, I will still know the time because it stays attached to my handbag. I love the idea! You know, it is too bad I don't have a creative mind. I see people all the time making stuff and making good money at it and I wonder how did that idea happen? See, I can write pretty decent and that is the extent of my talent.

Well, and I can talk alot, too! But, seriously, you will love all the cute designs and colors she has chosen from to make the Bag Bling. It looks like the last time I was there she has made some more different ones and good thing she did not have it then or I may have bought it. She has one now that is silver, black and hot pink! Some of the little balls are black & white striped like a zebra. And she calls it the Pink Zebra! May have to ponder that one, now!

She also has several types of necklaces she makes called Bobble Necklaces, Extension Necklaces and Basic Necklaces. And then there are the watches I was originally looking for. You can choose the size and shape of the watch face and then choose from all these cool looking colors and beads to attach your watch face to. I have a 2 of them that we got at a restaurant/store when we stopped last January to eat on our way up north and they were so cute I had to have them. My husband was very nice about it too!

Anyway, I was looking for more bands to be able to change them with and then thought, what if they don't fit my watch face? What if they are made to only fit her watch faces? So, that sounded like too much trouble and I went with the Bag Bling.

She also has bracelets (I love the one below), boot bling (what do you think of the above picture?), key chains, college accessories, holiday accessories and earrings. I don't think I ever found my way over to the earrings section. I would have gone crazy in there! I have always been an earring freak. You would think the older I got I would outgrow that but I haven't. I don't wear them around the house unless company is coming but I do put them on when I leave the house and I love to wear all kinds. She has mostly silver and black right now, which is good for me because those are the colors I wear the most (black).
Here is what I found out on the About Us page:
I'm a stay at home mom with four energetic boys and I know how important it is to feel beautiful despite your hectic life. That's why I created jewelry that's stunning in multiple ways. I needed it to be simple, functional and affordable - something that could be cute at the grocery store, trendy at the PTA meeting (you know how they judge) and then elegant when I'm out with my husband - all with very little effort and expense. I've created this line so that any woman can customize a unique look that fits their style because no matter who you are or what you do - you deserve to look extraordinary
Bling Time has been gracious enough to give one winner a $25 Gift Card to spend in her store! You will love shopping there. This prize will be in my Valentine's Day Giveaway that starts on February 2nd.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by images from Bling Time Accessories.


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