Friday, December 9, 2011

Mineral Hygenics Review

I have a new mineral makeup company to tell you about called Mineral Hygenics. They have a great deal where you buy a Starter Kit for $59.99 ($100 value) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will love it or you can send it back! Here are the shades I was sent:

1. Fairly Light Sheer Mineral Foundation
2. Fair Sheer Mineral Foundation
3. Fairest Sheer Mineral Foundation
4. Silk Translucent Sheer Perfection
5. Bliss Blush
6. Cool Kiss Mineral Enhancer
7. Pink Sand Eye Shadow
8. Dusty Rose Eye Shadow
9. Kabuki XL Brush

The reason I was sent 3 foundations to choose from was I wasn't sure which one would work for me. I really had not expected 3, I had told them to send me the one closest to the shade that fit me. I thought they would send me one to try but they sent three to choose from and it's a good thing that they did because I could not decide myself once I got them. I did settle on the Fair because the Fairly Light was a tad too dark and the Fairest was too light. It went on really smooth (I did use the Kabuki Brush). If you do decide to use mineral makeup you really need to invest in a Kabuki Brush. I found this out pretty quick while I was testing other mineral makeup. It just makes the whole process so much more smoother and looks more polished than if you use a powder puff or other type of brush.

I used the Silk Translucent Sheer Perfection over the foundation to set it and make it look better. I only used a tiny bit as it does not take much. If you use too much it won't look right so please be careful and go slow until you get the look you want. Of the two blushes I liked the Bliss the best for summer/spring and I would use the Cool Kiss as a bronzer for the winter. It might not be what it was meant for but in my opinion that is how I would use them.

The Bliss Blush is a nice soft color and makes your cheeks look like you are blushing slightly while the Cool Kiss is slightly darker. Of course, I use such a tiny amount that if you wanted your color to be more dramatic it can also do that by adding more on top of more. I am so fair skinned that if I used alot it would look fake and I would look like a clown! 

Now, I am not a big eye shadow person, but I do wear it occasionally and the two colors that Mineral Hygenics sent were pretty good shades for me. They are both like enough that I would not look made up and just dark enough for you to know I have something on. Of the two I liked Dusty Rose the best. It gave my eyes a slightly pinkish beige look that brought out my eyes more.

As with the foundation, I don't put much on. I use the tips of my fingers and lightly go over my eyelids just enough to sorta blend in so that it is not darker than the color on my face. I try to make my makeup blend in together so that it is one continuous color. I am too old to wear the bright colors that younger women wear and I know it. Not saying I want to look old but I don't need to make it obvious I am older by wearing something that does not agree with me. So, that is my rule of thumb on makeup, put on just enough to blend in my faults but not too much that draws attention to the fact that I am getting older.

Mineral Hygenics is a really good, solid mineral makeup and you should have no problems with it. If you do, they have the 100% money back guarantee on the Starter Kit or if you choose to just get one or two items then you have 45 days to return it if it isn't what you wanted or expected. When you first go on their site you can click on the image on the left that says, What Color Should I Use and they will advise you on what color to choose.

Oh, one other thing I did not mention. This makeup stays on til you go to bed! I know I used to wear makeup, mineral and regular that would fade or bleed out long before time to call it a day. Mineral Hygenics stayed on until I had to use makeup remover! This means those of you who work can safely wear your makeup all day long w/o re-touches and that alone should save you some money. There are several more reasons that Mineral Hygenics is better and you can go to this page on their site to read them. Also, please check out their True Stories, which is actual customers leaving comments about how awesome Mineral Hygenics makeup is!

Here are a few facts you should know:
Nano Free, SPF Protection, Fewer Ingrediants, Water/Sweat Resistant, Designed for Sensitive Skin, Super Lightweight, Anti-inflammatory, Longest Lasting, Better Coverage, Even Skin Tone, Will Not Streak, Healthier and HD Ready.
This is Mineral Hygenics Mission:
Our mission at Mineral Hygienics is to be the premier cosmetic manufacturer focusing on using natural products to promote health. We use natural ingredients to develop superior cosmetics that meet and exceed customer expectations – we will not compromise on quality. In order to accomplish this objective, Mineral Hygienics strives to build lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.
Connect with Mineral Hygenics several ways:

Mailing Address:
511 Bailey Avenue
New Hampton, IA 50659
Phone: (866) 628-1038

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The pictures used in this review were taken by me, Mary Bearden and the famous cranky camera!


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M.A.D. said...

*YAY* - I love mineral makeup and I haven't been able to splurge in forever! Mineral Hygienics products sound wonderful!! Thank you so very much for such a super sweet giveaway, - I'd be thrilled to win this!! :D

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Aranda513 said...

Great review! I don't have the money to usually afford decent mineral makeup, but I hear nothing but great things about it!

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