Tuesday, January 31, 2012

L'occitane Fragrances Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have a great company that I am going to love telling you about called L'OCCITANE, that I have heard about over the years and may have tried their hand lotions a few times but never really gave it much thought until recently I found all that they have a whole line of skincare and bath & body products as well as wonderful smelling perfumes! Where in the world have I been? I guess locked in my own little world lately and before that, I worked all the time and barely had time to take care of myself. Now, I am trying to make up for that a little here and there. Just hope it isn't too late! I was sent 2 wonderful fragrances to review:

1. Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette
2. Lavender Eau de Cologne

Oh, my goodness! When I opened up that package and saw the two of them in there I just about freaked! Lavender is my all time favorite everything and the Cherry Blossom is also so out of this world awesome! I will start by telling you about the Cherry Blossom first, although it pretty much is self explanatory. It does smell like Cherry Blossoms and reminds me of spring and being clean and fresh! From what I understand France has alot of Cherry Trees and the landscape changes into light pink cherry blossoms in the spring when they are all blooming. I actually know a little bit about that since we have several Yoshino Cherry Trees and 3 Cherry Kwanza Trees in our yard and every spring they bloom like clockwork! Only thing is that those blossoms create a mess if you don't get them up before it rains. Once it rains it pacts it down like a hard rug and smothers out my plants underneath if I don't stay on my toes! We learned that the hard way the first two years. But, the smell is light, sweet and clean! You will love this fragrance as much as I do. It also comes in a hand lotion, body lotion, body wash and soap.

Next, I got to try the Lavender Cologne and it is one of my very personal favorites! I thought I would give you a touch of history about Lavender and why L'occitane uses it alot:
L'OCCITANE uses lavender that is exclusively sourced from farmers' cooperatives on the Plateau de Sault in Haute-Provence. Our lavender products include luxurious body care and home fragrances emanating scents that capture the soul of Provence to calm and soothe the body and mind. The new, unique design of this relaxing collection, with its clean and simple lines, is based on an interpretation of the estagnon bottle. This metal bottle was traditionally used to hold fragrant essences. In addition to this, the expertise of lavender producers from Haute-Provence is now protected on a European level by the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) label, which guarantees the exceptional quality and the traceability of the essential oil.

The Lavender Cologne is so light and breezy with a hint of a woodsy, musky and citrus undertones. It is slightly different than what I am used to smelling because Lavender is so good all on it's own. But, everyone tries to improve on it so you have people mixing it up with vanilla, chamomile, all sorts of other scents. So, no, this is not your traditional Lavender, but all the same, I still loved it! I have so many Lavender products now I did not want to get something that smelled exactly like the others so this was a nice surprise. From what I read on their site from the reviews alot of people who used to use the original are pretty upset. Well, I never tried the original so I don't know about that. I only know that this one smells wonderful. I can understand when you are used to something and they change it and it is nothing like you used to know, it can be upsetting. But, if you are like me, I had an open mind because I had never used the original so my mind was open to the possibilities.

One thing is for sure, they don't believe in sending small tiny samples for you to try! This bottle of Lavender Colgne is pretty darn big! It will take me forever to use all of that! This one also comes in hand lotion, body lotion, soaps and body washes, bath salts and candles among a few. I guess what I am saying if you can get used to Lavender Vanilla or Lavender Chamomile then a citrusy like Lavender is really not that much different. It smells mainly of Lavender (I really would not have known about the citrus undertones if I had not read it because all I smelled was Lavender) I would buy this again if I had the opportunity. It truly is a nice clean and bewitching scent. I played around with both and then some others that I already had and my husband could not really tell that much of a difference. He thought they all smelled great!

Wow, now here is a boss everyone would want to have. I found this under the Founder information on the website:
"It only takes a few words to say what really matters," writes Paul Eluard. "So, to put it simply, I'd like to say THANK YOU!"

AT L'OCCITANE we always encourage our people to follow their dreams and many of our employees volunteer to work on life-changing projects in communities far and wide. For the past two years our staff have been travelling to West Africa to teach the L'OCCITANE way of making soap to women in the Burkina Faso co-operative, where our pure shea butter is made. In New York many of our employees have given time to help visually-impaired children. Back in Europe we've been working with our producers and distillers in Corsica to continue with our cultivation of the exquisite Immortelle flower. Thank you to all our extraordinary producers, men and women who continue to teach me so much since the earliest days at L'OCCITANE.
Sounds like a great company to me. You really need to go to the About Us page and learn more about this amazing man. There was so much there I can't possibly print it all but it is nice to know that good people and good companies still do exist out there.

Another great reason you might want to celebrate the people at L'occitane is that you will be receiving the same two products I reviewed in my From Our Hearts to Yours Valentine's Day Package that starts on February 1st and ends on the 14th. Good Luck to Everyone!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by images from Mary Bearden and from my still very cranky camera!