Friday, December 2, 2011

SMMBeauty Lift-n-Firm Cream Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I have reviewed Mineral Makeup from SMMBeauty before but now they have added several skincare items to their product list and I was very fortunate to be able to review a one of them and sent samples of two others. The one I will be talking mostly about today is the Lift-n-Firm Anti-Wrinkle Facelift Cream! Whew, that was a mouthful to say! If you like any of these following products then you will want to try this one:
Perricone MD® Concentrated Restorative Treatment
Youthology® 90 Second Wrinkle Removing Eye Serum
MD Formulations® Hydra-Pure Firming Serum

This luxurious Firm & Lift Cream is a great natural alternative to these harsh anti-aging products that are out there now. And you won't need any surgery or shots required! You must apply in the morning and at night for the maximum results. You can also use this cream instead of your night cream if you want to. The special formula helps the skin to absorb the cream instead of just sitting on top of your face. By the way, this cream can also be used anywhere on the body that you think needs a little lift! They have a whole list of things that it helps with and because it is quite long, I am going to copy from their website the list:

*Lifts and Firms Sagging Skin
*Evens out skin texture and tone
*Helps eliminate age and sun spots
*Paraben-Free Formula
*Use on face, neck, hands or body
*NO Mineral Oil
*See immediate results with further results showing up on a continual basis
*No harsh chemicals
*Look 10 years younger or MORE
*Reduce crepey-textured skin
*Super-hydrate and moisturize dry, cracked or damaged skin
*Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
*Saves you $$.

Wow, that is alot of powerful things that can be accomplished by using this cream! It is available in a 2 oz. and a 4 oz. jar. I can tell you that my face looked and felt better after using this cream. I have used Dr. Perricone's products in the past and I have to agree with their statement that you don't need surgery or shots to still look beautiful without having to spend a fortune on either shots or lasers or anything else that people use to help fight wrinkles.

Mostly, you just gotta use common sense and apply a sunscreen every day and wash that makeup off at night so that you can apply a moisturizer or any anti-aging products. A clean skin will absorb better than one that is dirty. I have only been using a few weeks so I can't wait til a few more pass and see the results. If your wrinkles are very light you will see an immediate result versus someone who has deeper wrinkles.

So, I fall kinda in the middle of both of those so it will take me a little longer to see the dramatic results. I am seeing subtle results and that is mostly my fault. I haven't felt good lately so I have not been using it every night like I should. I do love the fact that it is not heavy and feel like it weighs a ton on my face! Just remember, the more you use it the better the results. So don't do what I have done and forget to put it on. By doing it twice a day you will see some results almost immediately.

I also got some samples of the Organic Silk Skin Primer which works pretty much the same way other primers work but this one is to be used with Mineral Makeup. You apply this primer before your foundation to give your face a smooth polished look on their face. We all know that primer's makeup last a little bit longer than others. This amazing primer contains real hydrolyzed silk to gently and naturally fill in any uneven lines in your face. Excellent moisturizer, too. Other primers use silicone and other synthetics. We only want to bring you what nature intended.

I also got a sample of their Whipped 3-n-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer. Wow, this stuff was amazing! The three things it helps with is moisturizer, primer and optimizer. It delivers powerful antioxidants directly to the neediest places on your skin. It also does several other duties:

Moisturizes to give skin a youthful softness and glow.
Primes skin to accept the vitamins and antioxidants in this luxurious cream.
Optimizes all ingredients to work together to give you a youthful complexion.

TO USE: massage product onto clean skin 1-2 times per day for optimum treatment and moisturization.

You are going to love SMMBeauty because they strive to give their best each and every day. Gosh, they have so many products it would be hard for me to list them all but just so you know, they have awesome mineral makeup! I know because I reviewed them a little ways back. They have foundations, bronzer's along with Veils and Concealers. You can also get mineral makeup, eye shadows, RapidLash, Blinc Mascara and other beauty tools. I think you will be amazed at what you can find on their site.

I checked out their About Us and grabbed just a few snippets:
Specially formulated by Smoky Mountain Minerals to meet the highest standards of freshness and purity!

All minerals are madeup of pure minerals. No fillers, no perfumes, no oils, no additives. Pure minerals only!! Ingredients consist of sericite, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, silica spheres (excluding Illusion Veil and Glow). In addition to the ingredients listed above, our Illusion Veil and Glow also contain zeamays, cosmetic grade cornstarch for slip.

Some of the benefits of our minerals:

We do not use Bismuth Oxycholoride in our products. This is the ingredient several national brands use that can cause itching and redness. And since we do not use bismuth oxychloride, you do not have to "buff" your minerals in like you would other brands. Just apply as you would a regular face powder. Superior coverage!

Our minerals give you a very natural look. They are weightless and glide on like silk while still giving excellent coverage. Stays on all day and is water-resistant. Swim, perspire, watch a sad movie. Just blot wetness don't wipe.
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SMMBeauty has been so kind as to offer one reader her very own jar of Firm-n-Lift Cream! Open to U.S. only. Also got an email today letting me know this special is going on: This weekend, save an extraordinary 25% off your entire order of makeup and skin care when you use our special code: holiday2011

Plus, all orders over $50 will receive free U.S. priority shipping! (U.S. orders, only) Hurry, this offer ends Sunday night, midnight! Get your order in plenty of time for holiday parties. SMMBeauty keeps you beautiful, naturally.


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RapidLash serum.

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I would love to try the Promaxyl Intensive Eye Treatment with Haloxyl by Rapidlash.

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20 piece mineral make up set

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