Saturday, January 7, 2012

Annie Chun's Review

I have another food company that I would love to tell you about, especially if you love Chinese food as much as we do! The name of the company is Annie Chun's and boy did they load me up on food! It took me quite awhile to go thru all the food because we got it around Thanksgiving and between that and leftovers, then Christmas get togethers and Christmas itself, well, you just don't eat Chinese every day with all of that going on. So, this review took a little longer than I like but finally I was able to go thru the bulk of the food so that I can tell you about this company. Here is what they sent me:

1. 2 bowls of Chinese Chicken Soup Bowl
2. 1 bowl of Miso Soup Bowl
3. 1 Kung Pao Noodle Bowl
4. 1 Sesame Roasted Seaweed Snack
5. 1 package of Spring Vegetable Ramen
6. 1 package of Spicy Chicken Ramen
7. 2 packages of Soy Ginger Ramen
8. 1 Maifun Brown Rice Noodles
9. 1 Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles
10.1 Bottle Pad Thai Asian Sauce
11.1 Bottle Teriyaki Asian Sauce

First of all, let me say that the Spicy Chicken Ramen, Kung Pao Noodle Bowl and the Soy Ginger Ramen Noodles were too spicy for me so Mike ate those so I would not have a problem. I tried the Chinese Chicken Soup Bowl first and it was pretty darn good. It was a great soup that had a taste sorta like Chicken Ramen Noodles but with more liquids and seasonings. I did add some great crackers into the soup and that really made it good. I wish I had thought to go by the local Chinese Resturant and get those crunchy noodles because that would have been awesome! So, if you decide to try any of these soups, get the crunchy noodles and you will think you are at a Chinese restaurant. Mike said the Kung Pao Noodle Bowl was very spicy so it was a good thing that I did not attempt to try that one.

We really enjoyed both sauces but our favorite was the Pad Thai sauce, which had a sweet and tangy taste to it so it would be perfect with Sweet & Sour Chicken. If you take any of the two Brown Rice Noodles and use this sauce with them, you will be in for a treat. Now, be aware that the Teriyaki Sauce is great on meat, chicken and fish while the Pad Thai is better on noodles and stir frys. But, really, it is all in what you like and everyone has their own idea or taste buds, so use your imagination and make something that you like. I can tell you that Teriyaki Sauce is awesome on Chicken or any kind of Stir Fry.

I have to admit that the Sesame Roasted Seaweed Snacks were a pretty hard thing to work up the courage to taste it and once I did it wasn't so bad. Now, I won't make it a daily thing but it isn't that bad if you are a veggie person and love that type of thing. We all have different types of food we like and that is as it should be. We are not all made alike and that is a good thing. Gosh, if we all liked the same thing, we would have a very boring society! So, if you are a veggie person, this will be right up your alley.

All of the Ramen Noodles were absolutely awesome! I think most of us like Ramen Noodles and these are some of the best. The broth is made from 100% All Natural Veggies that is light and flavorful. There isn't a whole lot you can say about Ramen Noodles because we all have tried it at one time or another and for the most part we all at least like them if not love them. I think the college crowd would really love these! By the way, all of Annie Chun's food products are All Natural, No MSG and no Preservatives! They also have a Recipe section on how to cook and make dishes from their products.

Here is what I found out about Annie Chun on their About Us:
Annie Chun founded the company in 1992 with the dream of creating healthy, delicious Asian foods that would introduce America to the diversity of Asian foods and flavors.

Since those early days, the company has grown to become the leading producer of all-natural, gourmet Pan-Asian food in the United States. Today, Annie Chun’s continues to provide consumers with simple, convenient meal solutions through innovative product offerings and unique flavor profiles that unlock a sense of worldliness with every bite.

In 2005, Annie Chun’s forged a strategic partnership with CJ Corp., Korea’s largest food producer, strengthening the company’s commitment to creating all natural, great tasting products that promote good health and further the company’s goal of introducing new and exciting Asian foods to the American consumer. The complete line of innovative, premium goods provides a variety of options such as vegetarian, organic and gluten-free to adapt to dietary restrictions or preferences.

Annie Chun’s products can now be found at most major supermarkets and natural foods stores, Whole Foods, Target, Wal-mart, and Trader Joe’s as well as in select Canadian chains.
Connect with Annie Chun by several options:

Mailing Address:
PO Box 911170
Los Angeles, CA 90091
Phone: 866.595.8917

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided by me and the famous cranky camera!