Friday, January 27, 2012

Zevia Review & Giveaway ** CLOSED**

I have a new product to tell you about especially if you are on a diet or have diabetes and need to watch your sugar levels. There is a new drink in town called Zevia and it's sweetner is from the Stevia plant.

So, now you too, can enjoy a great tasting soda drink in a variety of flavors and not go off that diet or mess with your diabetes, but please read up on what Zevia says on their site about diabetes first. Same thing for those of you trying to lose weight they have some great information for you also.

Here are the flavors we got to try:

1. Cola
2. Grapefruit Citrus
3. Cream Soda
4. Black Cherry
5. Grape
6. Mountain Zevia

Now, I will be honest and say I have tried all kinds of diet drinks and I really am not too fond of any of them but not because there is something wrong with them, I just can't get used to the taste. But, when I get really serious about losing some weight, I do buckle down and do what I gotta do to get me where I want to be. I was surprised to learn that my two favorites were the Cream Soda and the Grape. Too me, those two had less of that taste you get with artificial sweetners.
I used to love the Grape drinks when I was growing up and sorta got aways from them the older I got so it was a nice surprise to see them still a favorite soda to drink whether diet or regular.

Now, I have never ever liked Cherry in my drinks so I had to give that one to a friend of mine who does love Cherry and she said it was pretty darn good. So, I am taking her word for it because I could not make myself drink Cherry for nothing in the world. I won't even buy Cherry flavored Tums or Gum or anything with that flavor, so it's not the drink itself, just the flavor.

My husband is a Mountain Dew nut so he got to sample the Mountain Zevia and even though he won't compromise on his drinks, he did say it wasn't that bad compared to his regular Mountain Dew. I did take a few sips and had to agree with him that I could probably drink that one, too. But, because of all the citrus in it, I wouldn't be able to because of the chronic bladder (IC) condition I have and I can't have any citrus of any kind. But, like I said, Mike was a pretty good tester for that one so I think I got a good and honest opinion.

I also had to let my friend try the Grapefruit Citrus for me because of the same reason and she said she actually liked it better than the Black Cherry. It tastes more like a real grapefruit so if you are one of those people who love grapefruit and can drink it or eat it, then this is the one for you. I am gonna stick with the Cream Soda and Grape because those two were my personal favorites.

Now, Zevia has plenty more flavors to choose from besides the six I just told you about. They have a Gingerale, a Dr. Zevia (maybe like a Dr. Pepper?), Ginger Root Beer, Orange, Cafffeine Free Cola and a Lemon Lime Twist (which I bet is like a Sprite or 7Up?) One of the other nice things about these drinks is that they only have 45 grams of Caffeine so hopefully that won't hype up you or your kids as long as you don't drink a ton of them in one day, which isn't good whether it was diet or regular drinks. Gotta keep the balance.

I also found out from them that the American Pregnancy Association has given their approval for expectant moms to drink this without any worries. Which by the way, I did not even know that there was an American Pregnancy Association so I learned something new! I also came across Zevia's Savings page where you can request coupons for $1.00 off of their products. I thought that was rather nice of them, don't you? Looks like there are alot of stores out there that sell Zevia, but just in case you are in a small town or up in the mountains like us, Zevia has a store locator on their site to help you find a store for you to get their drinks. Oh, and Canada? You are not left out this time. They are back in your area and they have a section for you to go to and print your Canadian coupon also!

Here is a little excerpt from the About Us that I found interesting. You can read more by going to the About Us section:
The Z team is made up of soda-loving people. We grew up drinking classic soda flavors, and turned away from them for health reasons. So making naturally delicious, healthy versions of the familiar favorites we grew up with, without sugar, is our top priority. We make soda the way it should always have been.

For me, the Zevia story started with my conversion from a “sugar junkie” to a stevia fan. About 11 years ago, I quit sugar cold turkey in an effort to upgrade my health. I thought I was a health-conscious person – I exercised frequently, consumed meat in moderation, and consumed natural and organic products whenever possible. But when I really looked at my diet, I found I was consuming up to 250 grams of sugar per day, between protein shakes, energy bars, juice-based spritzers and other foods and beverages. That’s about 1,000 calories a day, just from sugars.

My wife and I decided we needed to make a change. We began using stevia as a sweetener, and to this day, my family uses only stevia in our household. Stevia has given us an alternative without negative side effects, and has kept us from feeling deprived in our sugar-free lifestyle. It’s had a tremendous impact on how we feel every day, and I’m confident it’s benefitting our long-term health.
You can connect with Zevia by several options:

Mailing Address:
10200 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Phone number: 1.855.469.3842

Zevia has been kind enough to have sent me one coupon good for a six pack of Zevia. I can only offer this particular coupon to the U.S. residents.


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Mary, this is so cool! I can't wait to try this. I love all the healthy components of it. I'm adding it to my grocery list.

Also, in the spirit of all the giving you always share, we thought of you when publishing our pay it forward Friday post today. There's a freebie there that we have no doubt you'll love. Feel free to come play and enjoy and share.

Happy seeing beautiful!

Jennifer Haile said...

I'd love to try the Decaf Cola.

Purpose Driven said...

I would love to try the Grapefruit. You find some of the most unique products. That is why I love reading your blog and entering your contests. Good luck everyone, I am keeping my eyes, toes, and fingers crossed that I win this one :o)

Lois Jones said...

I would love to try the Mountain Zevia. Sounds yummy!!

BethElderton said...

I'd like Cola.
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Allison Downes said...

I want to try Cola first!

Tawnya said...

I want to try Mountain Zevia!

cdziuba said...

Cola is my first choice

Gianna said...

I also have IC but have soda on occasion. I'd like to try their orange.