Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Illusion of Certainty Book Review

I had the honor recently of reading a very complex and complicated book called The Illusion of Certainty by Greg Messel. It is sometimes hard for us to understand our lives and the events that can change us in the blink of an eye. I know that when 9/11 happened, none of us knew the fallout from that day would be as great or tragic until a long time after it happened. Sometimes, life is not certain, we cannot control what others do, only what we do and how we react to those events. As is my normal habit, I will start with the excerpt from the book and then try to give you my opinion. This book is a little more complex than others I have read so please bear with me as I try to unravel what I think the book is about:

The Illusion of Certainty follows two parallel storylines. Marc is a successful businessman who seems to have everything - a great job, a beautiful wife, a house in an upscale neighborhood of Portland, Oregon and two great kids who are preparing for college. But something is not right. Marc is unsettled by the sudden change in his wife, Aimee, who seems distant and unhappy. What is going on with her?

The second storyline involves a successful young attorney Alexandra Mattson. Alex, as she is called by her friends, meets a handsome young cop, Sean, during an unexpected crisis in her neighborhood. Sean and Alex seem made for each other and begin to merge their futures in a world of uncertainty.

The only certainty in life is that we will face uncertainty. Despite all of the technology and controls available in the modern world, sometimes the only comfort comes from the human touch.

Poor Marc, his problem was just about to blow up in his face. His wife, Aimee, works in a hospital with his best friend, John, who is a doctor there. They had been childhood friends and remained close all those years. He knew John's wife, Tina, who was a realtor. Marc got suspicious one day when he found a nightgown in Aimee's gym bag and decided to follow her one day. In the garage of a hotel, he waited in his car and watched as Aimee came out of the hotel with John, his best friend! They were holding each other and kissing. Marc was so stunned he could not move. Later he called John and met him at a park where John confirmed everything and said that they were in love and wanted to be together.

After the divorce Marc moved to Seattle and went from one job to another. Nothing ever lasted. He was depressed and finally a friend said he needed to go on a trip to think things over and get his head straight. He picked England and one of those guided tours so he wouldn't get lost.

Alex on the other hand had met her prince and thought life was going so great! Sean proposed on Christmas and everything was just perfect. He decided to take a bike trip with his friends in March. Alex did not like it but he wanted to get it over with before the wedding so that he would not have to do it later. Unfortunately, while on that bike trip, he was hit by a driver and his bike and him were thrown over the ravine. He died instantly. Alex was so lost and miserable. She, too, booked a trip to England on the same guided tour as Marc.

I left some of the best parts out of the story so you would have some things to look forward to. I hate when people tell me the whole story. The morale of this story is even when you are at your darkest hour, sometimes, if you just let go, happiness will find you again. What is that old saying that everyone loves to quote, "There are 2 things certain in life, taxes and death". I disagree. There is nothing for certain in life except that you are born and then it is up to you to find your certainty and live it to the best of your ability and never look back and say, "I wish I had done that". Sometimes, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to take that risk that terrifies you, because in the end, you might find the greatest blessing of all.

Happy Reading!

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Paula L. said...

Sounds like a must read! Thanks for the great review :)

jenzen69 said...

wow great review Mary!! This book is intriguing. I will see if i can find a copy