Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hammond's Candie's Review

I have a great company to tell you about called Hammond's Candie's and the delicious pretzels and dips that they have. You will really fall in love with their decadent dips! Here is what I was sent to review:

1. Chocolate Dipping Pretzels
2. Grandma's Apple Pie Dip
3. Chocolate Cherry Cordial Dip

Wow, I was so amazed at these dips and I would never have thought of such an idea to make actual sweet dips to use for pretzels or really any kind of chip that suits your fancy. I checked on their site and besides the Chocolate Pretzels they have Cinnamon Pretzels (which I bet would have been super with Grandma's Apple Pie!) and All Natural Salted Pretzels. They also have other flavors of Dips such as: White Chocolate Peanut Butter (YUM), Pumpkin Pie, Luscious Lemon Drop and Chocolate Peppermint Patty (I could have done some serious damage with this one because I love York Peppermint Patties!)

We tried the Chocolate Cherry Cordial Dip first with our pretzels and even though chocolate covered cherries is the last thing I would personally buy, my husband, Mike loves them! So, I pretty much let him have full control over that jar. I did try a few of the pretzels and the Chocolate Cherry Cordial Dip and it really was not that bad, but now remember, I don't care for this flavor so don't go by what I say because my husband loved it! He pretty much ate the whole jar by himself. So, if you love the chocolate cherry thing then you will love this dip, I promise.

The one I liked the best was Grandma's Applie Pie. I would have loved to try the dip with the Cinnamon Pretzels as I bet that would have made the experience even better but it was still pretty darn good. But what was even better for me was putting Grandma's Apple Pie Dip on nice hot biscuits! We had gotten up one day and made biscuits for breakfast and I was going to use my regular strawberry homemade jam when I decided to try the dip instead. It was awesome!

I like it better on biscuits than I do on the Chocolate pretzels. It sorta tastes like Apple Butter but not as thin. Grandma's Apple Pie Dip is alot thicker and more favorable than Apple Butter. But it sorta gives you an idea of what it will taste like.

Gosh, besides what is listed above they have Cotton Candy, Peanut Brittle, Gourmet Popcorn, Rocky Mountain Crunch Mix, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Ribbon Candy, Wrapped Hard Candy, Nostalgic Candy, McCraw's Flat Taffy, Puffs Sticks and Stirrers, Pillows and Straws, Gift Tins and Jars, All Natural Candies, Art Candy, Marshmallow Caramel, Chocolate, Lollipops and Candy Canes!

Whew, that was a mouthful to say! They even have an Oops! Candy section where I guess candy gets broken and you can get it in bags. Which, if you don't mind your candy canes being broken, it makes sense to get the bags, more for your buck!

You can even order according to what holiday it is like Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, Halloween, Patriotic and Hanukkah Candies. You can also get Wedding and Baby Shower Candies. If you need something custom made they can do that also. They can even make you special Gift Boxes to give away to someone special in your life.

Check out the Birthday Party section where you can have your child's party right there at the factory. If you live in the Denver area you can take Factory Tours or if you plan on being in the Denver area make sure to leave room to stop by.

Here is a little bit about how Hammond's Candies started and please go check out the rest of the story on Our Story section:

In 1920, after several years of learning the candy business, Carl T. Hammond, Sr. founded Hammond’s Candy Company in Denver. He was inspired to become an entrepreneur after creating his first original candy, Honey Ko Kos, chocolates topped with shredded coconut. In his first few years in business, Carl did it all: He developed the recipes, made the candy, sold the candy, and was his own office staff. Eventually, he hired someone to manage the store while traveled the West, selling his candy to other stores.

Business boomed during the “Roaring 20s.” While the Great Depression brought many changes, Hammond’s went right on selling candy, because even in those extremely trying times, people could usually find enough money for the simple and sweet pleasure of candy…but if people were going to buy it, it had to be good. Carl's motto was "Nothing is more important that quality." This focus on quality kept Hammond's modest factory on Platte River Street open, and making a profit, throughout the entire Depression.

In the 1930s, a friend of Carl’s invented a delicious confection: A bite-sized, soft marshmallow surrounded by succulent caramel. Carl loved the product, and purchased the recipe to produce in his factory, naming it the “Mitchell Sweet” after his friend. The Mitchell Sweet became the signature candy in the Hammond’s line, and this remains the case today.
You can connect with Hammond's Candies by several ways:

Mailing Address:
5735 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80216
Toll Free: (888) 226-3999
Party Booking: (303) 333-5588 X110
Fax: (303) 333-5622

Hammond's Candies has kindly offered to give (3) Winners the same package that I received. Please be aware that you will have to sign up for their email newsletter and that they are requiring me to give them a list of all entries so that they can verify that you signed up for the newsletter. So, please, if you want to win this package, you must sign up for the newsletter. After the giveaway is over I will furnish them the information and once they verify who is signed up for their newsletter then they will let me draw the (3) winners. You will have to be patient as I don't know how long this will take. I wanted to inform you ahead of time how this giveaway is different than any other I have had and wanted you to know up front you may have to wait longer to receive your prize. Thanks so much for participating in this giveaway. Open to the U.S. only.


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I'd love to try the Layda's Yummies set!

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