Thursday, January 12, 2012

Curb Chek Book Review

Wow, I think I must be turning into a "real" book reviewer by now! I have another bite your nails kinda book that was written by Zach Fortier about what happens when police answer calls. As usual, I always give you the excerpt either from inside the book cover or on the back of the book and then give you my opinion. This book is called Curb Chek.
Curb Chek is a detailed account of police calls handled by Zach Fortier. Zach takes you to the scene of some strange and sometimes brutal incidents. This is Law and Order uncensored!
Once you cross over into this twisted way of being, social niceties, folkways, seem really stupid, pointless. It feels as if the facade the rest of the world lives with and accepts is shattered forever.

Given the right set of circumstances, the reality, hard as it was to accept, is that anyone is capable of anything.

Zach Fortier returns to his hometown as a cop, sure his tactical military training can make a difference. The city has other plans for his idealism.

The novel Curb Chek follows his journey into the realities of the street and the officers who work them, the hunters and the hunted jostling for position in the warped core of America's urban melting pot boiling over. The tension builds as we root for Fortier to make it out alive.

His paranoia is he fears he's not paranoid. That the whole world is like this. Endemic to everything, indigenous to nowhere. Zach is working in your town, too.
While Zach was in the military he was trained in markmanship and other special opps. He knew how to take care of himself but when he returns home, nothing in the military prepared him for what he faced. Alot of the other cops were jealous and resented Zach, even high ranking officials, on a daily basis. Believe it or not, there is politics in law enforcement, and no matter how good of a cop you are, someone higher up always took the credit for a job well done.

Zach tried to make friends with several of the gang members by letting them know his word was good. He had a hard time convincing them as all gang members were taught that all cops are bad, which some are and some aren't. In one incidence, he was called to a former gang banger who was out on parole and trying to go straight. He got a job and was feeling pretty good about it until he got home. His wife was on the floor being gang banged by two of his best friends (with the wife's permission) and he lost it and beat the crap out of the two men and his wife.

Zach was the officer who was called to the scene and on the way to the station, he stopped the car and asked the man what had happened. The man told him the whole story and Zach decided to take a chance and did not turn the man in but talked to him and told him just because you are trying to go straight does not mean your wife will. Zach wrote the whole thing up as a misdemeanor which means he did not have to go to jail and it did not violate his parole. Zach never heard from the man again nor was he ever called to the house, had to testify in court or give any statements. To this day, he believes he did the right thing.

Zach is no longer in law enforcement because of a shooting of a three year old little girl who did nothing wrong but be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Zach was talking to her father on their property just talking and gathering intel when a car came by with 2 rival gang members in it and they stared at Zach and right in front of him shot the little girl for no reason! Zach took off after them and eventually caught them and the 2 men were drunk and thought it was funny that they shot a little girl. By the way, she survived. Zach almost got street justice that night and it took all of his will power not to execute the two guys.

He had never lost it like that before. He said that something snapped inside him that night and he knew it was time to get out. But later on he was able to testify and convict those two men. He says it haunted him for awhile whether or not he should have killed them or not but in the end, he knew he did the right thing.

The book is filled with lots of incidents and it is not a continuous flow of a story, just separate incidents that he put together in a book. I found it fascinating to read about all the things that cops see and do. It is sorta like those cop shows that you see on TV where a hidden camera goes along on calls and they catch all the excitement. I know you know which shows I am talking about. This book is sorta like that. If you don't want a story or plot, this is the perfect book for you. Filled with things that go on in law enforcement and the people that they meet. I sure am glad I am not a cop! Some of it was disgusting and ugly.

But in some ways, I guess we need to know some of the things that go on that we are totally unaware of so that we may become better stewards of our own lives and hopefully that grows until books like these and TV shows like that are no longer required.

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